Trayvon Martin’s Criminal School Record Helps to Shed Light on Night of Shooting

The liberal media and the race hustlers of our society tried to hype this up as a hate crime, however when this failed -as Zimmerman is an Hispanic male- they have now tried to make this all about an over zealous man just eager to shoot someone for no other reason than just wanting to shoot someone.I want to caution EVERYONE as to what happened when Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton did this same stunt with the Duke Lacrosse Boys and Tawana Brawley …….

Do NOT even get me started on the divisive race divider-in-chief Obama; I mean seriously, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin”? Yea, well that accomplished even MORE racial divisiveness …. good job Obama <sarcasm off>.

And where is Mr. “Tone down the Rhetoric and Civil Discourse” Obama when the New Black Panthers put a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head “Wanted Dead or Alive”?

Oh, and then Spike Lee tweeting out Zimmerman’s home address because why?

There is no magical NEW male witness, he called 9-1-1 that night and gave his report to the cops the very same night; he may be new to the media, but he was never new to the police who investigated the crime.

With a single punch, Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk, leaving him bloody and battered, law-enforcement authorities told the Orlando Sentinel.

That is the account Zimmerman gave police, and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say. There is forensic evidence that proves Trayvon was beating Zimmreman – broken nose, bloody clothes, bashed in head, back of Zimmerman’s shirt was wet with grass stains. And of course, the eye witness above that saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman beating him while Zimmerman was yelling for help.

Notice that Zimmerman is NOT White, rather he is Hispanic- but I digress.

Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend; was she not worried enough to call his parents or the cops and find out if he was okay when she did not hear from him? Word is that his mother did not report him missing until 3 days later. If he was staying with his father while he served out his 5 day suspension from school, where the hell was the boys father? How come he did not know he was missing for 5 days?

Was it customary for Trayvon to go missing for days on end, and if so what the hell were his parents doing because they CLEARLY were not parenting their child!?

The image above is a more recent photo of Trayvon Martin… the clean-cut, baby-faced pictures of the slain Florida teen plastered all over the news, are nearly four years old.

Chicago News Report found photos similar to the ones used by the media in an online photo album dated August 30, 2008.

And thanks to an anonymous tip, CNR also discovered what we believe to be Trayvon Martin’s MySpace page.

Then we get to the pattern of behavior of Trayvon Martin, which by all accounts is 100% relevant as it leads to the possiblity that Trayvon was not just out buying some skittles:

1. He was suspended for spray painting lockers  at his High School – here the campus police discovered 12 pieces of stolen jewelry that they turned over to the local PD

2. He was suspended for excessive tardies and skipping school

3. He was last suspended for 5 days for drug paraphernalia, which landed him at this dads for the week while he served out said suspension

Therefore the lawyers and race baiters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson of course want us all to believe Trayvon’s past beyhavior is irrelevant, but it is 100% relevant as to what he was possibly doing out at night in a neighborhood with a high crime rate. I am not stating Martin was stealing anything, I am merely stating that a parent does not send their kid down to the store at NIGHT to get a bag of skittles and then does not report them missing for THREE DAMN DAYS!!!!

Common Sense people…..Common Sense…..clearly something truly lacking in a portion of our society, sadly!

DC Caller was able to retrieve Trayvon’s tweet from prior to the shooting up through January 2012… click on pic below for full list:


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78 responses to “Trayvon Martin’s Criminal School Record Helps to Shed Light on Night of Shooting

  • Ben Roberts

    I’m sorry but A, the photos you’re showing are not the Trayvon Martin who was shot. B it doesn’t matter if he was a troubled kid or not. He wasn’t doing anything wrong the night he was shot and for you to suggest otherwise is disingenuous at best and horrendously biased at worst

    • Doug Wiser

      You are delusional. The pictures that have been released to media from his family and the picture above are both from his myspace and facebook pages

    • Smake Pliskin.

      Ben, check your sources. “A”, those are Martin’s photos which were downloaded from twitter & facebbok. And, “B”, when you say he wasn’t doing anything wrong…how is it that you know that? Were you there?

      • cmv

        how do you know he was doing something wrong, were you there? Was it wrong to be drinking iced tea and eating skittles, or just wrong because he was black and wearing a hoodie? And really, his twitter, how DARE he post about dancing, video games and quote rap music?! Also, if your going to post and dissect his “criminal revord” use you brain to think about it. Skipping school, using spray paint and having a little marijuana is actually pretty common behavior of a teenager, even the white ones! Hardly behavior to be killed, and then slandered over after death. I love how all of you are so quick to attack us hippy, dirt foot liberals but it’s pretty clear that you are all a bunch of idiots that clearly have never learned the value of a human life. Open your eyes, a 17 year old kid is DEAD!! His school attendance record, choice of clothing and general attitude of a 17 year old hardly warrants murder.

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        @ CMV –
        #1. How do you know Trayvon was NOT doing something wrong, were you there?

        #2. I am pretty sure he wasn’t drinking the WATERMELON PUNCH or eating the Skittles since BOTH were never opened – ergo your comment is moot.

        #3. Dancing, video games and rape quotes? Yea – keep going there ….. he has pics of himself smoking pot, pot plants, brandishing firearms, video taping fighting while encouraging the fighting; all of this behavior outlines HIS behavior and state of mind at the time of the altercation.

        #4. Most teenagers do not vandalize school property or personal property by spray painting on it, maybe in your “hood” but in most places – yea, NOPE!

        #5. As for dissecting Trayvon’s criminal record – you BRILLIANTLY leave out the FACT he was arrested for burglary, got caught with a lot of jewelry in his locker along with several screw drivers that DID NOT belong to him; he also was arrested for aggravated assault that was NOT released until after the trial ….. but shhhhhhh, Trayvon was sooo innocent!!

        #6. Value of a human life? Was Trayvon valuing Zimmerman’s life when Trayvon was FACTUALLY straddling Zimmerman and beating the crap out of him? Or bashing his head in to the concrete? Do not preach about valuing a human life you abortion loving-save the Capital Murderer’s from death row tool!

        #7. Post pics of Trayvon that are FIVE YEARS outdated and then preach about how sweet and innocent this “kid” was at 17 yrs of age and already a longer rape sheet that half of this country.

        #8. How about you go research the FBI’s UCRs and let me know how many people are murdered EVERY YEAR by another person’s Hands/Fists/Feet/Etc. Hint: 2007-2011, the number of people murdered simply by someone using their HANDS/Fists/Feet is over 700 EACH year…… then come back and preach about how “unarmed” this 17 year old FACTUALLY known thug was!

        #9 – again, minus his truancy, minus his drug usage, minus his “choice of clothing – minus his “choice” of violent music – Trayvon still had a violent and thieving criminal record …. ergo, not so sweet and innocent!!

        #10. Exactly why was his dad not watching him again after all the trouble he got in to and his mother making him go live with his daddy in his daddy’s girlfriends home?

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        @ CMV- My subset to #2.

        a. Watermelon Punch + Skittles + Robitussin = a nice little drugged drink referred to as LEAN.

        b. And what did Trayvon have in his system?

        c. and the Medical Examiner stated that he had been on drugs for some time given the state of his internal organs.

        d. Agitated is how people get when they have not had their fix, even with certain strains of POT.

        But shhhhhhh …. don’t tell anyone (sarcasm off)

      • cmv

        #1. Thank you for proving my point, no one knows what he was doing! Don’t be so quick to rush to judgement, it is possible the kid just wanted some candy.
        #2. here is the link to TM’s autopsy report, since there is a good chance you won’t understand the big words, it essentially shows no abnormal findings. In reference to the “fatty liver” and leptomeningeal congestion, neither of those are definitive for long term drug use as you falsely mentioned. Also, the toxicology report found TRACE amounts of marijuana (ridiculous to even bring that up seeing as it is natural, safe and most likely will be legalized within the next 5 years), there was NO evidence of this “lean” drink you speak of.
        #3. Video games? oh, the horror. And firearms, I guess those are only acceptable in aggressive, racist types, right? Using his facebook, blog, twitter, instagram etc… is completely irrelevant to his state of mind at the time of his murder.
        #4. My hood? I live in a small, upper class, mostly white town in New England and yet I am still not as ignorant as you, funny how that works. Also, I’m not sure how well your eyes work, but there is graffiti everywhere. Is it appropriate? No. Is it grounds for murder, probably not.
        #5. Trayvon’s criminal record? There is no criminal record, he was never arrested. He was suspended from school for truancy (pretty common with the 17 year old crowd) and a plastic bag containing marijuana “residue”. Hardly a criminal, actually, you should probably try smoking a little pot, might open your mind a little bit. George Zimmerman’s criminal history is a completely different story, however. In 2005 Mr. Zimmerman was arrested for resisting arrest and assault on a police officer, later that year he was issued a restraining order and accused of domestic violence, but you’re right, Trayvon was the aggressive one.
        #6 &8. Beating the crap out of him? Why did they find none of GZ’s DNA under Trayvon Martin’s fingernails? If George Zimmerman’s injuries were so “life threatening” then why did he refuse medical treatment MULTIPLE times and appear completely fine within 30 minutes of being at the station. And if he was so scared of this very intimidating, aggressive kid minding his own business, then why did he proceed to get out of his car and follow him against the advice of the 911 dispatcher? Also, if some crazy dude was chasing me with a 9mm I probably would of punched him in the nose too!
        #7. I actually didn’t post any pictures so I am not quite sure where #7 came from.
        #9. He was never actually arrested so I am not quite sure where you are getting your information from. Try breaking away from FOX news once in a while, you might actually learn something.
        #10. I find it interesting that he is NOT a kid when discussing his character, but when discussing the fact that he was walking to the store alone he apparently needed adult supervision? Make up your mind.

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        @ CMV ……You’re becoming quit boring.

        #1. And it is possible that he was up to his FACTUALLY proven usual stunts of ROBING people of their possessions like he did while at his mom’s home, who by the way could not longer control him and his CRIMINAL – factually proven – behavior!

        #2. Interesting, considering the SAME MEDICAL examiner got on the stand during the COURT TRIAL and stated that there was SIGNIFICANTLY enough drugs in his system that could have triggered a psychological effect … and do not lecture me on “big words” and criminal or forensic report as you will be barking up the wrong tree.

        #3. Video games? WTH are you blabbing about? Explain to me why a 17 year old “kid” (your description not mine) has his hands on a handgun? His mom nor his dad stated they gave him one, so where is the parental supervision for this “kid” (again, your description not mine)? He was factually known to FIGHT, instigate fights, video tape fights and was ARRESTED for agg assault (part of his juvenile record so they could not bring it up or ANY of his past criminal activity in court).

        #4. Hood was a term, if you are offended by it then you have major issues. That being said, graffiti maybe everywhere in your Liberal Bastion of New England, but it is not “EVERYWHERE” here in Texas. You may be okay with this vandalizing behavior because you have been told to accept it or are just so use to it that it does not phase you, but most of us down here find it offensive, tacky and, well CRIMINAL to destroy other peoples property.

        #5. Back to #3. Yes, Trayvon has been arrested – FACT! Yes, Trayvon was known to get in to fights – his non cursive reading girlfriend attested to his fighting tendencies, so much as recently as last week on Piers Morgan – but I digress.

        Zimmerman was arrested for defending a friend against what the believed to be police brutality against his friend and attested to as much in his statement he gave during the incident.

        The restraining order was MUTUAL – he issues one against his physically abusive girlfriend and she retaliated with one against him – CONFIRMED in court and also confirmed in court during this trial that HERS was dismissed…… but shhhhhhhhh

        #6. Why did they find no DNA under Trayvon’s fingernails? Did you watch the medical examiner get grilled on the stand about this? They used the SAME STICK for each fingernail, which is a Forensic Science 101 NO NO and the medical examiner stated as much!!! And, unless Trayvon was scratching Zimmerman, there more than likely would be no DNA under fingernails anyway.

        DNA on Trayvon’s fists – why would there be? If he was found face down with his hands facing the WET rained on ground and the people retrieving the body did not BAG and TAG the hands like they are suppose to. The medical examiner stated that when he was given the body, the hands were not properly bagged and tagged per BASIC protocol – ergo, they ruined whatever evidence there was on the hands that the rain may have missed washing off.

        As for the 9-1-1 dispatcher – again, you should have watched the court hearings that were live every day …… the dispatcher #1. has NO authority to tell anyone what to do. #2. The dispatcher did not tell Zimmerman to stay in the car, just like the dispatcher stated in OPEN COURT – Zimmerman was already out of his car walking. The Dispatcher stated he told Zimmerman, when asked are you following him, that “we don’t need you to do that” to which Zimmerman replied “OKAY” and started walking back to his vehicle.

        Chasing me with a 9mm? Interesting, you were there and saw the gun out during the whole ordeal? Sorry, but if someone is chasing me with a damn gun and I am dumb enough to stand there and start a fight, then I am dumb enough to get shot. STUPID!

        If Trayvon’s girlfriend Racheal is to be believed, he was right by his daddy’s girlfriends house – so if he were that scared of a crazy White Ass Cracka, why did he run the less than 100 yards to his daddy’s girlfriends house? How did he end up so far away from his daddy’s girlfriends house if he was right there to begin with? Hmmmmm, maybe to loop around and jump Zimmerman?

        #7. I am going to again, using this slot, to reference you to the FBI’s UCR site and inform you that over 700 people are murdered EVERY YEAR due to another person simply using their own hands/fists/feet/etc. ONE BLOW to the back of someones head can kill them – just one. If done properly, one hard punch to the nose can also kill somoene – so for you to sit here and claim that Trayvon was unarmed and was not hurting Zimmerman that bad because YOU reviewed the cleaned up version of his injuries is ASININE at best.

        As for the paramedic – she stated, again in OPEN COURT that she recommened he be seen by a doctor but that she thought the cops were handling his transport because at the time he was in their custody. She recommend he be seen by a doctor and then left it at that. Again, go back to the live court information if they still have it posted, which I am sure they do.

        And maybe Zimmerman did not think he was that inkjured – i was in a car wreck when i was 16 yrs old; it knocked me out for about 10 minutes and when i came to I told the cop I was fine. It was not until the next day that I realized not only was I not fine, but I had a concussion and deep muscle bruising to my right thigh that took over a month to heal along with an injured right shoulder.

        #10. I never have claimed Trayvon was a kid as I do not believe he was. He was mentally aware of his behavior and the consequences of said behavior, had a long history of criminal behavior – and just because you think a lot of kids act the way he did does not negate the fact that he had criminal behavior.

        When I reference him as a “kid” it is based on YOUR labeling of him. If we was the poor innocent kid, then how come is mother could not handle his behavior anymore and his dad had no clue where he was until the next day? Why was dad not watching this troubled kid, he was at home so there is no excuse!

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        and your little side comment about how he was only doing pot – hmmmmm, considering THIS is what was found in his system “SCOPOLAMINE”, as these types of known reactions: unusual reactions to ordinary doses of scopolamine have occurred, including confusion, agitation, rambling speech, hallucinations, paranoid behaviors, and delusions.

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        Here is just how ASININE your comment is about Zimmerman not being that injured after having his head bashed in to cement several times:

        The following is a list of famous people, or people married to famous people who died DAYS after accidents whereby they hit their heads on something as simple as SNOW not realizing they had INTERNAL BLEEDING of the head:

        March 19, 2009

        Natasha Richardson’s death was indeed caused by her fall on a Canadian ski slope.

        The New York City Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy on the Tony Award-winning actress Thursday. She died Wednesday at age 45. The office ruled her death accidental, citing the cause as an epidural hematoma due to a blunt impact to the head.

        Richardson’s husband, actor Liam Neeson

        Richardson fell Monday at the Mont Tremblant ski resort in Quebec. She initially appeared fine and joked about the fall, but the ski patrol insisted she see a doctor. Richardson declined, the resort said in a statement Tuesday.

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        or how Usher’s Stepson died 21 days AFTER he suffered trauma to his head during a Jet Skiiing accident ….One hit of his head to a jet skii terminated this 11 year old life……

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        How about the BLACK GUY in New York who came OUT OF HIS HOME and shot a 15 year old teen trying to break in to a car. Why did he have to shoot an “unarmed kid” with witnesses seeing and hearing the 15 year old kid begging the 48 year old BLACK MAN not to shoot him.

        he shot him anyway – but that is okay right, because it was a WHITE unarmed 15 year old being shot so it is okay….. right?

      • cmv

        Texas, of course, makes sense now. GIving a list of well known people who have died from head injuries has absolutely nothing to do with this. And did I say that a white kid being killed is ok? that’s wrong too, you are the racist, not me. I don’t judge based on skin color.

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        or how about this one, CMV – the one punch that ended the career and almost ended the life of a famous basketball player and coach:

        Kermit Alan Washington (born September 17, 1951 in Washington, D.C.) is an American former professional basketball player. Washington is best remembered for punching opposing player Rudy Tomjanovich during an on-court fight in 1977.[1] The punch nearly killed Tomjanovich, and it resulted in severe medical problems that ultimately ended his playing career.

        ONE PUNCH almost killed Rudy T. But keep telling yourself Trayvon was unarmed and Zimmerman’s injuries did not look life threatening!

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        @ CMV & Yes- I am cutting and pasting because CLEARLY you choose not to do your research and CLEARLY believe that since Trayvon had NO gun/knife or other physical inanimate object in his had that he MUST have been weaponless ——– WRONG….

        Washington saw Tomjanovich running toward the altercation. Not knowing that he intended to break up the fight, Washington hit Tomjanovich with a roundhouse punch. The blow, which took Tomjanovich by surprise, fractured his face about one-third of an inch (8 mm) away from his skull and left Tomjanovich unconscious in a pool of blood in the middle of the arena. Jabbar likened the sound of the punch to a melon being dropped onto concrete.Tomjanovich had a reputation around the league as a peacemaker.Players involved say that right after Tomjanovich collapsed the absence of sound at the arena, which was filled with shocked fans, was “the loudest silence you have ever heard.”Reporters heard the sound of the punch all the way in the second floor press box, and some rushed to the playing floor in disbelief.

        Tomjanovich was able to get up and walk around, however, and on the way into the locker room he saw Washington. Tomjanovich says that he became aggressive and asked Washington why he punched him. Washington yelled something inaudible about Kunnert, and they were broken up by two security personnel.[65] Tomjanovich was in no condition to fight despite his aggressiveness; besides having the bone structure of his face detached from his skull and suffering a cerebral concussion and broken jaw and nose, he was leaking blood and spinal fluid into his skull capsule. His skull was fractured in such a way that Tomjanovich could taste the spinal fluid leaking into his mouth.He later recalled that at the time of the incident, he believed the scoreboard had fallen on him.The doctor who worked on Tomjanovich said “I have seen many people with far less serious injuries not make it”

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        or How about this 17 year old soccer player who punched a referee in the face this past May 2013 because he was mad at being given a yellow card?

        That ref died with just ONE blow to the face from a 17 year old:

        MURRAY, Utah (AP) — A 46-year-old soccer referee who was punched by a teenage player during a game and later slipped into a coma has died, police said.

        Ricardo Portillo of Salt Lake City passed away at the hospital, where he was being treated following the assault last weekend, Unified police spokesman Justin Hoyal said Saturday night.

        Police have accused a 17-year-old player in a recreational soccer league of punching Portillo after the man called a foul on him and issued him a yellow card.

    • specfriggintacular

      How do you know he wasn’t doing anything wrong?

      His pas record is 100% relevant with the Campus police finding STOLEN jewelry and burglary tools in his backpack.

      He was staying with his father for the 5 days of his school suspension – how come his FATHER did not know where he was for 3 whole days?

      Who sends their KID out late a night to get a bag of skittles and NOT know they are missing for 3 days?

      • mytruthinlove

        These are the questions that I have had from day one. When I realised that it took them 3 DAYS to realise that he was deceased that was my first red flag that this story had no been complete. I’m not justifiying murder but I have a younger brother that resembles Trayvon in his younger years…..there is no way in sam he** that my younger brother could go missing for hours without any notice!

      • David

        His parents should be charged with murder. His father was a gang banger. His said he might see a movie at 11 pm. He is lair a racist. He goes to an all black church.

      • J.J.

        Number 1) Was this “anonymous tip” concerning the alleged stolen jewelry ever corroborated? Of course, it could not as, if it was true, that would have been sealed as of this writing (and I see nothing to suggest it was unsealed since then).

        Number 2) Irrelevant; many students throughout the country fit into the category of excessive absences/tardies but do not commit crimes. While it is possible, you make the assumption he absolutely committed the crime based on this … even though it was 7:15 p.m. when the crime occurred.

        Number 3) Likewise, irrelevant; he was suspended, but the crime occurred at 7:15 p.m.

      • cmv

        do you have a 17 year old kid? do you know what they are doing at ALL times, lie if you must, but the truth is probably not. Regardless of the competency of his parents this is an unarmed, innocent kid that is now dead. If George Zimmerman was so concerned for his own safety, enough so to “stand his ground” then tell me why he continued to follow Trayvon AGAINST the advice of the 911 dispatch?

        How do I know that he wasn’t doing anything wrong? How do you know that he was?? Di you have no regard for human life?

        spegfriggentacular, welcome to the real world, I hope you can catch up soon!

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        @ CMV – I actually have a 14 yr old and a 13 yrs old and no, I most defintly do not know what they are doing 24/7 nor do I pretend that I do. Competency of his parents? Sadly, the competency of ones parents plays a HUGE factor in most children’s behavior – period!

        Innocent kid? Do you know the FBI has something they put out called UCRs = Uniform Crime Reports, and within those reports contain all kinds of information on crime. Crime from murder down to theft, weapons used in all crimes, race, age, etc.

        In those reports they have a listing for weapons used in crimes – wanna guess how many people were murdered in 2011 and 2012 with the WEAPONS listed as another person hands/fists/feet? Go ahead and do some research and come back again and stated the Martin was unarmed and innocent.

        Wonder how many people die annually due to ONE, yes one blow to their head? People who die in skiiing accidents days after they take a nasty fall and only hit their heads once or twice? Again, do some research before you come back and claim Martin was innocent and weaponless as he bashed Zimmerman’s head on concrete while pummeling his face in.

        As for the “following”, how do you know he continued following? The 911 dispatcher said “we don’t need you to do that” to which Zimmerman replied “OKAY” and according to Zimmerman he started walking back to his truck and that is when Martin jumped him.

        Why do I believe his version? #1. He was there; #2. he told the 911 operator “OKAY” when asked not to keep following; #3. Because the ever so elequent Rachael told the entire nation that after Martin called Zimmerman a WHITE ASS CRACKA, she told him to run and he said “NO, I am right next to the house”.

        How on earth did Martin get so far away from his daddy’s girlfriends home if he was right there?

        That was my point with this posting – no one but those present knows what truly went on – period. You do not, I do not and the race baiter’s of this nation do not – period.

        the real world, honey has nothing to do with a disregard for human life, rather it has to do with the following: if you are on top of me, beating my face him with your fists and pummeling my head in to cement, you better damn well believe that I will use 100% of what is in my vicincity to get you off of me and make you stop kicking my ass – period.

        When you are in that situation and you are losing, the other persons alleged age when they stand 5’11 and 158 lbs like Martin was, well is irrelevant.


      Thank you Ben

    • Maria

      how do you know what Trayvon Martin was up to…and going by his history a little common sense can be applied but one thing is for sure he attacked George Zimmerman when he could have just gone away and he caused his own death. You my friend would also like to defend yourself if someone sucker punched you in the face and when you fell to the ground jumped on you and tried to kill you by slamming your head into the cement without being called guilty for defending yourself.

    • David

      you must be a n***** n***** lover. His isa normal Nigger, stealing to pay for his next hit. His father was just like him. Niggers are taught a very young age to steal, rob, rape, kill and bye and sell dope. But most of hate the white man. Racist.

    • Anon

      Pretty sure he jumped a fence to a gated community

  • DRW60

    @Ben, yes those are Treyvon’s photos. The one with the gold teeth he had on his twitter account. And, the witness accounts & 911 tapes (that are being decoded) are saying that when the 911 operator said, “Are you following him?” (Zimmerman had gotten out of his truck) and Zimmerman responded, “Yes.” To which the 911 operator said, “We don’t want you to do that.” Then Zimmerman responded to the 911 operator, “OK” at which time he was walking -back- to his truck & got jumped by Treyvon. His nose was broken, as well as the back of his head smashed. The witnesses state it was Zimmerman on the ground with Treyvon on top of him. Futher, Treyvon’s own father said that was not his son screaming for Help in the 911 tape. Which again backs up Zimmerman’s story.

    Now, we can sit here and speculate what the “real truth” is. But, this will be up to a court of law, not us.


      The victim somehow becomes the “victimizer” … Here you have it a young man returning from the store is being followed by an unknown person. Most young men (especially troubled one’s who believe their brave/tough) would confront a creep following them. Zimmerman stated in the police call “they always get away”, this may be indicative that he invited the confrontation and perhaps even tried to restrain the teen (for whatever neighborhood watch reasons Zimmerman thought feasible), If they got into a scuffle Zimmerman invited it and shot the unarmed teen. He should have gotten back in his car and took his but home… Send his a** to jail.

      • UnPoliticallyCorrect

        #1. How do you know he was simply returning from the store? Because a factually proven known liar by the name of Rachel said so? She was busted THREE times for lying and busted several more for changing her story.

        #2. You just admitted Martin is a trouble person who thought he was brave and tough? Be careful, you are proving the DEFENSE’S point.

        #3. “They always get away” is indicative of what? You do not know Zimmerman’s state of mind when these events occurred, ergo you are merely assuming what took place/why it took place.

        #4. IF they got in to a scuffle, Zimmerman invited it because why? Zimmerman lived in the area and had for some time. Zimmerman had a right to assist with watching his and his neighbors homes and property – it is what neighborhood watches do.

        #5. If Martin was right next to his daddy’s girlfriends home like Rachel claimed she said Martin told her, then how on earth to Martin end up circling back to where Zimmerman was?

        #6. Martin had no right to jump Zimmerman. Martin had no right to straddle Zimmerman, pummel his head into the cement and punch him MMA style like the witness whose yard this took place in testified to today.

        #7. Fact is – Martin had a violent past.

        #8. Fact is – Martin was known to burglarize homes.

        #9. Fact is- Martin had been suspended SEVERAL times from school.

        #10. Fact is – Martin’s mom sent him to be with his father because she could no longer control him or his behavior.

        #11. Fact is – Martin was a known drug user. Why is this important? He was going to the store to purchase Skittles and Watermelon punch – mixed with Robitussin and it makes a mean drug/drink.

        #12. The “LEAN” that is made with Watermelon punch + Skittles + Robitussin causes one to be paranoid and irrational.

        and finally ………

        #13. Toxicology reports on Martin showed he had drugs in his system.

      • Maria

        You are a good story teller. The truth is not on your mind or the possible death of George Zimmerman, only this idea that it was ok for Trayvon Martin to attack another human being and not be held accountable. But, sadly, he held himself accountable. He is deceased and his parents didn’t even know for 3 days for the mother and 5 days for the father. They know their son was getting into trouble so where was the discipline? Yet you and all other blacks want this to be a race crime and have no regard what so ever for the trauma caused to George Zimmerman and his family! They do not matter to you people at all. So enough about an unarmed teen, his weapon was a sneak attack and kill the cracker.

      • Kal

        Zimmerman was in a gated neighborhood. There was no store there. Trayvon was picking up 2 of the 3 ingredients for the drug purple drink. Trayvon was a punk who attacked a man for following him. Good kids have stolen items in their lockers, walk over a mile in the pouring rain, or attack people. He’s burning in hell right now.

  • B. Slusser

    As someone with some dental experience and knowledge of the cost of gold, I would like to know who paid for the gold work and why, when far more economical and esthetically pleasing repairs to teeth are available.

  • Smake Pliskin.

    Let’s be honest. I mean really honest. Whether your black or hispanic, you know this kid was on the fast track to a jail sentence. Shoot the messenger if that makes you feel better, but just know, that I know, that you know what the real truth is here.

  • Treyvon born agin

    Pigs at they best! All of you non blacks….

    • specfriggintacular

      Thank you, with all of your glorious IGNORANCE for proving the point….now, run along and sue your UNION TEACHERS and the Dep of Education for screwing you out of a proper education!!

    • ladyHel

      Apes at best! your ignorance will be your peoples end. just remember how many of us “non-blacks” fought for your civil rights.

    • dany

      Your retarded and probably just as big of a criminal as him. Grow up your people sold you to the whites and then when a white man gets you to be free you say its white people fault your people were slaves that’s a joke whine to the people that sold you your own people. Just like every other race and country had slaves and were slaves so read a book that doesn’t have something to do with some wannabe gangster in the source magazine. Its funny that this kid trayvon was out in the middle of the night when he was suspended. Where were his parents didn’t give 2 shits till 3 days later. But they act like they care now. You probably should’ve cared when they let him out after getting suspended. Yet they don’t want to take responsibility for being bad parents.

    • whitepower

      Trayvon bornagain ……would u please DIE again ya monkey?!?!? we need more hero’s like Zimmerman ( who’s non white ) dumb shot flinging baboon!

  • cablgod51

    I lost my brother back in 97, and the shooter was a wannabe, the driver african american. it was called a homocide, not a race crime. i like how the media can blow shit out of proportion just to get ratings. yes what happened was tragic, but once u let a bullet go there is no calling it back. as for the black panther party wanting to start shit. they better watch what they say, because unlike them i don’t shoot my gun sideways. whatever i aim at drops. sharpton, and jackson need to let this drop.

  • Name not provided to avoid profiling

    Interesting stuff. Not because I agree with you here, but because it looks to me that this article is yet another attempt to slant the perspective of the public the other way against the shooting victim. When you want to play reporter or publicly voice your opinion stick to the facts. And it looks like the ‘facts’ you present is just fuel for more racial profiling, as you can see already in effect from the majority of this articles responses.

    At his age I had a school record that mirrored his. I used slang and talked in in-appropriate ways between my friends. I slept over friend’s houses or family when I fought with my parents, on at least two occasions. I didn’t have the dental work but bands in the 90’s like Wu-Tang made that popular at the time and my peers DID work or even steal to save that money up to purchase them. It’s being a teenager. We grow up and see the errors of our ways or don’t. But this kid (and I call everyone a kid that looks young one, even as old as 24 year olds) and still a minor had that chance taken away from him. So at his age, wearing Dickies shirt and pants and a top-knot on my head I wouldn’t deserve my murder properly investigated if I was shot?

    Either justify Zimmerman or find justice for Martin. Blame the police department for their failure to handle this shooting properly. That’s all I want.

    Oh and stop posting ignorant crap like this article.

    • Tyty

      Still profiling. Lol. I guess someone should’ve shot eminem (slim shady) along time ago too. It’s funny how racist people try to justify killing black youth. He skipped school and had gold teeth. So he’s no angel and it’s okay because his kind are expendable. He was 17 for crying out loud. I’ll never understand why black people are so hated.

      • tbone

        because most black people don’t know how to act

      • specfriggintacular

        That simple huh. Tyty? WOW – because I had no idea that a persons current behavior yields ZERO INSIGHT into what they MAY or MAY NOT have been doing on the night in question…….

        Guess the FACT that Campus Police found 12 pieces of stolen jewerly in his backpack means nothing?

        Why would a parent send their kid out at night to buy skittles and NOT know they have been missing for several days?

        Never mind the bastardization of the EVENTS by the Media by showing pictures of Martin that are 4 years old or the fact that we have now learned MSNBC edited 9-1-1 calls (the operator asked if the person was “Hispanic, White or Black” Zimmerman was not stereotyping him like MSDNC tried to make it out to be) and ABC factually edited the video surveillance tapes…….

      • Anita

        You may have a point here. But the bigger question is why do black people hate each other so much? Can anyone anwere this question?

    • specfriggintacular

      I love how it is always the poor black people this and poor black people that ……Question:

      Are you demanding obscene justice against the black boys who shot up Chicago last weekend killing at least 10, one of them a 6 year old girl?

      Are you demanding obscene justice for the white teenage boy who was set on fire by two black boys simply because he is white?

      What about the white boy attacked in North Carolina for being white – are you looking for obscene justice for that white boy?

      • Name not provided to avoid profiling


        Do you just sit in front of a computer and rage post all day? Did the police reports detail the medical treatment he received? Because even if they did clean him up at the scene, did they also bring him a change of clothes or does he magically not bleed? Have you ever had your nose broken and not gush blood all down your shirt?

        Why hasn’t Zimmerman himself make a statement to the public? He’s obviously in hiding (coward) and in one place so why not ask for police protective custody? It seems when you have your father, brother, and lawyer speak for for you is to help you keep your story straight. Funny how everyone is telling us what happened that night except for who was actually there.

        The cases you mention are part of the aftermath of this shooting. I’m assuming you mean the cases happening since last week. And it’s only going get worst. Because of speculators like yourself emotionally raging all over the internet with half-cocked truths and touting your opinion like they are facts. Please provide links to real reports and not some crack pot conspiracy theorist’s site please.

        And do you really want to keep playing the race card about why isn’t this case mentioned or that? Because it happens all the time and goes back to biblical times.

        Let’s play your game.

        Slaying of Byrd. :
        If you tell me this has nothing to do with the hate crimes you posted I would ask what do they have to do with Zimmerman/Martin. They all been indited and are awaiting trial. They were victims of hate crimes IN THE AFTERMATH of the shooting. Aren’t there right activists for white folks? Oh, no? Why is that? Maybe you should be one if you feel these cases aren’t getting attention. Or would you rather hide behind the computer? Go start a Million Man March. Why should the ‘black folks’ have all the initiative?

        Barone/Dunbar Shooting. Notice Barone didn’t run and hide. I’m supposing you’ll mention that he’s black; but that only adds to my point. People who don’t do right stand by it.

        Oh another Texas one. Horn shoot two thieves (they had a bit more than skittles and a ice tea) in the back and said he was in fear for his life. Wasn’t indicted and again, didn’t run and hide.

        So Zimmerman been in hiding since… well since when? Before Saturday the 17th of March before the shooting hit the mass media. Will he turn himself in if indicted?

        Cowards, stick together and cluck at your imagined issues.

      • specfriggintacular

        Yes, actually the police reports did in fact note he received medical treatment along with ACCOMPANYING EMT reports……..

        Seeing as he has a jacket on, how on earth can you see his clothes?

        And yes, thousands of people receive broken noses and their noses do NOT BLEED; me being one while in a kickboxing tournament, but arguing with you based on medical facts clearly is futile!

        Why would Zimmerman back a public statement? It is a well known fact that you do not say SQUAT while under investigation; but I am sure his attorney, who is CLEARLY a lot more educated than you instructed him not to say a word.

        So, when Obama’s lawyers speak for him on many pending cases, i.e. his birth certificate or his college transcripts, he is hiding something and really not legal to be President? Not a birther, just using your idiotic logic to point how just how idiotic your logic sounds!!

        Funny how from the get go, the one witness who physically saw everything stated that Martin was on top of Zimmerman pounding his head into the ground and punching him………

        Funny how the race baiters in our society had to DOCTOR 9-1-1 calls to portray this as a hate crime when in FACT, once the 9-1-1 tapes were released, in their entirety WAS NOT a hate crime….but proving FACTS to you is again, futile.

        The cases I mentioned had nothing to do with this case, rather a more broad issue of – when blacks kill whites it is no big deal, flip the tables and it must be a hate crime…….again, pointing out the obvious to you is futile!

        Speculators like me? I am not the one who doctored the 9-1-1 tapes or the ABC video, you race baiting Democrats did that all by yourselves!!!

        I am curious; if Bush had been in office when the two black boys set the white teenager on fire simply for being white and had said “If I had a son he would look like that white boy those black boys set on fire”……. you idiots on the left would be going bat shit crazy……but again, pointing out the FACTS and the obvious to YOU is futile!!!!

        Slaying of Byrd? LMFAO – it is factual that based on their population within society, more blacks kill more blacks than do whites kill blacks!!

        But again, using factual statistics and the friggin OBVIOUS is futile!!!

        Please do society a favor and sue the crap out of your UNION TEACHERS and the Dep of Education for clearly screwing you out of a proper education and your parents for screwing you out of some common sense!!

        Thank You, the REAL TAX PAYERS!!!

      • al

        that is the double standard. the naacp, al sharpton, or jesse jackson will never acknowledge those crimes as hate crimes. the “children” you speak of will not get justice. while the “child” trevon martin, must, according to the left wingers and black community, have justice for an attack that martin initiated.


      Thank you and I totally agree this child had a chance…did Treyvon have a record?NO!!! But Zimmerman sure did!!!! and Sanford Police Dept let him go on ride alongs even knowing that his history he assaulted a police officer and resisted arrest!! Who was the violent one?????

    • dany

      No him hitting the man made him wrong and deserve to be shot I’m sure hhe didn’t get all those wounds from this so called kid after he put a bullet in his chest. Instead of running like a murderer he tried to save the dumbass life. I didn’t see you mention that none of the blacks that do drive bys at his age and kill innocent people. No but if a white guy did that in a black community you would hear about it. Your just as ignorant as the rest of them. Do you really believe that some wannabe thug who thought he was tough started hitting you and you thought you were going to get killed you wouldnt shoot to. Then your ignorant.

    • Maria

      To name not provided, This may come as a shock to you, but do you realize that in white America and in other races the teenagers actually grow up never stealing or robbing other peoples goods. That they are taught the 10 commandments. They are taught respect for other human beings. This is our majority of kids and only a few do the things you ascribe to your whole race. Sad story.

  • tbone

    Dear blacky, how is it that all of you be innocent, but yet jails and prisons be overflowing wit yous

  • not so innocent - TDR Roundtable

    […] not so innocent turns out the real treyvon martin wasnt the innocent little angel the media said he was. Trayvon Martin’s Criminal School Record Helps to Shed Light on Night of Shooting | Specfriggin… […]

  • Elizabeth Faraone

    911 dispatcher answers George Zimmerman’s call

    George Zimmerman reports:

    We’ve had some break ins in my neighborhood and there’s a real suspicious guy.

    This guy looks like he’s up to no good or he’s on drugs or somethin’ … it’s raining and he’s just walkin’ around lookin’ about.

    (Around this time, Trayvon Martin tells his girlfriend on the cellphone that he is being followed by someone who is talking on his cellphone.)

    He’s here now and he’s just staring looking at all the houses and now he’s just staring at me.

    Now he’s comin’ towards me … he’s got his hand in his waste band and he’s a black male … he’s got a button on his shirt.

    Late teens … somethin’s wrong with him … yup …he’s comin’ to check me out (7:12:34)… he’s got somethin’ in his hand (skittles and/or ice tea) … I don’t know what his deal is.

    God … these assholes … they always get away … yup

    (Sensing George Zimmerman’s hostility, Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend tells him to run.)

    Shit … he’s runnin’

    George Zimmerman immediately get’s out of his car and starts following Trayvon Martin quickly and, under his breath, says “fucking coons”

    Dispathcer: Are you following him?
    George Zimmerman: Yeah
    Dispatcher: OK, we don’t need you to do that
    George Zimmerman: OK

    Tell them (the police) to come straight past the clubhouse and make a left and then they go past the mailboxes, they’ll see my truck

    Oh, crap, I don’t want to give it all out (his home address)… I don’t know where this kid is

    Call ends

    Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, on the cellphone with Trayvon Martin, here’s Trayon say, “Why are you following me?” George Zimmerman doesn’t answer Trayon’s question. Instead, George Zimmerman asks, “What are you doing here?” The call is disconnected.

    Neighbors hear a conflict between two men and some see a violent struggle, but they are unclear about what is happening exactly.

    911 call is placed by neighbor where screams are heard in the background (both parents of Trayvon have identified the screams as Trayvon’s).

    George Zimmerman shoots to kill Trayvon Martin and screams cease

    Officer T. Smith arrives on scene

    Officer T. Smith locates and places George Zimmerman in custody

    • Elizabeth Faraone

      Spot the lies that George Zimmerman has told so far.

      • Dyathinkso

        How about we spot yours first? 1. No racial slur made as per FBI. 2. TM’s dad said in the police station it was not his son. Of course later they say it is. 3. Neither one knew what the other had on him. 4. The supposed gf was not his gf, and she has no way of knowing what is going on other than what TM says. She can guess all she wants, just like we are.

      • SteveEW

        “Now he’s comin’ towards me … he’s got his hand in his waste band and he’s a black male … he’s got a button on his shirt.”

        Zimmerman never said anything about martin being black until asked by the dispatcher. You have decided to lie to make a point. You have only proved you are willing to lie to make a point.

  • Michael rones

    Now that we’re talking about trayvon’s past, lets talk about Zimmerman’s. He’s the one with the criminal record and plus he’s a liar. Lets yalk about that. Trayvon wasnt doing nothing.

    • dany

      What about the burglary tools and stolen jewelry in tms bag that means nothing right. Not that he could’ve been out trying to steal more shit because he got it taken by police. No or the fact that he was a wannabe thug that kept trying to beat people up in the past. OK I bet you wouldn’t have shit to say if he wasn’t black.

  • Mt Vernonboi

    So what he’s been suspended from school. So what he smokes maruana. He’s a teenager. I suppose you all were angels when you were teenagers. So what he’s a thug. He’s a human being. what about Zimmermans past? He’s the one with the criminal background and I havent heard any one here mention that. You people are a bunch of racist

  • Adrian Stewart

    Trayvon Martin was not a “thug”. Trayvon Martin did not have a police record.
    “Also on Monday, authorities confirmed to the Associated Press that Martin did not have a juvenile offender record.”

    “Smake Pliskin. says:
    Let’s be honest. I mean really honest. Whether your black or hispanic, you know this kid was on the fast track to a jail sentence.”
    March 27, 2012 at 1:27 pm”
    This statement is a lie
    Trayvon Martin was an”A” and “B” student who was preparing to take the psat’s and go to college.
    “He was extremely creative,” said Michelle Kypriss, Trayvon’s English teacher at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in Miami. “He just loved building things. He really was intrigued by how things worked.”
    She described Trayvon, a junior, as an A and B student who majored in cheerfulness.

    Here is a set of lies from the article author

    “Then we get to the pattern of behavior of Trayvon Martin, which by all accounts is 100% relevant as it leads to the possiblity that Trayvon was not just out buying some skittles:

    1. He was suspended for spray painting lockers at his High School – here the campus police discovered 12 pieces of stolen jewelry that they turned over to the local PD

    Combination of lies in number one
    a) He was suspended for scrawling “WTF” on a school locker. How many of you have done the same on a locker, wall, or desk at sometime during you time as a student from k-12?
    b) The jewelry was investigated by the police and school authorities. The jewelry was not confiscated nor was Trayvon Martin charged with anything.

    2. He was suspended for excessive tardies and skipping school.
    No, you are stretching. He was suspended for excessive tardies. That’s it, there was nothing in his suspension about skipping school.

    3. He was last suspended for 5 days for drug paraphernalia, which landed him at this dads for the week while he served out said suspension
    He was stopped in school and searched. Besides the constitutional problems he had a baggie with trace amounts of marijuana in it. That could have easily been secreted in his bag by other unscrupulous classmates. I had classmates who would have done that in a heartbeat. Drug paraphernalia suggests that he had papers, rolling machine, or other things used in the consumption of drugs.

    The “burglary tools” was a screwdriver. Still legal to carry in all fifty states.

    And I must reply to this

    “ladyHel says:
    May 25, 2012 at 1:32 pm
    Apes at best! your ignorance will be your peoples end. just remember how many of us “non-blacks” fought for your civil rights.”

    We African American can be sure of one thing. It wasn’t you or people with your social view that fought with us

    • specfriggintacular

      Right- Trayvon was not a thug, he had just been SUSPENDED from school several times, with the last time having to stay at his FATHERS who clearly was not WATCHING is child either!!!!

      As for his juvenile offender record – they are legally not allowed divulge a juvenile record – DUH! IF they said he did not have a conviction record, it does not mean he was NOT arrested and other means were used to deal with his behavior other than a CONVICTION………………..DUH

      As for his A/B grades………you have copies of his entire High School transcripts or just his Aunties word for it?

      You justify HIS destroying property because SOME other people have done it? Well, SOME people have committed murder and rape, so I guess when other people engage in that behavior to we should ignore it? LMAO

      Jewerly – Interesting, because common sense tells us that everyone has a lot of jewelry in their lockers that most MEN do not wear along with tools that can be used for burglary purposes. (Sarcasm off)…………… Yea, you sir are missing some friggin common sense!!!!

      He was FACTUALLY SUSPENDED from school ……… I am curious, how does one get suspended from school THREE TIMES for just tardies (according to you of course)?

      Then you make excuses for the drugs/drug paraphernalia on his persons by blaming others – TYPICAL….. take no ownership of YOUR actions, play the VICTIM CARD!!

      Screwdrivers are NOT LEGAL To carry in school ….. remind us again why a HS student would have a bag of WOMENS jewelry with screwdrivers in his locker at school? Perplexing……..

  • Leonard Hall

    I live in orlando and am sick of all the self serving b.s. about this case. It does not matter if he was a convicted bank robber.when the police dispatcher told him to not follow or confront the person that should have been the end of it.Then again when you confront someone you think is
    obviuosly dangerous because he was walking in the rain and had his hood up,so you hop out after the cops tell you not to,then he attqcks you ( as all dangerous hood rats ignore guns and start punching ) but you are so good that even though your testimony is he sneaked up and knocked you down with one punch from behind you manage to flip in mid air so you have grass stains and water on your back,then he grabs you and starts pounding your head on concrete then you says ” enough is to much ” and shoot his unarmed dangerous 5″11 140 lb ass then you have to listen to crap .its so hard to a hispanic named zimmerman.

    • dany

      Ya because gz beat hiself up. Lol you look stupid and size doesn’t matter have you ever watched a fight at all. Think about it how else would he have gotten a broken nose. Why would he try and save the kid instead just walk away? Why would he scream for help and to call 911 if he wanted to kill him. You know damn well if it was the other way around the wannabe would have ran like usual when you try to murder somebody. Think outside of color because it just makes all of you people seem racist. Why don’t you see blacks cry when a black man kills white people because they don’t care about what really happened they just care that the kid was black and the man wasn’t.

      • broken lady

        You tell us to think outside of color, well you can’t and all though Zimmerman is Hispanic, he is white Hispanic. I know you’ve seen that on an application of some sort before. I see it all the time on the food program applications. Anyway, why we as black people dwell on race so much in this situation is because how do you kill someone and released without charges? Never happens in my neighborhood. Zimmerman’s record isn’t squeaky clean either. To me this is not a race matter, it is a matter of a grown man killing a child all because he looked suspicious. The evidence says that Trayvon beat Zimmerman up, possible, but how true is that when Zimmerman has some martial arts background. Believe what you want to believe, but no one deserves to be murdered, especially on speculation. All the stupid demeaning comments made on here concerning this situation is embarrassing to say the least. It shows how far our country has really come concerning race issues. the past 5 years alone have uncovered racial ignorance when dealing with the POTUS Obama, but that is not what this is about. Whether Trayvon was in trouble in school or not for stealing, he didn’t kill anyone and that is the issue in this case murder. Not race or suspension or anything else, but a boy was murdered. I would feel this way about a child white or black!

  • sam

    What difference does it make if hë had a record or was suspended from school hë was a child no matter what hë did or didnt do hë didnt deserve to die your very quick to judge saying what was hë doing out a 3 o lock in the morning i dont hear you asking what was the fully grown man doing out at 3 o clock with a gun there is no justice system in this world and as for all you saying his mother and father didnt know where hë was when i was 17 i could be gone for 3 days sometimes more i wonder would you be saying the same if it was your son,brother,friend the shooter has no remorse that in its self is guilt !!!

  • zestyzombear

    It’s sad how america just lets the racial stuff to happen. I mean what idiot can’t see that George is HISPANIC, and that he was DESCRIBING Trayvon as a black male… it’s not like he said “Yeah he’s a n*gger”.. Seriously, why is it so hard to see that this is just a case of “bad boy, good watch guard, fight to the death” ? Is it not believable, that Trayvon (the angel he is) would have killed George, after a couple more punches? People disgust me. We are NO LONGER responsible for slavery.. that was a hundred years ago! GET OVER IT!! You’re not a slave, your grandparent’s aren’t slaves, their grandparent’s aren’t slaves either. Think about it, would you have rather stayed in Africa, or get a free trip to america? Not every slave had an abusive owner. And about the ‘n’ word, white people started with it.. so why is it not right for a white person to say it? If the blacks use it so proudly, shouldn’t they thank the whites?

  • Law abiding citizen

    Mark my words if Zimmerman found not guilty which group of people wil be out in the streets looting and destroying others property , the same group that destroyed personal property saying that a murder is on the loose and justice was not served so they hd a right to destroy and no justice was given out to arrest these so called justice seekers

    • J.J.

      Please, we’re almost 20 years past Rodney King. Times have changed; if there are problems, it will come from a very small group of people, not a groundswell. There will far be more people protesting the verdict, either way, than who attempt to cause trouble.

  • haywood Jablomi

    Spay painting his name, sitting on car hood drinking,not a very good picture. What next ? Wilding in central park?. Zimmerman got his nose broke, who did that ? And his father was no role model, and yes I know where my children are , and who they are.

  • JT

    Blacks always turn everything into a race issue! Zimerman wasn’t even white. You never know who’s carrying a gun these days, which is way these animals should think before they assualt a person.

  • butch

    When I was 17 back in the 60s you were an adult at 17 and went to court and jail,martin was street wise and doing what I lot of us did.I just dont see a race issue here just a lack of respect for an older man.George was doing his job and did what was right!!!Blacks need to put a belt on and act human,stop walking in the middle of the road,find a job,and yes stop killing each other.What happened to the two blacks that killed the 13 month white kid because the mother had no money to give them?????Ill be nothing,old and been around and tired of the bullshit

  • JohnD

    “Who threw the first punch? [got physical first]? Answer: Trayvon Martin. I’m saddened a 17 young man died but he lost his life when he should have had enough sense to walk away. Yes, Zimmerman is an idiot for not staying in his vehicle but being dumb is not a crime and he had every right to defend himself from a physical fight. What the black community doesn’t want to realize is that Trayvon was acting like a thug in my humble opinion and if he would not have struck Zimmerman the jury would have found Zimmerman guilty of murder.

    Next, where was the NAACP or new Black Panthers on July 4th when Ed Cooper, a 15-year old black child and another 6 year old child was murdered by black on black crime. Seriously, how come there was no outrage, no t-shirts, no vigil from the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson or President Obama. I believe that these activists seek cases that only make national headlines which is sad. If these civil rights activists really want change then they should begin with themselves and work out in their own communities. These so called liberal leaders need to BE leaders and stop barking racism and start improving young people in their communities. I mean fostering healthy young minds and stop worrying about what white, pink, or Latin people do or doesn’t do. Honestly, worry about you! Teach young people that it doesn’t matter if you are black or white and didn’t get that job or get into that ivy league college. Who cares? Instead teach young men to BE a man an never give up, stop killing each other, not living up to fatherly duties, and keep on trying until YOU [black, white, Latin, whatever] fulfill your goals and dreams.

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