Is the Senate Blocking Obama’s Judicial Nominees at Record Rates as those on the Left Postulate?

judThe question right now, even though we know these complaints are nothing more than a failed attempt to divert our attention away from the multiple scandals, is: Is the Senate Blocking Obama’s Judicial Nominees at Record Rates as those on the Left Complain About?

Note that three are A LOT of vacancies and/or soon to be vacancies to which Obama as NOT nominated anyone

According to the Senate Judicial ranking member- Senator Chuck Grassley:

Mr. President,

Before we vote on the nominees today, I want to update my colleagues on where we stand with judicial confirmations.  After tonight, the Senate will have confirmed 190 District and Circuit nominees; we have defeated two.  That’s 190-2; which is a .990 batting average.  That is an outstanding record.  Who can complain about achieving 99 percent?

So far this year, the Senate has confirmed 17 nominees.  Today, if Judge Chappell and Judge McShane are confirmed, we confirm the 18th and 19th nominees.  At this stage in President Bush’s second term only 4 were confirmed.  That’s a record of 19 to 4.
This President is being treated exceptionally fairly.

The President has recently submitted a few new nominations.  I know I have been reminding him that we can’t do anything about vacancies without him first sending up nominees.

But again, even with the recent nominations, 58 of 82 nominations still have no nominee.  And for judicial emergencies, only 6 of 32 vacancies have a nominee.

So I just wanted to set the record straight before we vote on this nominees. I expect they will both be confirmed tonight and I congratulate them on their confirmations.

According to he LA Times as recently as May 23, 2013: Obama Judicial Nominee Wins EASY Confirmation

Maybe it would BEHOOVE the Media to actually do its J-O-B and report the news instead of carrying Obama’s water full of complaints and BS. Need more proof why it would BEHOOVE the media to do so? Look at most of your ratings and decline in advertisement!

List of Federal Judges Confirmed under Barack Obama:

Supreme Court = 2

  1. Sonia Sotomayor
  2. Elena Kagan

Federal Court of Appeals = 36


Gerard E. Lynch
2 Andre M. Davis
3 David F. Hamilton
4 Beverly B. Martin
5 Joseph A. Greenaway, Jr.
6 Barbara Milano Keenan
7 O. Rogeriee Thompson
8 Thomas I. Vanaskie
9 Denny Chin
10 James A. Wynn, Jr.
11 Jane Branstetter Stranch
12 Albert Diaz
13 Raymond Lohier, Jr.
14 Mary H. Murguia
15 Scott Matheson, Jr.
16 Kathleen M. O’Malley
17 James E. Graves, Jr.
18 Jimmie V. Reyna
19 Susan L. Carney
20 Bernice B. Donald
21 Henry Franklin Floyd
22 Stephen A. Higginson
23 Evan Wallach
24 Christopher Droney
25 Morgan Christen
26 Adalberto Jordan
27 Stephanie Thacker
28 Jacqueline Nguyen
29 Paul J. Watford
30 Andrew D. Hurwitz
31 William J. Kayatta, Jr.
32 Robert E. Bacharach
33 Richard G. Taranto
34 Patty Shwartz
35 Jane Louise Kelly
36 Sri Srinivasan

District Court = 155

1 Jeffrey L. Viken
2 Roberto A. Lange
3 Irene C. Berger
4 Charlene Honeywell
5 Christina Reiss
6 Abdul K. Kallon
7 Jacqueline H. Nguyen
8 Richard G. Seeborg
9 Dolly M. Gee
10 Rosanna M. Peterson
11 William M. Conley
12 Gloria M. Navarro
13 Nancy D. Freudenthal
14 D. Price Marshall Jr.
15 Timothy S. Black
16 Jon DeGuilio
17 Audrey G. Fleissig
18 Lucy H. Koh
19 Jane Magnus-Stinson
20 Tanya Walton Pratt
21 Brian Anthony Jackson
22 Elizabeth Erny Foote
23 Mark A. Goldsmith
24 Marc Thomas Treadwell
25 Josephine S. Tucker
26 Gary Feinerman
27 Sharon Johnson Coleman
28 J. Michelle Childs
29 Richard Mark Gergel
30 Leonard P. Stark
31 Catherine Eagles
32 Kimberly J. Mueller
33 John A. Gibney, Jr.
34 James K. Bredar
35 Susan Richard Nelson
36 Denise Jefferson Casper
37 Ellen Lipton Hollander
38 Edmond Chang
39 Leslie E. Kobayashi
40 Carlton W. Reeves
41 Benita Y. Pearson
42 William J. Martínez
43 Beryl A. Howell
44 Robert L. Wilkins
45 Marco A. Hernandez
46 Diana Saldaña
47 Paul K. Holmes III
48 Edward J. Davila
49 Amy Totenberg
50 Steve C. Jones
51 Sue E. Myerscough
52 James E. Shadid
53 Anthony J. Battaglia
54 Max O. Cogburn, Jr.
55 James E. Boasberg
56 Amy Berman Jackson
57 Mae A. D’Agostino
58 Vincent L. Briccetti
59 John A. Kronstadt
60 Roy B. Dalton, Jr.
61 Kevin H. Sharp
62 John J. McConnell, Jr.
63 Edward M. Chen
64 Arenda L. Wright Allen
65 Michael F. Urbanski
66 Claire C. Cecchi
67 Esther Salas
68 Michael H. Simon
69 J. Paul Oetken
70 Paul A. Engelmayer
71 Sara Lynn Darrow
72 R. Brooke Jackson
73 Kathleen M. Williams
74 Nelva Gonzales Ramos
75 John Andrew Ross
76 Timothy M. Cain
77 Nannette Jolivette Brown
78 Nancy Torresen
79 William Francis Kuntz
80 Marina Marmolejo
81 Jennifer Guerin Zipps
82 Jane Margaret Triche-Milazzo
83 Alison J. Nathan
84 Susan Owens Hickey
85 Katherine B. Forrest
86 Cathy Bissoon
87 Mark R. Hornak
88 Robert N. Scola Jr.
89 Robert D. Mariani
90 Richard G. Andrews
91 Scott W. Skavdahl
92 Sharon L. Gleason
93 Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers
94 Edgardo Ramos
95 Andrew L. Carter, Jr.
96 James Rodney Gilstrap
97 Dana L. Christensen
98 John M. Gerrard
99 Cathy Ann Bencivengo
100 Jesse M. Furman
101 Margo Kitsy Brodie
102 Mary Elizabeth Phillips
103 Thomas O. Rice
104 Gina Marie Groh
105 Michael W. Fitzgerald
106 David Nuffer
107 Ronnie Abrams
108 Rudolph Contreras
109 Miranda Du
110 Susie Morgan
111 Brian C. Wimes
112 Gregg Costa
113 David Campos Guaderrama
114 Kristine Gerhard Baker
115 John Z. Lee
116 George Levi Russell, III
117 John J. Tharp, Jr.
118 Timothy S. Hillman
119 Jeffrey J. Helmick
120 Mary Geiger Lewis
121 Robin S. Rosenbaum
122 John Thomas Fowlkes, Jr.
123 Kevin McNulty
124 Michael A. Shipp
125 Gershwin A. Drain
126 Stephanie Marie Rose
127 Gonzalo P. Curiel
128 Robert J. Shelby
129 Paul W. Grimm
130 Michael P. Shea
131 Mark E. Walker
132 Terrence G. Berg
133 John E. Dowdell
134 Jesus G. Bernal
135 Lorna G. Schofield
136 Frank Paul Geraci, Jr.
137 Fernando M. Olguin
138 Thomas M. Durkin
139 Matthew W. Brann
140 Malachy E. Mannion
141 Jon S. Tigar
142 Pamela Ki Mai Chen
143 Katherine Polk Failla
144 Andrew Patrick Gordon
145 Ketanji Brown Jackson
146 Raymond P. Moore
147 Troy L. Nunley
148 Beverly Reid O’Connell
149 Analisa Torres
150 Derrick Kahala Watson
151 Shelly Deckert Dick
152 Nelson S. Roman
153 William H. Orrick, III
154 Sheri Polster Chappell
155 Michael J. McShane

United States Court of International Trade = 2

1 Mark A. Barnett
2 Claire R. Kelly

United States Tax Court = 3

1 Kathleen Kerrigan
2 Albert G. Lauber
3 Ronald Lee Buch



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