MSNBC Correlates the Word ‘IRS’ as the New ‘N****r’


135197_1_The GOP is using the term “IRS” in place of the term “n****r,” MSNBC host Martin Bashir claimed on his Wednesday show.

“Republicans are using [the IRS scandal] as their latest weapon in the war against the black man in the White House,” he suggested. ”IRS” is the new “N****r.” Bashir gave a nod to the late Republican strategist Lee Atwater, to whom he attributed the subtle strategy.

“I guess Bashir is too clueless to know that Reagan was president in 1981 and that Bush 41 didn’t become president until 1989.”

Is Martin Bashear pathological enough to actually believe his own drivel?

He meets all the criteria of a monomaniac and paranoid, standing before the mirror and thinking he is looking out some scary window.

But as George Orwell has noted, the greatest enemy of  clear thinking and speaking

There’s only one possible way that the Obama administration can get away with all this:

To make sure nobody knows about it, as we all look for those imaginary Racists who NEED to be persecuted!

Meanwhile, Martin Bashear’s clearly visible Inner Racist is staring at himself in the mirror, gulping, and thinking:

The jig is up!

Martin Bashir and MSNBC = Useless Idiots!


2 responses to “MSNBC Correlates the Word ‘IRS’ as the New ‘N****r’

  • pappad

    Ah yes! The left’s fall-back position for everything that they do wrong…their accusers are racist. Frankly, the term has been mis-used so often, it’s become meaningless, which is a shame because real racism still exists. For example, it’s racist to expect less from blacks or Hispanics and design programs to “equalize” them in the marketplace of ideas–which is a Democrat strategy. It’s racist to assume that black or Hispanic children aren’t smart enough to learn to read, write, calculate or understand history so you dumb-down education to “accommodate” their “lower abilities.” Another Democrat strategy.

    • UnPoliticallyCorrect

      Shhhhh – Do not call out the party of Double Standards and Hypocrisy for it is racist of one to do so!

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