Newt Gingrich is NOT a Conservative

Look, I personally do not care if Newt had only 1 wife or 3 wives with 2 divorces; the fact he is running around claiming to be the only true conservative is a JOKE and does nothing more than espouse his epic HYPOCRISY!!!

Geee- think Obama will use this against him in the General Election if he becomes the GOP nominee? Of course Obama will!!!!

As Newt Gingrich went to defend Partial Birth Abortion on January 16, 1998, he effectively stated that he would NOT allow the defunding of GOP candidates who support partial birth abortions and that there is plenty of room in the Republican Party for Pro Choice Republicans.

This is NOT about whether or not you support abortions, this is again about the SERIAL HYPOCRISY of Newt Gingrich and the disgusting nature that he some how can call himself a CONSERVATIVE while he advocated for those who vote in favor of PARTIAL BIRTH abortions.

In case some are lost, this is where the mother is more than 4 months along and the doctor must partially delivery the baby but before the baby is fully born, the doctor takes scissors or a scalple and jabs it into the back of the babys head in order to kill the baby before the baby takes its first breath.



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