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Black on White Murders in South Africa

There are 40,000 white farmers in South Africa. Over 1200 have been brutally murdered since 1994 – the year the Marxist African National Congress, backed by the United Nations, European Union, Russia, China and the U.S. State Department, took power.


Add to this another 6,000 attacks and the white Boer Afrikaner farmer is easily the highest at-risk murder group on Earth. The ANC has responded to this crisis by blaming whites and putting a ban on crime statistics because they scare off foreign investment.


“I won’t hold my breath waiting for Oprah to call, or Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter or Al Sharpton,” Coetzee told WorldNetDaily.


“It’s politically correct to kill whites these days. What is so strange is the fact that we white farmers feed the black population. But look at Zimbabwe. The black leaders have engineered a famine against their own black citizens. It’s as if it’s all part of some horrible ‘master plan.’ Apparently getting blacks to starve blacks to death doesn’t really bother anyone in the Western world.”
To the north, Zimbabweís Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe has liquidated the nation’s white farmers with illegal land siezures and torture, rape and murder.


“The world community has stood by and done nothing,” says Aletta Kloppers, Coetzee’s closest neighbor. “So we have no choice but to defend ourselves.”


Kloppers explained how rogue blacks broke into her farmhouse and tried to rape and rob her family, which includes four teenaged daughters. Many of the killings of white farmers include the torture, rape and mutilation of women, including small children, toddlers and even babies.
“Fortunately my husband and I were able to use our firearms to drive them off of our land. But they will be back,” she told WorldNetDaily.
Kloppers said that she hired a martial arts teacher to work with her family on hand to hand combat and knife fighting.


“Our daughters are beautiful yes, but they are tough too,” Kloppers said. “You won’t see the Afrikaner children in tattoos, gang clothes, riddled with diseases and their bodies filled with holes. We are Christians and we will fight for Christian civilization. We know who are enemies are in the mass media, those who would destroy the minds and bodies of our children. When the war finally comes in this country and through the Western world, the cultural elites will be the first to be confronted.”

Whites Systematically Murdered by Blacks in South Africa – Courtesy of Nelson Mandela’s ANC-MK

10 Year Old Boy Watches As His Father Is Murdered

“I thought Daddy was just sleeping.”

White men and children killed by racist blacks in SA
They shot my Daddy

Marcharl van Royen found Jean-dre Smit in the middle of the road, crying with his face splattered with his father’s blood on 6 June 2012.

Jean-dre and his 35 year old father were riding their mountain bikes in Pretoria West when  two black gunmen stopped them and shot his father in cold blood. They stole the 2 mountain bikes and dumped Bruwer Smit, a policeman from Centurion in Gauteng, in the bushes next to the road.

Amazingly, they left the child there in the road after taking off his shoes and dumping them in the bushes next to the road.

Van Royen’s husband phoned the police and they both waited with the child until the police and a social worker arrived before they explained to the boy that his daddy wouldn’t be coming back.

Jean-dre planted a white cross next to the road yesterday afternoon where his father was killed.

white genocide in south africa
Sergeant Bruwer Smit

The main stream press in South Africa and the world fail to report on the brutal and pointless killing of white South Africans by radical, uneducated blacks.

Beeld still publishes details about these murders, but unfortunately only in Afrikaans.

Source: Afrikaner Boy Watches As His Father Is Shot

I wonder what these two animals are doing today… Bragging to their friends about how they killed an innocent white man in front of his 10 year old son for their mountain bikes? They probably went out and bought beer with the $100 they would have sold the bikes for.

Blacks Butchering White Babies and Children in Nelson Mandela’s ANC South Africa

5-Month Old Baby Strangled in Delmas

Afrikaner babies slaughtered in South African genocide

On 23 May 2012, 5 month old Wiehan Botes was found strangled to death at his caretaker’s house in Delmas, South Africa. The 66 year old caretaker was later found, also strangled to death in a shed in the back garden.

A few articles were stolen including jewelry and a cell phone.

The Botes family tried to conceive for 8 years before Wiehan was finally born.

white babies murdered in south africa genocide
The murdered baby’s parents had to employ the services of a private investigator who quickly apprehended two black men who were found in possession of the caregiver’s jewelry. Enock Mbele, 44, and Lazarus Mabhena, 54, were denied bail when they appeared in court on 31 May 2012.

More than 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered in South Africa since 1994 and according to the online “South African Genocide Museum”, around 68 000 white South Africans living in urban areas have been murdered by racist black gangs since 1994. Their children are usually made to watch the killing of their parents before they are murdered.

For more information: Genocide Museum

The ANC government and their Police Force have successfully changed the way murders are recorded so that race is not mentioned. Although everybody knows that the perpetrators of these racially motivated crimes are usually blacks, nobody dares to mention this fact because the race card is always drawn.

labelled racist white genocide blacks africans

On Thursday, several white minority rights groups protested in Delmas against the senseless slaughter of white South Africans.

They marched to the Police Station and handed over a memorandum to the Station Commissioner just a few days after the funeral.

The Democratic Alliance condemned the protest in a desperate bid for black votes, saying that the protest was racially motivated. The party will charge the groups responsible for the protest on Monday 4 June 2012 in the Human Rights Court.

This WAS a racially motivated murder. Who kills a 5-month old baby unless it is a hate crime directed at the parents?

The killing of white children by black South Africans is nothing new. When the European settlers first encountered the Xhosa tribes in the Eastern Cape, it was custom for black warriors to smash the heads of white infants against the settler’s wagons while attacking.

Unlike their “word of mouth” history, white settlers actually recorded these atrocities and proof of this won’t be hard to come by.

Since 1994, countless babies and young children have been murdered on farms throughout South Africa. Black gangs seldom leave the children of farmers behind when they kill their parents.

Boer children raped south africa
A lucky white girl
 white children murdered by black gangs in south africa
White Girl Strangled
 afrikaner genocide babies killed
Put In News Paper And Torched
facebook hatespeech against white infants south africa
Hate Speech By Black Youth On Facebook
Farm murders in south africa child strangled
White Girl Murdered  After School
 white babies murdered in south africa
 White Baby’s Face Smashed
 ANC does nothing about young white children being murdered
 Afrikaner Child Murdered on Farm

Blacks Violently Butchering White Victims in South Africa – A Daily Occurence

3 Year Old White Girl Killed With Parents

Lindley, South Africa –
A black gang murdered a 3 year old white girl on a farm in Lindley, South Africa on 2 December 2010. They took her into a store room outside the farm house and shot her in cold blood, excecution-style.

farmer's 3 year old daughter excecuted
3 year Old Willemien Potgieter

After murdering the 3 year old, they took her tiny corpse – with a pink ribbon still in her red hair – and threw her down next to the body of her mother, who they also shot in the back of the head just minutes before.

machete murders black hate crime genocide boer south africa
Attie and Wilna Potgieter brutally murdered on their farm

The little girl’s father, Mr Attie Potgieter was brutally killed when he arrived home by chopping the back of his head with a machete. He was also stabbed with a garden fork.

Before fleeing the farm, the gang tied a piece of cardboard to the gate of the farm with the following message in Sotho scribbled on it: “We killed them. We’re coming back.”

The family was alone at home, a plate of food still in the microwave.

anc condones farm murders kill the boer
5 of the 6 Murderers who exterminated the Potgieter family

Mr Potgieter had withdrawn R7000 the previous day in order to pay his farm workers. The killers paid each farmworker R500 to gain information about the farmers routine.

The 6 killers were arrested shortly after the murder when police found bloody credit cards and a few other articles that were stolen in their shacks in a nearby township.

Three of the black men worked on Mr Potgieter’s farm. According to one of the killers who testified in court in May 2011, Mrs Potgieter was praying when they shot her in the back of the head.

Yet another two crosses added

In May 2011, farmers added 3 white crosses for the Potgieter family to the 2000 already planted in Potgietersrus in memory of the farmers killed in South Africa since 1994.

This atrocity was racially motivated and is a drop in the ocean of the brutal and cold-blooded killing of Afrikaner farmers in South Africa.

Source: Beeld – Afrikaans

Nelson Mandela’s ANC and the Murdering of Blacks by Blacks

Nelson Mandela’s ANC’s black on black killing spree

The number of blacks that were killed by the Apartheid government is generally inflated by the ruling ANC. When they were spreading propaganda around the world during their “struggle”, they rarely backed their claims up with facts, as one would imagine.

The Human Rights Commission in South Africa released statistics of all the politically motivated murders in South Africa during Apartheid, which lasted from 1948 through to 1994. The statistics speak for themselves:

Politically Motivated Murders in South Africa from 1948 to 1994:

Blacks Murdered by Blacks:

21,000 people were killed in political violence during the 46 years leading up to the elections in April 1994.

14,000 of these 21000 people were killed from 1990 to 1994

In the same period, 8,580 black South Africans were killed by other blacks South Africans.

Another 4,902 were killed by unknown forces, but it is generally assumed that these killings were black on black politically motivated murders. (necklace murders)

The ANC was responsible for mobilising black South Africans to murder other blacks who they thought were working with the Apartheid government. See YouTube video below:

how many blacks did the whites kill in south africathe truth about apartheid nelson mandela peacemob justice anc killing blacksnelson mandela forgivenessuniversity of nelson mandelaafrican ubuntu peace loving south africans rainbow nation truth
terrorist winnie mandela mother of the necklace
 YouTube Video of Winnie Mandela Condoning Necklace Murders

Blacks Murdered by Whites:

The 7,000 remaining deaths are generally attributed to the Apartheid government and includes the SANDF and security forces. A lot of these deaths were in South West Africa during the Angolan war. This number includes a massacre by the SANDF in 1978 in Kassinga where they killed 600 SWAPO refugees. It has to be noted that the Angolan War was fought with the undercover help of Western Nations in order to stop the Communists from taking over Southern Africa. These deaths also include white people who were killed by the ANC’s terrorist military wings.

In the period from 1990 to 1994, 518 people were killed by the National Party’s security forces.

murder of white farmers in south africaboer genocide in south africa
white farmers butchered in south africaminority in south africa is being exterminated

In Summary:

The Apartheid government killed a maximum of  7,518 black people during the 46 years of Apartheid. Thus white on black.

The liberation movements were responsible for 13,482 politically motivated killings. Thus black on black.


White Murders by Blacks in South Africa – Nelson Mandela

Politically Motivated Murders in South Africa from 1994 to 2012:

Whites Murdered by Blacks

Since 1994, more than 60,000 (if not 60000, I apologize profusely and you can replace the number with ‘a shitload’ – these numbers come from various other sites – and they have increased since I wrote this article – Google ‘muldersdrift’) white South Africans have been murdered of which more than 4,000 were commercial farmers. Exact figures are very hard to come by as the South African police fail to report most of the murders that take place. There is also no distinction between white and black victims in crime records.

The estimated number of whites sounds like a lot. But it’s pretty much common knowledge around the world that there are 50+ murders PER DAY in SA. From 1994 to 2013, that’s around 350,000 murders. So, why is it so hard to believe that 60,000 of those are black on white? It’s about 17% of the total murders. But the numbers are not the main issue here. It’s the NATURE of the crimes.

As the white population of South Africa was 4,434,697 according to the official state census in 1996, and more than 400,000 white South Africans have left the country, it could be estimated that nearly 2% of white South Africans have been murdered in the 18 years of democracy.

Compare that to the 7,518 black people that were murdered by the Apartheid government, which comes to a percentage of 0.02% of the black population. (And no, you can’t compare people killed by the security forces with people killed by civilians, but I’m sure that if you look up white on black civilian murders during Apartheid, it would still be very low indeed. I’m not in the business of statistics – I’m trying to highlight the fact that it is a lie that the Apartheid government killed millions of blacks)

So, if anybody ever asks you how many black people were killed by white people in South Africa, you can tell them that black people have murdered roughly 100 times more white people in the last 63 years.

White Farmers Murdered by Blacks

There were roughly 128 000 commercial farmers in South Africa in 1980. Today there are 40 000 commercial farmers left in South Africa.

Since 1994, more than 4000 farmers have been murdered and many more maimed, tortured, raped and assaulted.

Go to I guarantee that you will read about either a farm murder or an elderly couple that was murdered EVERY DAY.

The percentages are pretty alarming. Even though it’s an inaccurate way of expressing murder rates, one could argue that almost 10% of white farmers in South Africa have been murdered.

The official data is that the murder rate of white South African Farmers (boers) is the highest in the world by profession. It is currently 310/100 000. In London, England, the probability of being murdered is 3/100 000.

It amazes me that white South Africans need to go through lengthy visa applications to enter English speaking nations – isn’t it obvious that we should be able to claim asylum based on the fact that we have such a massive probability of being murdered in our own country?

White woman disembowled after killing south africawhite genocide farm murders south africa old men murdered
white women raped tortured and murdered by black south africanswhite genocide, farm killings, boer murders, south africa, anc
anc condones killing of white children in south africa on farmsfarmers murdered, anc, nelson mandela condones murder


Infant wrapped in newspaper and torched
Hi-jacked, raped and stabbed to death


White Genocide as reported by those who currently reside in South Africa: Whether it’s 3000 or 4000 or 5000, it’s too many. If people are slaughtered [with[ open bibles displayed on their corpses and nothing is stolen, one can probably assume that it’s hate crimes.

April 2013 – From 1 May 2012 – 30 April 2013

 365 Days, 304 Attacks, 463 Victims, 169 Murdered, 21 Raped.

Detailed List of Attacks with links to newspaper articles

The Real Nelson Mandela: Terrorist and Murderer the Left has tried to Hide

The media hypes Nelson Mandela as a true leader of a cause to free blacks from the White man, but what they are refusing to hype is the fact that Nelson Mandela not only belonged to a murderous terrorist organization in South Africa, he also led said terrorist liberation group in Africa that is responsible for tens of thousands of murders – both whites and blacks.

from Ozzie Saffa:

The murdering terrorist and Communist Nelson Mandela is finally dead.

Today I don’t mourn his passing. Instead, today I think of the people he murdered. I think of them lying in their graves while for years he drank champagne and was fettered on the international stage as some kind of living god. I think of all the people who have died since he became president of South Africa. All the farmers, all the elderly, all the men, women and especially all the children, who died as a result of him being unleashed onto South Africa. 

Nelson Mandela is now in a nice hot place together with all the other murderers, dictators and terrorists who have gone before him. 

And while the brainwashed world celebrates his life and his so-called achievements, I remember that he pleaded guilty to 156 counts of public violence, including mobilising terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places. Many innocent people including women and children died because of Mandela and his MK terrorists. 

For that he wasn’t hung by the neck until dead – instead he was given a life sentence in jail, the biggest mistake ever made by the South African judiciary. For it gave the ANC time to white-wash his history and remake Mandela into a freedom fighter. And with the help of Communists around the Western world, the reincarnation of Mandela the freedom fighter and Black activist was achieved.

I’ll remember too that he released thousands of criminals, murderers and rapists from jail every year to celebrate his birthday while president, unleashing even more violence, chaos and death on the people of South Africa. 

I’ll remember Mandela supporting some of the worst dictatorships and human rights abusers in the world: Fidel Castro, Ghaddafi in Libya, China, Suddam Hussein in Iraq, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe….the list goes on. No one too evil to visit or welcome in South Africa by Mandela, yet he was celebrated as a human rights champion by the world.

I’ll remember that over 100 000 people were murdered under Mandela’s presidency – an average of 25 000 people each year. Up from 170 a year under Apartheid (1948-1989). 

I’ll remember that in the first four years of his presidency, the South African currency lost 80% of its value and 2.8 million working days were lost due to strikes. I’ll remember that the national debt doubled under Mandela. 

Yes, I will remember the failure that the man Nelson Mandela was. Not the magical myth we’re supposed to believe in. The world may have repackaged and re-branded  him, but underneath he’s still the same murdering terrorist and Communist he always was. 

He never once apologised for what he’d done and for those he murdered. 

And not that I’m celebrating his death, but all of a sudden I have a hankering for some nice chilled champagne.


And is it only me, but is the sun shining brighter, the birds singing sweeter and the air smelling crisper? What a beautiful day it is outside. Praise the Lord.

To understand where we are today one must look at the totality of “Apartheid”, what it entailed and how many died during “Apartheid” and why.

It is told that the black liberation army known as ANC (African National Conference) came in to existence to bring freedoms to blacks in South Africa that were being denied to them by whites. I will not spend this time going in to great detail all of the whites that were murdered by African aborigines but I will post a brief snipet below to understand what began the violent massacre/rift:

Since the Zulus controlled this territory, the Voortrekker leader, accompanied by about 70 men of his Trek-Boer community, Piet Retief paid a visit to King Dingane kaSenzangakhona (Shaka’s brother). Dingane promised them land in payment for a favour. The Batlokwa people, under chief Sekonyela had stolen cattle from him and he wanted it back. Retief went to them and retrieved the cattle. After receiving the specified cattle, Dingane invited Retief and his men into his kraal, where they were given all the land between the iZimvubu and Tugela rivers up to the Drakensberg. The treaty between the two men currently sits in a museum in The Netherlands. As a celebration, Dingane invited Retief and all his men to come and drink uTshwala (Traditional Zulu Beer) in his kraal, but the Boers had to leave all their weapons outside. Also included in the offer were guns and money. While drinking and being entertained by Zulu dancers, Dingane cried out “Bulalani abathakathi” (Kill the wizards”; also sometimes reported as “Bambani abathakathi”, “Seize the wizards”). Dingane’s men, having taken Retief’s men by surprise, dragged the men to a hill Hloma Mabuto (or perhaps kwaMatiwane) where, one by one, they were all killed, leaving Retief for last so that he could watch.

After the massacre, the impis went back to the encampment where Retief and his fellow farmers had left their wives, children and livestock. Taken by surprise, the women, children and remaining farmers (numbering about 500) were also killed at the site called “Weenen”, but not without retribution, they themselves managed to stop the initial onslaught and managed to get away, without many of their guns and animals. A missionary, Rev. Owen, had seen all of this take place and approached Dingane in order to give the dead an appropriate burial. While the reverend and a helper of his were burying the dead and reading them their last rights, they happened to come across Retief’s rucksack, still containing the treaty and a few personal belongings.