Blacks Butchering White Babies and Children in Nelson Mandela’s ANC South Africa

5-Month Old Baby Strangled in Delmas

Afrikaner babies slaughtered in South African genocide

On 23 May 2012, 5 month old Wiehan Botes was found strangled to death at his caretaker’s house in Delmas, South Africa. The 66 year old caretaker was later found, also strangled to death in a shed in the back garden.

A few articles were stolen including jewelry and a cell phone.

The Botes family tried to conceive for 8 years before Wiehan was finally born.

white babies murdered in south africa genocide
The murdered baby’s parents had to employ the services of a private investigator who quickly apprehended two black men who were found in possession of the caregiver’s jewelry. Enock Mbele, 44, and Lazarus Mabhena, 54, were denied bail when they appeared in court on 31 May 2012.

More than 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered in South Africa since 1994 and according to the online “South African Genocide Museum”, around 68 000 white South Africans living in urban areas have been murdered by racist black gangs since 1994. Their children are usually made to watch the killing of their parents before they are murdered.

For more information: Genocide Museum

The ANC government and their Police Force have successfully changed the way murders are recorded so that race is not mentioned. Although everybody knows that the perpetrators of these racially motivated crimes are usually blacks, nobody dares to mention this fact because the race card is always drawn.

labelled racist white genocide blacks africans

On Thursday, several white minority rights groups protested in Delmas against the senseless slaughter of white South Africans.

They marched to the Police Station and handed over a memorandum to the Station Commissioner just a few days after the funeral.

The Democratic Alliance condemned the protest in a desperate bid for black votes, saying that the protest was racially motivated. The party will charge the groups responsible for the protest on Monday 4 June 2012 in the Human Rights Court.

This WAS a racially motivated murder. Who kills a 5-month old baby unless it is a hate crime directed at the parents?

The killing of white children by black South Africans is nothing new. When the European settlers first encountered the Xhosa tribes in the Eastern Cape, it was custom for black warriors to smash the heads of white infants against the settler’s wagons while attacking.

Unlike their “word of mouth” history, white settlers actually recorded these atrocities and proof of this won’t be hard to come by.

Since 1994, countless babies and young children have been murdered on farms throughout South Africa. Black gangs seldom leave the children of farmers behind when they kill their parents.

Boer children raped south africa
A lucky white girl
 white children murdered by black gangs in south africa
White Girl Strangled
 afrikaner genocide babies killed
Put In News Paper And Torched
facebook hatespeech against white infants south africa
Hate Speech By Black Youth On Facebook
Farm murders in south africa child strangled
White Girl Murdered  After School
 white babies murdered in south africa
 White Baby’s Face Smashed
 ANC does nothing about young white children being murdered
 Afrikaner Child Murdered on Farm

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11 responses to “Blacks Butchering White Babies and Children in Nelson Mandela’s ANC South Africa

  • Anon

    Where were you when black lives were taken everyday? Young and old alike. Why cry now when you did not shed a tear for black people? The truth is, black people have lived this sort of life under white leadership for years and noone heard their cries. They were raised to believe that through violence, anything could be achieved. Why speak now when you never spoke before?

    • Charmaine

      Because I was only a small child then! The so called born tree’s have so much hate in their heart’s that is thought to them by theor elders.

    • UnPoliticallyCorrect

      Anon – As Charmaine, I myself was a young child, therefore demanding of others to shed a tear when they had no way of stopping such atrocities let alone do anything about it is, well disingenuous at best.

      To some how punish those of today for the past indiscretions of those from yesterday hardly seems like a valid way to vent your frustration with the past; not to mention makes you (and I use you in a general term) no better than those who inflicted so much horror onto others.

      It is comparable to the US; the forcing of “white people” of today to pay for the past indiscretions of those from the 1700’s/1800’s and slavery despite the fact that not a soul today was alive, to have either engaged in or been a victim of when those events took place.

      And how do you separate out blame? I mean, blacks willfully and violently engaged in Apartheid. Just as in the US, the first slave owner was a black man who went to court DEMANDING the right to own his black slave while the largest slave plantation in the US was in Louisiana, owned and operated by a black family.

      So, if we are looking for blame, who do you blame if all parties engaged in the atrocious behaviors?

    • Jim Morrison

      Long before Niggers were ever in chains there were white, asian and arabic slaves all around the world for thousands of years, before your kind were ever made use of. you don’t see us bringing it up every fucking day. Not one of you Niggers today has any clue what slavery is so drop it, you fucking childish animals. Maybe try getting a job and going 7 minutes without raping something! Or pissing in your drinking water then begging Whitey to cure your diseases! Cunts!

  • Jenny

    Yes Anon… But why must the young white people be tortured? Apartheid is in the past. The young youth of South Africa should be the new beginning for brighter futures! Not to keep crutches against each other, without us the young people… South Africa will fall!!! We may look different on the outside, but at the end we all have a heart and we all have feelings and have allot of passion/love for our futures.

  • alta

    Time for whites to stand up and stand together!

  • Angelica Blake

    Time to leave this HELL hole

  • duncan

    I think we are generalizing the motives for the killings. Blacks are still ill treated in the farms. Some do retaliate in anger. It has nothing to do with apartheid or blacks being in power. I think this is just from a group which is failing to adapt to change. This pictures have been purposely selected to create anger amongst the white citizens, esp Afrikaans speaking ones.

    How many black leaders and activists have been butchered compared to white activists in SA? We mustn’t expect the same submissive behaviour or reaction in future. There can be a serious war if your wishes come true.

    Should you pursue your ideas and it be succesful, the feud that will erupt will be emerse. I do not see us whites benefiting from it.

    Even if all Afrikaans speaking group can form their party, it wont succeed because of the huge difference between them and non Afrikaans speaking people in SA.

    So, please let us live in the country in harmony with everyone. There are array ways to deal with pressure of change as the group which enjoyed the past era of apartheid.


    While it may be sad , I have not one but of remorse. For centuries , blacks were murdered by the hands of whites. Even back in ancient times. History repeats itseld and what you do will come back to you. Karma hits your kids , their kids , their kids and so forth. It doesnt hit when amd who you want them to. I really feel no pain of this. Who cares? Its always , forget slavery etc yet we are still burdened by the effects of it whereas a lot pf whites are choosing to ignore. SO GUESS WHAT? Here is a dose of your own medicine. There were a group of women killing bristish men etc known as the amazon. No one fears the white man today. And if a racial war breaks out , most blacks have their mind set on death and will concur the evil once again. This is no different from police pfficers killing innocent people. They are cowards shootinf one because they feel inferior to the black man to where they have to use lethal force. Thats a coward. If you want to attack the white man , hit him where it hurts! Maybe they will fallback and realize they are the least dominant ethnic group!

  • Chris from Texas

    Sun protected black “queen”, you are a pig of Satan. You are pure evil.

  • kerkoff (@kerkoff1)



    Race War: Every white person’s chance of being
    killed by a NEGRO randomly eventually hits one. Any time a Black starts
    following a White woman, there is an extremely high chance that woman will be
    raped, murdered, robbed, or some combination of the three.

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