Newt’s House Ethics Charge was NOT Dismissed by the IRS

January 18, 1997

Gingrich earlier admitted he had violated House rules and was prepared to accept the committee’s recommendation for punishment.

Cole also said that while the committee had not reached a conclusion about whether Gingrich had violated tax laws, that matter will be left to the Internal Revenue Service. The committee plans to make available its files to the IRS.

In addition, the panel has not yet resolved complaints that Gingrich received improper gifts, contributions and support from GOPAC, a political action committee he once headed. [meaning several of those 84 ethics violations were never fully investigated due to time issues]

As a result of those negotiations, completed on Dec. 20, the three counts were combined into a single count of engaging “in conduct that did not reflect creditably on the House of Representatives.” In return, Gingrich agreed to admit to the violations, and face a reprimand and the financial penalty.


My favorite portion of Newt Gingrich trying to ignore and/or dismiss the 84 ethics charges filed against him from when he was Speaker of the House in the 90’s is laughable at best. What is even better is Newt’s deception of the $300,000 fine he received for the Ethics Violation that he did stick.

196 Republicans along with Democrats voted in favor of the House Ethics Violation he was found guilty of.

The House Ethics committee voted in the affirmative for the HOUSE ETHICS Tax Violation that Newt received and note that they were not sure if Newt had broken any IRS laws in the process of his violating the House Ethics rules, therefore they would leave that portion to the IRS to determine. In the mean time, the House Ethics Committee DID in fact find him guilty of violating HOUSE ETHICS RULES that he, Newt was responsible for upholding while he, Newt was speaker of the House.

Simplified: Newt is still guilty of violating House Ethics Rules even though the IRS found that he did not violate their laws at the time.

Full coverage of the January 17, 1997 hearing


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5 responses to “Newt’s House Ethics Charge was NOT Dismissed by the IRS

  • Rebecca Smith

    Please who cares? All those mother fuckers do tons of shit that is not ethical and make millions. Nancy Pelosi, bought millions of dollars of VISA stock, then did everything she could to stop congress from making changes that would stop them from charging 35% interest against people with perfect credit who had owned the cards for 30 years, as well as other measures they wanted to institute to lower fees and the number of fees. This helped keep HER stock from going down & she made a mint. She not only should be investigated for ethics violations, but fucking arrested by the SEC. I’m not sure, but pretty sure, there is no one in washington that has NOT perpetrated an ethics violation.

    Barack Obama – went to college on federally funded grants created for students who are FOREIGN citizens!! YES he did. He filled out the applications to receive free federal money, stated that he was a citizen of INDONESIA, and listing his adopted name Barry Soetoro, since his Indonesia stepfather adopted him. WELL, either he was a citizen of the United States, in which case he committed a federal felony crime of fraud (and in which case he would not be eligible for president, since I highly doubt felons are eligible) OR he really wasn’t a citizen, in which case he STILL would be ineligible for presidency. WHICH IS IT? I always want to say you can’t have it both ways, but, apparently these mother fucks can. This ONE thing that has been proven and confirmed by the college he went to, then disappeared off the media scene, is enough to get rid of him. Nixon resigned, they wanted to impeach. Obama & Holder break the law, and nothing happens.

    Just like Mexicans. That death row mexican who had lived in the United States since he was 2, then wanted to overturn the death penalty because they did not inform him that he could have sought help from the mexican embassy (or some such stupid shit). Also his last words before lethal injection was VIVA MEXICO (screw him, a rapist & killer of a teen). SO they want to live in America forever, but, when it pleases them they are a ‘Mexican National” . CONVERSELY a Mexican man in California was ALSO in the United States illegal since about age 2 *maybe 18 months* and he had grown up, gone to college, went to law school, THEN did not have the papers to take the bar exam!!! So now everyone is weeping and wailing “SHOULD he be allowed to take the Bar?” I mean MY GOD he’s lived here since he was a toddler, and he is, by all accounts ‘an american’. He should be given automatic citizenship and blah blah take the exam. WELL honestly, in this ONE case, (based on what was printed, anyway) I kind of agree. He was never arrested, he worked, he went to college, he is smart – been here since baby – why not? ONLY because we know his history and it is very very good.

    But AGAIN – can’t have it both ways !!! They should not be able to use the “mexican national’ defense for criminals, and then use the “i’m really an american” defense for people who want to do good things.

    Man, you got me ranting and raving. I am almost insane with this shit, the lack of logic, the LIES. (the illegal alien population in that state is 10% SO IS THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE, and 6.7% of all jobs are filled by illegals in that state, but we SWEAR illegal aliens have NOTHING to do with the high unemployment rate, and you are a racist sack of shit who should be executed if you disagree). whatever. I don’t even care if Newt Gingrich committed murder at this point.

    I would vote for a DONKEY over Obama. He is a liar, a racist, a criminal, a fake, double standard, two faced, idiot who can’t even balance a checkbook. He believes in communism (per his book about his father) and wants ‘nothing more than to fulfill my father’s dream’ which was to get lots of money from countries that used to be ‘colonizers’ even though all the colonies in Africa were European, Americans are white and that’s good enough. And also his father believed 100% taxation, in theory is acceptable, as long as you give them the same value in return. YEAH THAT SOUNDS LIKE OBAMA.

    He gives BILLIONS to shit islamic countries like Egypt (gets the highest amount of foreign AID from U.S. over any other country) Pakistan and other countries that take the money then kill us. African countries & haiti, money we will never see a return on, South America – he gives some countries 100’s of millions for oceananic gas exploration, while denying the U.S. the right to even drill for it. It just goes on and on. He has done more harm in his short time, than all combined in the past 100 years.

    THANK you, just for listening. 😀

    • specfriggintacular

      LOL Rebecca ….. you are welcome for the ear to lend!

      • knight4444

        I think rebecca must be completely out of her prozac! Her propanity laced rants were mind blowing! I couldn’t even read half that iinsane endless sewage! that individual I won’t say lady is a typical fux viewer probably on welfare and screaming about lazy black people on welfare! she has teabag party written all over her!

    • knight4444

      stop listening to rush limbaugh you buck tooth, nascar watching, confederate flag waving, tobacco spitting ichewing, pick up truck driving, square dancing, green acres wanna be, red neck, non bathing, ted nugget loving, lost your virginity at 10 (BY YOUR COUSIN WILBUR), 3rd grade educated, shit kicking, rodeo clown fantasizing, dirt farmer! LOL did I miss something? lol

  • knight4444

    Wow rebecca! you’re one classy lady huh? Dude this rebecca just goes on and on and on! my god!! rebecca let me help you, newt gringrich is a mega hypocrite and con man! your endless rant about everybody else getting away will murder shows how utterly ridiculous you sound! The story isn’t about other crooks or potential crooks it’s about newt gringrich!! newt gringrich is a greedy self centered asshole believe me “LADY” if newt wasn’t guilty he NEVER, can you comprehend what I’m saying? NEVER would A- ADMIT IT…. B- resign!! you must be from Texas because you’re doing a lot of talking and saying nothing!!

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