Blacks Violently Butchering White Victims in South Africa – A Daily Occurence

3 Year Old White Girl Killed With Parents

Lindley, South Africa –
A black gang murdered a 3 year old white girl on a farm in Lindley, South Africa on 2 December 2010. They took her into a store room outside the farm house and shot her in cold blood, excecution-style.

farmer's 3 year old daughter excecuted
3 year Old Willemien Potgieter

After murdering the 3 year old, they took her tiny corpse – with a pink ribbon still in her red hair – and threw her down next to the body of her mother, who they also shot in the back of the head just minutes before.

machete murders black hate crime genocide boer south africa
Attie and Wilna Potgieter brutally murdered on their farm

The little girl’s father, Mr Attie Potgieter was brutally killed when he arrived home by chopping the back of his head with a machete. He was also stabbed with a garden fork.

Before fleeing the farm, the gang tied a piece of cardboard to the gate of the farm with the following message in Sotho scribbled on it: “We killed them. We’re coming back.”

The family was alone at home, a plate of food still in the microwave.

anc condones farm murders kill the boer
5 of the 6 Murderers who exterminated the Potgieter family

Mr Potgieter had withdrawn R7000 the previous day in order to pay his farm workers. The killers paid each farmworker R500 to gain information about the farmers routine.

The 6 killers were arrested shortly after the murder when police found bloody credit cards and a few other articles that were stolen in their shacks in a nearby township.

Three of the black men worked on Mr Potgieter’s farm. According to one of the killers who testified in court in May 2011, Mrs Potgieter was praying when they shot her in the back of the head.

Yet another two crosses added

In May 2011, farmers added 3 white crosses for the Potgieter family to the 2000 already planted in Potgietersrus in memory of the farmers killed in South Africa since 1994.

This atrocity was racially motivated and is a drop in the ocean of the brutal and cold-blooded killing of Afrikaner farmers in South Africa.

Source: Beeld – Afrikaans


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