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Holder to Resign – The Double Standards and Hypocrisy of the Democrats in Congress


TISK! TISK! Pot, Meet Kettle!

Democrat Hilary Clinton demands Atty. Gen. Gonzales Resign: “The buck should stop somewhere,” Clinton told ABC News senior political correspondent Jake Tapper………….. <– IRONY anyone?

Democrat Schumer demands Atty. Gen. Gonzales Resign

Democrat Diane Feinstein calls for Atty. Gen. Gonzales Resignation

Democrat Joe Biden, a member of the Democrat-controlled Judiciary Committee, said Gonzales would be “better off” if he resigned.

Oh the stench of the Double Standards and Hypocrisy from Democrats, especially those within Congress is, well putrid! I do love how AG Eric Holder has violated many Constitutional Laws/Rights, used Obama’s Executive Privilege to cover his Fast and Furious violations, hiding behind “IGNORANCE” for his violating the 1st and 4th Amendment Rights of journalists, at minimum; and the Democrats whine that those demanding an investigation and his resignation are some how being political?

Do not even get me started on those Democrats who are yelling that if you dare question Holder’s actions, well …. wait for it…. You Are RACIST!!!

Amusing to say the least…..

From March 2007:

Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., the No. 3 Democrat in the Senate, said Sunday that Alberto Gonzales should step down “for the sake of the nation.” Schumer pointed to the partisan firing of U.S. attorneys and the FBI’s abuse of the Patriot Act as evidence that the Justice Department has become highly politicized under Gonzales’ leadership.

Los Angeles Times:

U.S. Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales has so politicized the Justice Department that he should step down for the sake of the nation, the Senate’s third-ranking Democrat said Sunday.

Sen. Charles E. Schumer of New York—citing recent disclosures about the FBI’s improper use of administrative subpoenas to obtain private records and the controversy over the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys in December—told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Gonzales, who previously served as White House counsel, was “no longer just the president’s lawyer, but has a higher obligation to the rule of law and the Constitution.”

Schumer, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, charged that under Gonzales the Justice Department had become even more politicized than it was under President Bush’s first attorney general, John Ashcroft.

“And so,” Schumer said, “I think for the sake of the nation, Atty. Gen. Gonzales should step down.”

Hey Schumner, Atty. Gen. Holder should step down for the SAKE OF THE NATION!


Democrat Mayor’s Campaign Worker Guilty of Voter Fraud

g0a0000000000000000f0ef21fcb9118f2abda9b4ae1d1ed534cf56ec85February 14, 2013

VERNON — A North Vernon man who worked on a former Jeffersonville mayor’s re-election campaign in 2011 has agreed to plea guilty to three counts of vote fraud in Jennings County Circuit Court on charges related to a campaign there.

Michael L. Marshall, 60, will plead guilty to three offenses, all class D felonies. His attorney, Larry Wilder of Jeffersonville, will argue that those charges be reduced to class A misdemeanors.

Marshall was one of several people former Jeffersonville Mayor Tom Galligan thanked during his victory speech after winning the Democratic Party nomination for the mayoral race in 2011. Marshall was paid $52,710.23 by the Galligan campaign, according to a previous report in the News and Tribune.

Marshall had faced 48 felony counts in Jennings County Circuit Court, including forgery and perjury, both class C felonies, and 23 counts of voter fraud, a class D felony.

The Clarksville Democrat Town Committee paid Marshall $15,000 for “advertising” in 2011, according to a campaign finance report.

Non US Citizens Charged with Felony Voter Fraud in Minnesota

12/3/12: MINNESOTA: William Manzano, Braulio Manzano: noncitizen voting
“Brothers William and Braulio Manzano were each charged Friday, Nov. 30, in Mower County Court. According to the court complaints, the brothers each checked the boxes on their voter applications that indicate they are not U.S. citizens. However, both men continued to fill out their applications and signed the portion that indicates they are citizens who can vote and that providing false information is a felony offense punishable by up to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.” Matt Peterson, Two Charged with Voter Fraud in Austin, Austin Daily Herald, Dec. 3, 2012.

Three MORE Non US Citizens Charged with Felony Voting in the 2012 Election in Iowa

11/23/12: IOWA: Tehvedin Murgic, Laurie McCarroll, Leonard Blower: noncitizen voting
“A citizen of Bosnia and two Canadian citizens have been charged with election fraud and fraudulent practices for allegedly registering and voting in Iowa without U.S. citizenship. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation said it issued a citation to appear in court for 28-year-old Tehvedin Murgic, of Clive. The DCI said he is a citizen of Bosnia and registered and voted on Nov. 2, 2010. Murgic’s attorney did not immediately return a call. Arrest warrants were issued for 66-year-old Laurie McCarroll and 53-year-old Leonard Blower, both of Shenandoah. The DCI said they are Canadian citizens who registered and voted in a school election in September 2011. The DCI said it believes they are no longer living in the United States.” 3 more election fraud cases filed, Associated Press, Nov. 23, 2012.

Secretary of State Matt Schultz said the voter fraud cases resulting in arrests so far are only the beginning.

Schultz said it’s likely more arrests will come as the Iowa Criminal Investigation Division works through a list of more than 1,200 people he believes registered to vote without citizenship.

Three Non US Citizens in Iowa Charged with Voting in the 2012 Election

11/21/12: IOWA: Albert Harte-Maxwell, Linda Harte-Maxwell, Maria Ayon-Fernandez: noncitizen voting
“Two Canadian nationals and a Mexican national were booked into the Pottawattamie County jail. The felony charges allege they registered to vote in Iowa and voted in at least one election. The arrests followed an investigations by an Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent who was assigned to work with Secretary of State Matt Schultz to root out voter fraud Charged are 52-year-old Albert Harte-Maxwell, 49-year-old Linda Harte-Maxwell, and 40-year-old Maria Ayon-Fernandez, all of Council Bluffs.” Three noncitizens charged with voter fraud in Iowa, Associated Press, Nov. 20, 2012.

Secretary of State Matt Schultz said the voter fraud cases resulting in arrests so far are only the beginning.

Schultz said it’s likely more arrests will come as the Iowa Criminal Investigation Division works through a list of more than 1,200 people he believes registered to vote without citizenship.

Democrat Organization Charged with Shredding Republican Voter Registration Cards

Shredded 411/5/12: PENNSYLVANIA: destruction of voter registrations
“The Community Voters Project is a “non-partisan” lefty organization whose mission is to register people to vote, with a particular emphasis on minorities. In the 2008 election, they had offices in 10 states and registered around 300,000 minority voters. So far, so good. This year, however, it seems they aren’t registering everyone who wants to vote. Outside a CVP office in Philadelphia, for example, they shredded and threw away numerous registration forms. A number of these were for people trying to register as a Republican.” Mike Flynn, Philly activist group shreds GOP registrations, Breitbart, Nov. 5, 2012.

Dean of a Cincinnati College Convicted of Voter Fraud


March 12, 2013

An Ohio grand jury has charged Sister Marguerite Kloos, 54, who cast a second ballot for a deceased friend in the 2012 presidential election, with one felony count of illegal voting, according to a statement released Monday by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters. Kloos, who could face up to 18 months in prison, resigned last week from her position as a dean of a Cincinnati college.

Kloos is accused of signing Hewitt’s name and returning her ballot to the Hamilton County Board of Elections. Because her lawyer confirmed that Kloos intended to plead guilty, she faced a preliminary hearing, rather than an indictment, by the grand jury.

Two other residents of Hamilton County are also facing charges of voter fraud. Russell Glassop, 75, and Melowese Richardson, 54, face one- and eight-count indictments of illegal voting, respectively, according to Deters’ statement.