Obama Scandals

ScandalsNotice, that until Obama and his administration started attacking journalists, notice that only a few would report on just how corrupt the Obama administration is and has been with most “journOLists” making excuses for the Obama Admin. failures. With the latest attacks on the AP + CBS + Fox News, the media can no longer continue to carry the water for Obama, with a straight fact while expecting to be given any credibility!

Fast and Furious

FFWith the latest rounds of scandals to surface around Obama and his appointees, the Fast and Furious Gun Walking Scandal has resurfaced.

The Gun Walking scheme under Obama, via the direction of DOJ Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano: After several Americans, including Border Agent Brian Terry were murdered with guns given to Mexican Drug Cartels under Obama/Eric Holder along with hundred of Mexican’s murdered in Mexico with same said weapons.

Obama has used the “Executive Privilege” to hide all documents, emails, correspondences, etc. from Congress; and Congress has taken this matter to court and as of April 2013, a judge is now currently deciding on whether or not Obama has a LEGAL obligation to release the documents.

In front of a federal judge on Wednesday [April 22, 2013], the Department of Justice argued that the court should really just decline to decide on the case and leave the executive and legislative branches to duke it out on their own

Nothing like the Fox guarding the Hen House and then the Fox determining if the Fox did anything wrong when the hens go missing – right?!?!

An IG’s report found that a now known Democrat campaign donor and leader, then US Attorney for Arizona, Dennis Burke leaked an internal memo to discredit the Whistle Blower over the actions of those regaring the Fast and Furious Gun Walking Scandal.

Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz said ATF Agent John Dodson had provided significant information and public testimony on the agency’s handling of the Fast and Furious probe and “was retaliated against by” U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke with the unauthorized disclosure in late June 2011 of an ATF memo the agent had drafted.

The inspector general said the seriousness of Mr. Burke’s actions were “further aggravated by the fact” they were taken within days after he told Deputy Attorney General James Cole he took responsibility for an earlier unauthorized leak of information to The New York Times, and after Mr. Cole put him on notice that such disclosures should not occur.

The Fast and Furious operation was the subject of 18 months of congressional inquiry that led to a vote to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt for failing to turn over requested Fast and Furious documents.

Eric Holder was back in a US district court begging the judge to NOT force them to release the Operation Fast and Furious documents…….

Benghazi Scandal


IRS Scandal


Strassel: Conservatives Became Targets in 2008

The Obama campaign played a big role in a liberal onslaught that far pre-dated Citizens United.

AP Scandal

AP Scandal

Fox News Scandal

Fox News Scandal

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported that the Justice Dept. had searched Rosen’s personal e-mails and tracked his visits to the State Dept. The court affadavit described Rosen as “at the very least, either as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator” of his government source, presumably because he had solicited classified information from that source — an argument that has been heavily criticized by other journalists.

Obama has ordered Eric Holder to investigate, Eric Holder? – WTH?

See a pattern here [refer to Operation Fast and Furious above]: Nothing like the Fox guarding the Hen House and then the Fox determining if the Fox did anything wrong when the hens go missing – right?!?!

May 23, 2013 – Holder OK’d Search Warrant for Fox News and its Reporters

May 24, 2013 – Fox News Roger Ailes Memo on Obama and Scandal

CBS Scandal

CBS scandal

Attkisson told WPHT that irregular activity on her computer was first identified in Feb. 2011, when she was reporting on the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal and on the Obama administration’s green energy spending, which she said “the administration was very sensitive about.” Attkisson has also been a persistent investigator of the events surrounding last year’s attack in Benghazi, and its aftermath.

For nine months the Department of Justice denied that there was any program called “Fast and Furious”, too.

When the whistle blower whistled to Cheryl Attkisson they then had to ‘correct’ their congressional testimony that was under oath, and then went after her and the whistle-blower.


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