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Arguing with Idiots: Marx vs. Franklin, Episode I


ACORN ~ The Shady Bunch!

Al Franken……….




Global Warming ~ The Sky is Falling!!!!

The Advertisement that has Rick Sanchez’ Panties in a Wad


I suppose it all depends on how one interprets this advertisment. The ad does not say these networks did not cover it, although one would have to argue as to the context of what “miss this story” means. Maybe they were elduing to the fact that sever 30 second soundbite here-and-there is not considered “covering” the story. All I know is that I watched it on CSPAN because Fox News was not covering it in its entirety either.

I do need to add, however that this ad does NOT say the other media outlets did not cover the protest, it merely asks “…how they missed it”. Play on words I suppose!