Mitt Romney Personally Paid for VA Hospitals Milk Weekly for 2 Years – Annonymously

September 12, 2012:

Glenn… shared a story of a V.A. hospital in Boston that Mitt Romney stopped at while on the campaign trail running against Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy had made a thirty minute stop at the same location a couple of weeks prior.

After touring the V.A. hospital, Mitt asked to look at their books. After he spent forty minutes going through their books, he told them, “You run a very good place, very tight.  Very good.” Romney asked to go on another tour of the hospital, and after spending an hour and forty minutes there, the last question he asked was, “So what… what do you ‑‑ what are you lacking?  What do you need help with?”

The response? “Milk.”

Since the press was around, snapping photos and asking questions, Glenn explained that Romney did a really awkward joke where he said, “maybe we should teach everyone here how to milk a cow.”

Of course, that’s all the press cared to hear and ran with a story that claims “Mitt Romney says veterans should have to milks cows.”

“This is where it gets good,” Glenn started. “Romney calls him up the next morning.”

Romney first apologizes to the man who runs the hospital for any problems the attention from the press jumping on his words brought to the hospital. He next offers to help with the milks situation.

“Friday comes, and the milkman comes,” Glenn continues. “This is what the vets needed – they needed 7,000 pints of milk a week.  Milkman shows up, 7,000 pints.  The head of the V.A. hospital asks, “Where did all this come from?”  He [the milkman] said “an anonymous donor.”  Now, the guy didn’t put it together.”

Glenn explains that when the next week rolled around, the milkman shows up again, and continued to show up every week for two years. After two years of delivering 7,000 pints of milk a week to the hospital, as the milkman is retiring, the man finally gets him to reveal the anonymous donor.

It’s Mitt Romney.

“Mitt Romney was writing a personal check and didn’t want anybody to know for two years and provided the vets with all of their milk in Boston,” Glenn explained to listeners this morning.

When Romney became governor, he sent a bill through to help the V.A. hospital – it was down to the dollar. This man told Glenn, “if you want a mechanic on the economy? It’s this guy. He [Mitt Romney] went and he looked at the books first. He wanted to see what we were doing and how effective we were.  He said then, beyond that, the milk.  He did that and he didn’t want anything ‑‑ he didn’t want anyone to know.”

No one is telling America these stories – but Friday, Glenn will.

“The stories you’ll hear on Friday are incredible.  Our people found them.  And we didn’t send investigators.  Nobody’s going through anybody’s garbage.  We just started to look.  And the stories we found, I’m telling you, I apologize to Mitt Romney and his family for being so blind and not seeing who he was.  That does not mean I’m going to agree with all of his policies, but I am blind.  I have been saying we need to find George Washington, a man of true character and honor and decency.  When you watch the show on Friday, you will ‑‑ I’m convinced you will feel exactly the same way I do.”

This Friday on TheBlaze TV, Glenn will be joined by this man and many other to tell the stories about Mitt Romney the media won’t tell you – the stories you’ve been longing to hear about a politician in this country. Don’t miss it!


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91 responses to “Mitt Romney Personally Paid for VA Hospitals Milk Weekly for 2 Years – Annonymously

  • Michael Bailey

    A good man, and a better president.

  • Michael L. Carlson

    Give your alms in secret, and the Lord well reward you openly. The same reason Mitt did not want to release his taxes, he did not want people to know how much his wife and he give to charity. Sounds like the kind of man I would like to have as president; A LEADER!

    • Ann Crosland Hone Whiting

      You are a very wise man Michael. Mitt helped two young men that had been in an automobile accident……he paid for both of them to have a college education for four years.. Gave milk to the VA hospital (without anyone knowing that it was him) for two years. There are many more stories of him helping others. Vote everyone for Mitt Romney.

      • mike

        You only hide something when you don,t want anyone to no what you did.If everyone new what he gave then they would have proof that this was done. I can say anything with out proof its just here say.And the V.A. is paid for buy the federal government and what happened to the milk that the federal government was already paying for.Even the food at school are paid for by the federal government. so why would Mitt need to pay for the milk, All purchases need a purchase order in the federal government because its done by bids.The way things are set up you just can,t by from anyone you have to get from a company that won the bid if its true why haven,t any vets said this.

      • specfriggintacular

        So- by YOUR logic, Obama is hiding something by refusing to release ALL of his college records and passport records? You know, using your logic.

        The VA accepts donations every single day and is not 100% funded by the Federal Government.

        The food at school is also not 100% funded by the Federal Government for the schools are ALSO funded by state and local governments and are also funded via fund raisers and PTA/PTO.

        Why would Mitt need to pay for milk? Maybe because like everything else the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has its hands it, it is not fully funding the entity or providing enough???

        The milk that was donated DID have an invoice and technically a purchase order as it was purchased by Mitt Romney.

        And as for your comment that ” you just can’t buy from anyone”; if you DONATE something, you are under NO OBLIGATION to buy from who the government is obligate to purchase from via THEIR CONTRACT as the donor did not sign said contract.

        Why would any vets say this? There was no reason for the vets to know where and/or who purchased anything for them.


    • Mitt

      Um…except that he’s not doing it in secret anymore. Which makes him an opportunist. But given his wide and varying range of views, you knew that already. I honestly don’t understand how you can fall in line for such “man” as Mitt when Huntsman would have been a much better choice.

      • specfriggintacular

        Yawn – Mitt is not promoting his charitable work in public, rather the left outed him for all of his charity work when they accused him of being a felon and a murderer……you don’t yet?

      • Dayna Gilbert

        many of us did not get to vote in the Primaries as the East coast chose. We now have two options, Romney, or Obama. I will take Romney any day over the leftist in chief, who is bankrupting us.

      • marysheartisathome

        He didn’t reveal his actions. They persuaded the milk company to let them know who was writing the check — a personal, not a corporate check. He stopped when he ensured that they had the milk in their budget. He is not an opportunist. He quietly gives 30% of his income to charity and does not take the full deduction on his taxes. Wake up!


        Would you still bitch if you were hung with a new rope ? Your man Huntsman did not make the cut because enough people did not support him, now, that is over and done with ! THE GOAL NOW IS TO BEAT OBAMA AND REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE ! ROMNEY IS THE MAN TO DO THAT THIS TIME ! You can try Huntsman again another time, but for now, we all must hang together to get rid of Obama or we shall surely hang separately when his goat-loving buddies take us out one at a time.

      • Mitt

        I just want to understand this – you’d rather have a president who’s been on every side of the an issue and a demonstrated record of lying and opportunism than Obama. Do I have that right? That’s your vision of a leader?

      • Ann Messenger

        If people who Mr. Romney has helped are coming forward to tell what he has done for them, that does NOT make him an opportunist. I don’t hear any such stories of generosity coming from the Obama supporters. Oh, yes they give Obama credit for programs that the tax payers are paying for, as if he reached in his own pocket and gave it to them! Obama is clearly the opportunist, and I hope Mr. Romney is successful in winning this election. Voting for anyone else is a vote for Obama.

      • NO DIA TAX

        Except that Huntsman is no longer running…..or did you not notice?

      • Brenda Wheeler

        He’s not revealing it—this is God blessing him “openly” for Mitt’s “giving in secret.”

  • Go Mitt!

    Unfortunately, this is a hoax. But there’s no question that Mitt is 100000x more generous then our Muslim president.

    • VA.MA

      Actually, it isn’t a hoax. I know people involved and this is basically how it happened.

      • Mitt

        And, unfortunately, there has never been a a picture of Obama bowing to Mecca which is required under Islam. And, unfortunately, wingnuts never pointed out he was a Muslim when he left Rev. Wright’s CHRISTIAN church. And, unfortunately, Jesus says all you have to do is accept him and you’re a Christian.

        Can you explain why you’ll believe Franklin Graham when he says he’s converted stadiums full of Muslims to Christianity but you’re unwilling to believe Obama when he says he’s given his life to Christ?

        I’m just curious.

      • specfriggintacular

        @ Mitt says: October 8, 2012 at 2:38 pm ======There are no undoctored pictures of Obama with Barack Sr either as well as no factual proof provided to the American public of Obama’s college records, so it must mean his father was Frank Marshall Davis and he never graduate from Harvard, right – using your logic?

        To your second paragraph – maybe because he not only sat in the RACIST Gay and America Hating church of Jermiah Wright, but because Obama LIED about his association with Wright, “disavowed” him and then sign in sheets proves he has been to the White House several times.

        Maybe because Obama will defend Muslims and their right to religion and freedom of hate pseech and violence but refuses to do the same for Christians while he gives over $1 BILLION of our tax dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood who are factually murdering women who dare get raped, gays and Christians…..

        Take your pick!

      • Dayna Gilbert

        Mitt are you blind… Romney has on record donated more than Obama, Biden and Ryan (the second most generous). HE also donated ALL of his large inheritance to charity.

        As to Obama being Muslim, I never believed that. I also do not buy he is much of a Christian, but I frankly do not care about that as I am not that either. I do think Obama cares more about Muslims than Christians. He donates to the Muslim Brotherhood, and lets then visit him in the White House.

        I also would not call Rev Wright’s church exactly Christian, IT is a Marxist church that teaches hate for our nation. “God Damn America!” anyone? That is a anti-american statement, that church also teaches hate toward white people. Yes that is still racism.

  • labillyboy

    I looked for this on Snopes and all the other truth check websites… it’s not there one way or the other. I have not seen anything to lead me to believe this is a hoax…

  • juliet

    charitable-god man caring mitt romeny- omg hope hell get it 2012-usa president lord give us romeny pls.

  • Sam Cottle

    Most of the truth-check web-sites are demogroggycrats!

  • T Clark

    This is NOT a hoax. SO many good deeds are done by so little. They ask not to be recognized, they care not except to meet the needs of others. Mitt has proven this yet has never asked for recognition.

  • Larry

    Hoax or not…Mitt Romney is the most generous/giving politician today in politics. Check out Biden and the ever loving narcist OBAMA!!!
    Mitt will lead this country 1,000 times better than OBAMA!!!

  • archie

    A federal VA hospital gives Romney their books and then accepts food items from an unknown source? Please people, grow up and smell the BS.

    • specfriggintacular

      Do not HATE because until Obama ran for the Presidency he only gave 1% to Charity and his side kick Biden still only give 1% to charity….. EPIC FAIL

      • Christian Liberal

        Sweetie, he gave of his time and salary while Romney was lining his own pockets. He worked as a community leader… a job that Romney put him down for. Because, he (Romney) can’t relate. He can only give “some” money. That money didn’t even make him twitch financially. Actually, even if he didn’t claim all of it on taxes (which I’m sure he did) even partial tax credit for him is hugh. He would have to pay much more in taxes than he would by giving it to someone in need. HIS POLICIES ARE WHAT SHOULD MATTER TO AMERICANS NOT HIS PERSONAL SPENDING HABITS!

      • specfriggintacular

        Obama gave of his time and money to what and who again?

        What community service hours did he give where he was not paid?

    • todd bright

      He still donated more last year than Obama did his entire life, and that IS on record.

      • Jerry beasley

        Does having billions of dollars make you a good president? If I had billions i would give half of it to the poor souls that need it. What good is money if you don’t spend it?

      • Rosie Charalambous

        charitable donations (either in private or public – and it’s not surprising that politicians make sure most of their gifts “somehow” get known) are not ANY indication of whether a person is suitable to run a country!

      • Derrick

        It matters because Obama and his supporters constantly say Romney doesn’t care about people. Why are any statements or stories proving otherwise so surprising or out of bounds? You would defend yourself too, right?

      • specfriggintacular

        amount of money you choose to donate to charity should not determine your worthyness of being President; what does, however is when said current President wishes to steal more from those who produce and already pay 96% of the taxes to pay more in the name of “charity” and being “more American” to do so.

        Then, it is game on with respect to the LACK of charitable work and donations by Obama and Biden.

      • Christian Liberal

        Seriously the two of you! Obama gave the time of his LIFE! Remember the job that Romney put him down for as not a real job. I wonder how all social workers and community service people feel about Romney’s putdown. None the less, Obama didn’t just give money that was sitting around, he gave of his time for YEARS to further society. Please! You can’t even compare the two. He worked at a job with a poor salary not because he had to (He is a Harvard Grad) but because he felt obligated to service other people. As soon as he hit office he called for volunteers to help America and Americans.

      • specfriggintacular

        Obama was PAID when he worked for ACORN…. get your FACTS straight!!!

    • B.Gates, daughter of D.A. Gates, Veterans County Service Officer retired

      You know…My Father spent 32 yrs of his life, running the VA in Dallas Texas, This, after he given his service in the Navy in WW2, South Pacific theater, and I watched him fight tooth and nail to get what his vets needed and deserved from this nation.It took years off his life, next to his family, it was his love, his calling, 70 to 80 hours a week. Much of that time was given without pay, in a VA hospital in Dallas, on his own time. So don’t tell me about what a VA hospital would do, I can tell you from growing up watching my Dad go above and beyond what he was paid to do, and I can tell you in no uncertain terms, they need all the help they can get from anyone who is willing to give it. So when was the last time you gave even some of your time to vets, you pompous little worm? when was the last time you did anything for those who put their asses on the line for you? There are good people out there, paying it forward every day, but I doubt you are one of them. So how could you know, I pity you Archie. I really do.

  • freelarrysinclair

    That’s so cute! Behind in the polls and all of the sudden Mitt’s big concern about the privacy of his donations starts to slip away like money to the Cayman Islands!

    OH! And if you actually read the article, you know how The Government can’t run anything as well as a private corporation can? Turns’s just another Romney lie.

    “After touring the V.A. hospital, Mitt asked to look at their books. After he spent forty minutes going through their books, he told them, ‘You run a very good place, very tight. Very good.'”

    Plus – why the hell is he allowed to look at the gov’t books…and do so for 40mins?

    • Derrick

      It’s a VA hospital using Your money and My money, Government spending is largely a matter of public record so if someone wants to look at their books, especially a senatorial candidate, I don’t think it’s that surprising that he was allowed to. He was a famous and successful business man offering free consultation. If this is a hoax, it’s not because of that. Plus, the government is not SUPPOSED to be running very much OTHER THAN the military. But thanks to cuts to that which it IS in charge of, to pay for things that it isn’t supposed to be covering, they left the hospital short the funds for 7,000 pints of milk per week. Why do people always think “If I were a rich, I’d give a whole bunch to charity” then believe they are the only ones who feel that way. ALMOST EVERYONE feels that way!! Duhh. Please talk to anyone in line for a lotto ticket.

      • Stacey

        Great points, Derrick! Something that also struck me in reading these comments about ‘If I were rich I would…” is what my pastor said a few months ago; If you won’t give to the needy from the $10 you have, you won’t give to the needy from $100,000 you hope to get. It’s not about ‘if I were rich I would help the needy’. It’s about ‘I’ll do what I can with whatever I have’. It’s a habit that should begin wherever you are financially.

      • Mitt

        So, I can walk into the IRS and say, “Let me see your books” and I can see them. Or an unemployment office. I doubt that. Think about it. He’d need authorization to do that. If not, someone should be fired. What you’re implying is anyone with enough power can look into the books of a gov’t agency. Including a successful naturalized Iranian spy.

        The government runs more than just the military. Do you like Medicare? That’s a well run gov’t program. Do you like highways? Do you like electricity? Do you like the Internet which sprung out of a gov’t research program? I’m guessing the answer is yes. Otherwise, we’d be using the gov’t post office to have this conversation. Now, here’s a challenge I’ve never had anyone take up – name one case in which privatizing a gov’t agency has resulted in lower prices. Just one. Because Halliburton and Blackwater…er…Xi… significantly increased the cost of the wars in the Middle East and gave us shoddy work in return.( Yes. You read that right. Halliburton killed American soldiers and still got paid. At least in the Army, someone would have gotten court martial-ed.

    • Jay C

      You libs are a bunch of panicking retards running in place. This is a non profit, their books are public information – anyone can request to see them. Second, this is not a hoax. The former director is the one who told the story. He’s not a Republican, just thankful that his and veterans needs were met. Third, he paid for half the milk bill, not the whole thing. Get the story straight and get over it because it’s real, and so is Romney.

      • Mitt

        Aw, You’re right! I’ll ignore the obscene amount of pandering, ducking and dodging of issue and the fact that neither he nor Ryan can say how they’d pay for a 20% across the board tax cut on all Americans and vote for him because he’s just such a good guy. Who knows?! Maybe when I’m homeless because he’s followed the bush economic plan he’ll give me a pint of milk!

      • Mitt

        Retards running in place? Well, God bless you, too!

        Hey, what’s Mit’s stance on abortion? No, that other stance on abortion. No, no – I mean the OTHER stance on abortion? How about immigration? No, that other stance on immigration. No, no – I mean the OTHER stance on immigration?

        This is the real Mitt. Whatever your views, he’ll agree with you not because he cares, but because he wants to win.

      • Jay C

        Of course “Mitt”…I wouldn’t expect anything else from someone like you. You make a claim, it gets refuted and the response is “Buh, well, well, what about THAT?” Uh huh. Shall we get into Obama’s “history”? Didn’t think so.

      • Mitt

        Gosh! You’re pretty cocksure! Well. Half of that.

        Unemployment less than when bush’s economic policies killed the country.
        Record corporate profits
        Record Wall St. numbers
        Finished bush’s first war
        Finishing bush’s second war
        Implemented the GOP plan of individual mandates for healthcare (AKA: Romneycare – Endorsed by Mitt as a model for the country)
        Put in place the Lily Ledbetter act for equal pay for women
        We’re on friggin’ Mars
        Cut out $716b of waste from Medicare
        Cut out the middle man in student loans keeping interest rates low so people can at least have a better shot at affording college.

        You want more?

        Now it’s your turn to trash the POTUS in a time of war. Because wingnuts say that’s unpatriotic. Or at least they did when bush was president. But I guess the rules change when you act like a big baby.

      • specfriggintacular

        @ Mitt – Remember, Obama was a US Senator from Jan 2005 – Jan 2009; ergo he HELPED create the mess he bitches about inheriting!!

        1. unemployment less than when Obama took office? Really, because the BLS states that unemployment was 7.6% AND there were factually MORE people employed Jan 2009 than there are today!!!

        2. Obama did not finish the Iraq War, rather a Treaty that was signed between Bush and the Iraqies in late 2008 ended that war. Said treaty demanded that ALL troops had to be out of Iraq by December 31, 2011. Also, do recall a certain OBAMA requesting that the Iraqies allow the US to stay longer and the request was DENIED by the Iraqies? Here, I will even give you a liberal rag, HUFFPO that had to reluctantly give Bush credit.

        3. Obama has FACTUALLY added MORE to the Afghan War and is at a NET NEGATIVE of removing troops from said war 4 yrs later. He has been spending $117 BILLION per yr in Afghanistan while Bush spent $47 BILLION in 2008. As well, more soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush.

        In case you want to give me some bunk $3 Trillion or $3 TRILLION in war spending – here is a running clock on the cost of the two wars, which do not even equate to $2 TRILLION. We spend more on ENTITLEMENTS in 2 yrs than 10 yrs of wars……for a perspective only:

        4. FYI- Biden voted for BOTH the Iraq and Afghan wars along with funding both wars. Obama, in 2007 defended his vote for funding of the war……..

        5. Lily Ledbetter act of Equal Pay for Women was ALREADY in place via Title VII of the Civil Rights Act- way to highjack something he had nothing to do with Obama – typical!

        6. We are on Mars? Holy shit batman, how many YEARS did it take to get that technology together? Honey, way longer than Obama has been President!!!

        7. Student Loans have actually INCREASED under Obama –
        “When the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, they voted to gradually reduce the rate on new Stafford loans, which are available to any student regardless of need, by 50%. The 3.4% rate took effect last August on all new loans. But because of the cost – an estimated $6 billion a year – the law called for a restoration of the 6.8% rate on new – not existing — loans in the 2012-13 school year.”

        8. $716 BILLION of waste in Medicare – priceless. First off, you cannot foretell how much WASTE there will be in the future, especially 10 yrs out, but I shall play. The CBO has already stated, and the Medicare CHIEF ACTUARY has already stated that Obama CANNOT use that number TWICE – he uses it has a cut in Medicare to pay for Obamacare…. not speaking points from Romney, this came the from Chief Actuary.

        Are you seriously going to make me do all the research for you?

    • Anon

      FOIA allows people to look at the books… The OP of this is clearly an uninformed and impressive troll. Sir, I applaud your efforts of trollary..

      • Christian Liberal

        Sorry but FOIA allows you to have was is appropriate for you to have. It is not carte blanche. The books are not just handed to people because they ask.

    • Chris Schiraldi

      You better check the polls again and bring a box of tissues for election night as your Dear Leader goes down like a $2 hooker at fleet week..

  • Jeff

    First of all, Mitt was likeky the one who said anything about helping the VA hospital or the two men go to college. It was likely someone who knew about it getting tired of people saying that rich-capitalist are greedy and don’t care about the lower classes. It make me made that a majority of the “lower classes” gave more to charity than Biden did. Second, Future President Romney was on an official tour of the VA hospital in Boston Mass and likely had prior appoval to see the books, where he is educated to get a snapshot of what he needed by looking at certain portions…Not anyone can just go into a gov facility and ask or demand to see the records…it is called privacy and a need to know….you may be a tax payer, but you may not have a need to know…Mr Romney was likely there to assess the VA Hospital and how efficient they were…believe it or not there are many on the right who hate wasteful spending….

    • Mitt

      I’m going to ask again – name one instance where privatizing a gov’t agency has led to cost savings.

      PS: “Probably” and “likely” don’t really mean anything. The fact that a private citizen was able to look at the books of a gov’t agency should actually alarm you. More so, Mitt has had more than five years to not paint himself as a greedy capitalist. He’s failed to do so.

      • specfriggintacular

        1. Missouri privatized their DMV – they not only were able to save millions, they were getting better customer service. Why? Because a private company has to make a profit or at least break even and have share holders/investors to answer to plus contracts to uphold. The government does not.

        2. Private schools are non government, run for effectively, have a higher % of not only HS graduate rates but College entrance capabilities over public schools.

        3. Maywood, in its outsourcing attempt, may be the most extreme example, but in California and other states in the past decade, more public officials have turned to outside sources for help in providing services at a lower cost to the state.

        4. Many state and local governments have identified hundreds of millions of dollars in savings by hiring outside contractors — or a neighboring city’s services — to handle tasks like trash collection, pothole repair, and water and wastewater treatment.

        5. This past March, for example, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie created the state Privatization Task Force to review privatization opportunities within state government and identify barriers. In its research, the task force not only identified estimated annual savings from privatization totaling more than $210 million, but also found several examples of successful efforts in other states.

        6.As former mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell saved $275 million by privatizing 49 city services.

        7. Chicago has privatized more than 40 city services. Since 2005, it has generated more than $3 billion in upfront payments from private-sector leases of city assets.

        8. In 2005, West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin worked to transform the state’s Workers’ Compensation Commission into a private insurance carrier, BrickStreet Insurance. That has led Workers’ Compensation rates to decline about 30 percent statewide, translating to more than $150 million in annual employer savings.

        USPS – Hundreds of billions in debt = gov entity
        Medicaid- tens of billions in debt = gov entity
        Medicare- tens of Trillions in debt = gov entity
        WIC- tens of billions in debt = gov entity
        Food Stamps- tens of billions in debt = gov entity
        Section 8 Housing- tens of billions in debt = gov entity
        Social Security- tens of Trillions in debt = gov entity
        Dep of Education- tens of billions in debt = gov entity
        Fannie and Freddie- Hundreds of billions in debt = gov entity

      • Really. Oden

        Here’s what I know – I know you are part of the 47% he was talking about, and I won’t waste my time on you…..

  • Intelligent

    In response to a request for someone to provide a case in which privatization lowered prices:

    US Postal Service. Chances are that your local post office isn’t run by government employees anymore. Did you know that every post office that is still run by the Fed has a post master (even the ones that see 200 pieces of mail a week)? Do you know how much their salary is? About $60,000. I really wonder how much your local FedEx Kinkos manager or UPS Store manager makes? I’d be willing to bet it is much less. Private business beats out gov’t business dollar for dollar in pretty much EVERY situation.

    • Mitt

      Wrong. Republicans are gunning for the US Postal Service because it’s losing money. So that blows your “privatization makes things better” theory. But I don’t think you’re correct about your assertion.

      • specfriggintacular

        How so? If most of the USPS is still under government control as Intelligent posted, then it is not 100% free from government control and therefore 100% privatized. I listed several examples above of government entities who have privatized and saved a lot of money.

        Enjoy the reading and let me know if you would like more.

      • Christian Liberal

        Wrong Again Intelligent. FedEx, USPS and UPS all have comparable salaries and FedEx and UPS don’t have to deal with the millions of letter people still send out. The PO does that and does it very efficiently. If you don’t like the PO raising rates to meet demands Don’t Buy The Stamps!

      • specfriggintacular

        USPS has to deal with the millions of letters people send out? Oh boo hoo, they have a job to do that PEOPLE pay them to do either via payments for stamps, metered mail or other supplies the PEOPLE purchase.

        Salaries are actually NOT comparable when you factor in the PLUSH benefits one gets, benefits that appears to be quickly saddled on the tax payers to cover.

        The USPS is efficient? On what planet?

        As for not liking the USPS rates and going elsewhere or not purchasing their stamps; hence why they are in deep crap….oh, well that and the BS Union Benefits that were forced upon the USPS to pay years in advance that they cannot sustain.

      • specfriggintacular

        USPS is factually OVER $15 BILLION in debt, and if it were not for THEM borrowing over $12 BILLION from the Feds, they would have been out of business a few years ago or made to go through a managed bankruptcy.

        May 31, 2011: Despite the agency’s economic woes, the 250,000-member American Postal Workers Union negotiated a cushy labor deal with the USPS in March.

        USPS (Union) – about 80-82% of their total operating costs are labor.
        UPS (Union) – about 66% of their total operating costs are labor.
        FedEx (non-union) – about 45% of their total operating costs are labor.


    Sometimes it isn’t about lowering the cost- it’s about getting more bang for your buck.
    State medical programs are an example- the states don’t need someone in Washington to collect their money and redistribute it while taking their cut for “administrative” fees.

    • Mitt

      Except everyone love Medicare. Wanna know why? It works and is efficient. Even more efficient since Obama has sliced out $716b of waste. Oh. But you like waste, don’t you. Otherwise, why would you be screaming about this? Why do you support Ryan cutting $716b and not Obama?

      • specfriggintacular

        Medicare is efficient? Medicare FLAT OUT denies health benefits and/or coverage for certain services.

        Medicare is factually TRILLIONS in debt – and you claim it is efficient? There is a reason why doctors and hospitals choose either to take only a few medicare patience or none at all.

        The only thing Obama slice was a can of BULL SHIT! You cannot account for future savings from possible potential future fraud/waste/abuse…..that is double accounting because you account fro spending WITHOUT accounting that there will be tens of billions in fraud annually!!!

      • Rob

        Wow… you sure sre hung up.. or better yet.. head in the sand.. our debt was near 4 trilion when Obama took office… it took us over 220 years to get to 4 trillion. it took Obama less than 4 years to double it! Do you even get it? Less than years and 4 trilion in debt!!!! No person, no family, no town, no city, and no country can keep up this kind of spending! Obama is calling fore MORE spending and more TAXES!!! Are you out of your mind??? The debt and Obama are like a red light…you keep ignoring it you eventually are going to crash!! Wake up before you crash man!!!!

      • Christian Liberal

        Thanks Mitt. I might add something here. My husband had a brain tumor. If we were on a Voucher System at that time, the system would have let him just die because vouchers would not have covered the bills. Most people won’t have to face that and their lack of spending for health will keep the Medicare System viable. If you do need it … remember my words “Life is more important than anyone’s money.” How can anyone think this is okay for your own mother’s and fathers? It’s just not.

  • Sandra

    These comments are proof positive you cannot reverse brainwashed Democratic rats. Mitt is a good American regardless of whether he supplied milk or not. Obama is anti America. I say let the democrats have all the abortions they can have (I am very prolife tho) because that means betwern abortions and ob’s death panel with obamacare well eventually get rid of every last one of them.

  • Anon

    I find that the original point of this post is lost…. Sandra, I am appalled by your statements. I honestly am at a loss for words. I ask one republican to another that you never post or speak on political matters again. Simply from the standpoint that, were I not so attached to Romney’s policies and stances on key issues. I would vote for Obama based on the standpoint that some one as close minded, uneducated, and clearly uninformed is trying to convince me to vote for Romney. In essence your statements and thoughts are so void of intelligible ideas and basic human decency, that any one wavering in the election currently would be swayed to vote the other way.


    I ama registered “U” in MASSACHUSETtS so that I can be BIPRTISAN! As a member of many PHilanthroipic Organisatuon I have come to understand thos who give desiting Publicity and those who follow the Golden RuLe of Anonomous Giving. The romney family have trully taken The Good Samaritan Parable seriuosly. In addition to giving to the general publics survival funds the are supportive of CHRISTIaN instruction to help your neighbor anonymously. The Jewsn Many Roman Catholics, GteekOthodox, UnItarian- Universalists and many othe Christin groups make uop the silent majority,of givers;; not to forget th generousity of harvard Major Hospitals that do not reject the uninsured patient in need, even if they are not Americans. I am very poroud iof the initiatives of thes peoiple who care for us remaining the backbone of our JUDeo-Christin Ethin of givingz. If the generousity of the many individuals and Non for profits wedre to cease, the US economy would fallk like a house of cards. Sadly the obama fsamily are hiding their true relligios identity; and7n have used the generousty and kindness of the Globe’s most genous inhabitants in an entitled and spendthrift endless money pit. I believe barack and michele have failed to continue the Mission of the working taxpayer and Philanthropists to foster their personal appetites with excessive trips and unusual and unnecessaryt tabs to be paid by the American worher. My African American. And islamic arab friends in NyC gott very uoset when hearing about the transortation exceesses to fly there DOg, lBO” on a separate Private plane , paid by the US taxpAyers. One dog and their $105,000/ dog sitter, apart from tge Family for religious reasons. MIchele llisting her daughters as “Senior white hgous Staffer” and taking them. Oplus a host of friends to Africa for a Recreational Safari is both sacriligeous and an abuse of poublkic funds authorized by the poresident. Is that why rom emmanuel, obama’s IsrAeli cituizen white hgouse chief left his joib at oPenn av. Or, was it because of conflicting religios beliefs. Four is enough7n Four no more!

  • Janet

    Both Romney AND Obama are for the NDAA and I’ll bet most if not all on this site don’t even know what or how BAD this LAW even is ??????????? BEFORE you vote PLEASE look it up ………………They are BOTH terrible !!

  • Christian Liberal

    OMG Rob 220 years? Come on now your math skills are better than that Bush was handed a SURPlUS… what do you not get about that? So, my math teacher would say that was 8 years or less to get to 4 trillion… huh… so maybe we’re even… Oh no wait a minute… Obama slowed your landslide and actually reversed it Pretty good fete considering that that bolder was rolling downhill pretty fast. And I’d love to see the word “Christian” (if you are) next to your posts. Guaranteed there are people calling themselves “Christian” that are using those hateful terms like “retard” in a demeaning way. Or “Democratic Rats” “two dollar hooker”. Please tell me that non of you are Christians What are we in 7th grade here?
    Thank you Mitt and Anon for speaking intelligently without name calling on such an infantile site.
    And Rob sorry to correct your math but Bush was handed a SURPLUS. What do you not get about that. According to any math teacher that would be 8 years or LESS not 220 years.

  • specfriggintacular

    Bush was NOT handed a surplus. Good Gawd go to the friggin and US Treasury; when Clinton left office the National Debt was factually $5.9 Trillion!

    ONLY in 2000 was the annual spending deficit A POSITIVE; or less money was spent than requested to be spent
    Annual Deficit Spending Per Year

    While the Congress balanced the budget a couple of years and had a surplus each of those years, Clinton still added to the National Debt!!!

    Seriously, please educate yourself on the difference between the Annual Deficit and the National Debt!!!

    Thanks, the 53% who were apparently forced to fund your craptastic education!!!

    • Christian Liberal

      Nice try Notsospecfriggintacular. When former president Bill Clinton left office in 2000 there was a $86.4 billion surplus. When former president George W. Bush left office in 2008 there was a $1.5 trillion budget deficit. Maybe the 47% should have educated you pompous. If you want to talk apples not oranges I can do that too. According to the Treasury Department, when George W. Bush took office in 2001 the national debt was $5.73 trillion and when Bush left office in 2009, the national debt had increased to $10.63 trillion. That’s a 85% increase of $4.9 trillion. So, even if you want to split hairs and hope that a woman wouldn’t be able to keep up with you, you still lose Notsospecfrigginaculr! The economic policy of the George W. Bush administration was a combination of tax cuts, expenditures for fighting two wars, and a free-market ideology intended to de-emphasize the role of government in the private sector. He advocated the ownership society, premised on the concepts of individual accountability, less government, and the owning of property. Sounds like the Romney plan to me. Do we really want to hit replay?

      • specfriggintacular

        As for the annual deficit when Bush left office – you mean the one the DEMOCRAT OWNED House and Senate passed and Obama signed? Part of that 2009 Annual BUDGET, dear is ALSO owned by Obama…. nice try!!!

        So, do you want to do the INCREASE from Obama of the $6 TRILLION he has added since he has been in office less than 4 yrs? I await your witty response!

        Do we want to hit replay? WOW – come back to me and let me know how well OBAMA’S VISION for America is playing out in Greece + Italy + Spain + Portugal + France + etc…. you let us know how well that big government, tax the hell out of people and spend is working out in Europe!


  • Christian Liberal

    Just keep trying to dodge that bullet . Math is math. And yes, that bolder from the Bush
    Administration kept rolling into the Obama Administration… hard to stop and impossible to push it back up hill but Obama did that. Again Math is math. I know you’d rather refocus me… if Romney were my man I’d try to refocus you too from the facts.

    • specfriggintacular

      Wahhh – Blame Bush….. Pathetic!!! Democrats took over BOTH Houses of Congress Jan 2007 to Jan 2011 ….

      You are entitled to YOUR opinion but not YOUR Facts!!!

      Oh, and let us not forget that Obama was a US Senator from Jan 2006 – Jan 2009 = Obama is as well for the RESPONSIBLE for the crap he bitches about inheriting!!!

      again, BOO HOO for Obama – he owns this mess after 4 yrs!

  • James wheeler

    This is to Obama’s man” Mitt” not Gov. Romney. If all I had to choose from in this coming election were Obama and an old, dried out turd, it would bey an easy choice—IT WOULD BE THE TURD!!!!



    • specfriggintacular

      Charlie – sugar bottoms – when you donate MILLIONS, then you can bitch. Until then, sit down and stop typing on your Obama Free Phone to post your uneducated comments.

      The Tax Payers

  • Daniel Hembree

    LoL I have waited til after the elections to voice my opinion on this one. It’s real easy .. Obviously Mitt Romney is an opportunist. He only “offered” if he did so at all .. after the scandal of his statement and his leaving and then calling back at a later time. If I went to a VA Hospital and I asked them what do you need? and their answer is anything but your love and support I wouldn’t have left that building until we identified the root causes of why they aren’t getting the items and support they need. That’s what a true leader does. He doesn’t leave .. sit on it and then respond at a later time when it is convenient to is campaigning and media coverage.

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  • Don

    I wouldn’t leave Mitt Romney alone with my kids for five minute. He just screams pedophile. Just like George Bush senior. Note: the white house and pentagon pedophile parties. i.e. the Franklin Cover up.

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