Ray Widstrand (white) Attacked by a Black Mob – Left with Permanent Brain Damage

Ray Widstrand before he was attacked by black mob with a sock full of large rocks

Mugshot Processed -


Ray Widstrand after he was attacked by black mob with a sock full of large rocks, now left with permanent brain damage

after being attacked by black mobAugust 12, 2013

Four young [BLACK] males have been arrested after the senseless, brutal beating of a man on a late-night walk Sunday on St. Paul’s East Side, police said Friday. [means the media did not feel it relevant to put in the detail that the white man was brutally attacked by FOUR blacks].

Yet, after all the melee the only person injured was a white man amongst a mob of blacks?

widstrand balck thug

On Friday, Ramsey County prosecutors charged Issac Maiden, 19, of St. Paul with first-degree assault, first-degree aggravated robbery and crime committed for the benefit of a gang.

Maiden, who was arrested Wednesday, was being held in the Ramsey County Jail with bail set at $150,000. A preliminary court hearing was scheduled for Aug. 23.

Meanwhile, three juvenile males were arrested Friday, authorities said.


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