Mitt Romney PAID an Effective Tax Rate of 20.2% over the Past 20 years

I am sure the Liberals heads are no officially EXPLODING!! Mitt Romney has effectively paid 20.2% in taxes over the past 20 yrs; with an income last year of $13 MILLION, he paid $2 MILLION in taxes and gave $4 MILLION to charity.

For the mathematically illiterate, this comes to: $6 million in charity and taxes / $13 million in income = 46% of his income HE DID NOT KEEP in 2011!!

To add more fuel to the Liberal head explosion – Romney’s accountant came forward today and stated that the Romney’s have paid their taxes 100% in full and always on time over the past 20 yrs.

What was that OBAMA, Harry Reid – Romney is a felon for not paying taxes the past 10 yrs????
WOW- now I see why Reid said that BS on the Senate floor; his rear would be sued for those statement had he said them in another place!!

I would be remiss if I left out this GEM- already: the left is coming UNHINGED because they believe Romney paid TOO MUCH in Taxes and to charity, you know because Biden paid 1% to charity and they both COMBINED paid less than Romney did for his 2011 tax bill!!!


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