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Boxer NOT Endorsed by the LA Times this Go Around???

I wonder if she is telling her self “I deserved this because I earned it!”…… LOL….here’s to calling you “ma’am” you rude and disrespectful TWIT!

The editors at the biggest newspaper on the West Coast, who were expected to endorse Sen. Barbara Boxer in her primary campaign against token opposition, have decided to remain neutral, saying the California Democrat doesn’t display enough intellectual firepower.


Illegal Immigration-Key Word: ILLEGAL

I find it hard to subscribe to this notion that somehow REQUIRING our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to enforce OUR LAWS that the GOVERNMENT devised, signed into law and has been tested by the Supreme Court, that some how allowing a state to adopt the SAME law is said to be “unlawful” and somehow a violation of peoples rights.

Study after study PROVES, with factual evididence that after 4 states factor in what illegals contribute to their states, illegals end up costing California, Arizona, Texas and Florida an estimated $61 billion in Medical care, education and by ways of incarceration/criminal justice. That is only taking into account those three categories.

The above numbers do NOT include welfare, housing assistance, having to spend extra money to convert and print forms from english to spanish because most do not speak english, how many Americans do not have a job because illegals will do it for less under the table…etc….etc…..

Some have argued that illegals pay taxes-really? Paying a SALES tax does not make one any more legal nor does it mean they are paying “taxes”. If they are ILLEGAL, they are NOT paying Fedeal Income Taxes, they are NOT paying Social Security Taxes, they are NOT paying State Taxes if applicable and they are NOT Paying Medicare Taxes.

I know I get waxed EVERY month a total of over $900 in Federal Income, Social Security and Medicare taxes….. now, that is $900 I could use to help pay off my student loans, car note, home, etc….. why should I have to fork out that kind of money and ILLEGALS do not?

Not very fair, nor LEGAL now is it? But i digress…….

Speaking of “rules” or “laws”- Imagine a sporting event in which rules have been agreed to for 70 years, but the umpires refuse to enforce those rules. It makes no sense.Today, Arizona has approximately 6,000 prison inmates who are foreign nationals, representing a cost to our state of roughly $150 million per year. Arizona taxpayers are paying for …a vast majority of these incarceration expenses because the federal government refuses to pay what it owes