Arizona Voter Registration Law and the Supreme Court

2010 vote registrationI do  wish some people would actually read beyond headlines and read the content of the articles themselves before posting comments, for as we all know headlines are often purposely misleading to get you to read whatever it is they are trying to attract people to their sites. That being said….

The US Supreme Courts ruling against Arizona’s Voter Registration Law was NOT giving carte blanche to illegal aliens and foreigners the right to vote in our elections; rather all the ruling stated was that Arizona could NOT pass a law the Usurped the 1993 Federal Law that was passed regarding voters registration.

The 1993 National Voter Registration Act/Motor Voter Law still states that one must prove they are LEGAL US CITIZENS before they can vote in Federal Elections, ergo one MUST still prove they are LEGAL US CITIZENS after todays SCOTUS ruling – period.

Scalia even went a step further to guide Arizona on how they can deal with all of the ILLEGAL ALIENS in their state to ensure they are not allowed to vote:

Arizona can ask the federal government to include the extra documents as a state-specific requirement, Scalia said, and take any decision made by the government on that request back to court. Other states have already done so, Scalia said.

The Election Assistance Commission “recently approved a state-specific instruction for Louisiana requiring applicants who lack a Louisiana driver’s license, ID card or Social Security number to attach additional documentation to the completed federal form,” Scalia said.

The case is 12-71, Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.

United States Election Assistance Commission

Forms to Vote Change

removed from voting roles


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