MSNBC Anchors Losing it!

hhhhhhIt is Obama water carriers who say asinine things like this:Chris Matthews-MSNBC: Obama Scandals Aren’t Scandals – They’re ‘Kerfuffles’

CHRIS MATTHEWS: See, my problem with Obama, and it continues, and I don’t understand it. You know, the reason he’s been in trouble the last four or five weeks, and it’s because of these kerfuffles. They’re bad, but they’re not awful. […]

“For those unfamiliar with the term, defines “kerfuffle” as “commotion; disorder; agitation.”

hhhhhhhhhhhhhThat yield the BOTTOM of urinal level ratings and headlines like this:

TV Ratings: MSNBC Falls Below HLN in May, Rachael Maddow Hits Lows

One would think they would learn…. So much for Common Sense!



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