DNC Chair Debbie Wassermann-Schultz Democrat Allies Sentenced to Federal Prison

Broward Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin
is shown on left, with U.S. Rep. Debbie
Wassermann-Schultz, President Obama,
and state Sen. Nan Rich.

UPDATE: Okay – the Liberals are going NUTS….they are claiming that Wikipedia and other sites have her info wrong, that these are not Wassermann-Schultz’s parents.

Referenced Sites (not sure if they have updated their info): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Regardless – This entry is with respect to the HYPOCRISY of the Democrats and the demanding of others to pay MORE in Taxes while they REFUSE to even pay their own – these two DEMOCRATS were arrested, convicted and/or pending trial for TAX EVASION scams and government corruption!!!

Other Democrats busted for not paying their taxes recently: Charlie Rangle, Ron Kirk, Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, John Kerry, Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebelius, Timmy Geithner, Hilda Solis, Claire McCaskill…….. all Democrats caught not paying their taxes!

Democrats = You pay more taxes so we can evade paying them!!!

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz Democrat Political Allies sentenced to Federal Prison for none other than FELONY TAX EVASION & Corruption!!!!

And here we go again, the IRONY of yet another Democrat and/or their direct family members BUSTED for not paying their FAIR SHARE of taxes!!!!

Richard Rubin — husband of former Broward County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin, who still faces seven felony charges of her own — was sentenced this morning to ten months in federal prison.

Rubin had said in court that he and the wife faced financial burdens from damage done to their home by Hurricane Wilma and also owed on a loan he could not repay — which is why he attempted to cheat on his taxes a bit.

That also wasn’t too long after Rubin took in $1.1 million for writing grants for the town of Southwest Ranches — grants that were approved in part by the votes of his wife while she was a county commissioner.

Then, the probable-cause affidavit released last year contended, the couple was living quite lavishly — including spending money on artwork, cruises, vacations to Europe, and a $150,000 home repair project.

Rubin wasn’t charged with tax evasion until April of this year.

The State Attorney’s Office, however, charged Wasserman-Rubin last year with seven counts of felony unlawful compensation related to her votes for her husband’s grant-writing.

Rubin has until August 31 to report to his new home at a minimum-security prison.

PAGING Hypocrite Wassermann-Schultz: How about you tell YOUR DEMOCRATS to not only PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE, but how about just PAY THEIR TAXES PERIOD!!!


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You know me well enough by now, which is that I am no fan of either establishment party, though sadly I did once in the past, play the game of the "Lesser of Two Evils", for which was tragic. Both seek absolute power, through their own self righteous perceptions of "morality", bastardizing the true concept of the founding of this country and the framing of the US Constitution. Clowns to the Left and the incessant need to control by bigger government while spending us into oblivion; Jokers to the Right and the incessant need to control by religion while spending us into oblivion. Oddly, both are the main two tenets for the founding of the country and framing of the US Constitution - Limited Government and Freedom From Religious Persecution & Religious Zealotry. View all posts by UnPoliticallyCorrect

79 responses to “DNC Chair Debbie Wassermann-Schultz Democrat Allies Sentenced to Federal Prison

  • Mrs. AL

    Isn’t Richard Rubin her step-father? Just want all the facts straight before I mention this to others. Given the date on the arrest warrant … why haven’t I heard about this before? Or was I just in a fog at some point?

    • specfriggintacular

      Rubin is her step-father and he was just charged this past April 2011 and just now convicted.

      Wassermann-Schultz’s MOTHER, however is also under 7 Federal Indictment counts…she is getting ready to head to trial.

    • Mrs. AL

      Goodness me this started a torrent of activity.
      I will continue to check out the accuracy of the information. I just glanced through your comments. Some interesting, some degrading and some informative. Quite a mix you evoked here.

      • specfriggintacular

        Mrs. AL – I think those posting nasty comments with vulgar childish name calling apparently missed the point of my entry; the entire point was to address the BLATANT HYPOCRISY of the Democrat party demanding of others to pay more in taxes while they evade paying their own.

        While these two elected Democrats are not DWS’s parents, the fact remains is that one was convicted and sent to Federal Prison while the other awaits trial on 7 federal indictment charges that include TAX EVASION and Corruption.

        Like their relentless attack on Mitt Romney for paying the LEGAL REQUIRED 15% on investment income as though he is some criminal for paying what he is legally obligated to pay.

        Again, this is about the HYPOCRISY and DOUBLE STANDARDS of the left and taxes.

  • Jeff Davis

    The MSM will NOT report this because it is about a demonrat and not a republican. If this had been about some Repub it would be head line news on every channel and every paper

  • specfriggintacular

    Romney PAYS 15%, the max legally he is allowed to pay on his investment income and they do not let it go……..

    Democrats sent to federal prison on Tax Evasion and they Media Ignores it!!!

  • p gladkin

    basta liberals

  • thechristianjihadist

    Democrats have a genetic belief that they are the superior ones and above the laws that ordinary subjects have to pay. Lying is a part of who they are which is why they do it so well. After all, their father is the father of lies.

    • Gracchus

      Where do you get this stuff? It is literally insane.

      Politicians break the law. If you count major members of Congress or administrations or the judiciary who went to jail or broke laws, there are all kinds.

      Democrats – Cisneros, Edwards, Hastings,

      Republicans – Delay, Army, Lott, Vitter, Libby.

      And Republican Presidents have pardoned plenty of other Republicans who should have gone to jail – Nixon, the Iran Contra people.

      Stop with the insane asylum out of touch demonization. Both parties are corrupt, contain many of arrogant lawless politicians. It isn’t a partisan issue.

      • john gambino

        Wish everyone would see the truth that Gracchus has to offer here. Perhaps it is time for Americans to divorce themselves from the self-promoting Dems and Repubs.
        Look for someone who loves the Constitution and respects the rule of law it lays out.

      • specfriggintacular

        Gracchus – in case you have not noticed, this entry is addressing the HYPOCRISY of the DEMOCRATS yelling for a certain segment to pay MORE TAXES than they already do while the DEMOCRATS do not pay their own taxes.

        Charlie Rangle – Tom Daschle – Nancy Killefer- Hilda Solis- Eric Holder- John Kerry- Claire McCaskill – Ron Kirk

        I mean for CHRIST SAKE, it is like if Conservative rail on marriage or abortion and then they are caught in a homosexual affair or it is found out that they had an abortion – piss poor entities like MSDNC or Media Matter rag on it for weeks!!!

        Again, the point of this entry is the HYPOCRISY!

      • specfriggintacular

        Robert Heinlein once said that “the human race divides itself politically into those who want to be controlled, and those who have no such desire.” Which one do you fall under, because “once the government becomes the supplier of people’s needs, there is no limit to the needs that will be claimed as a basic right (Lawrence Auster).” And, “When a government takes over a people’s economic life it becomes absolute, and when it has become absolute it destroys the arts, the minds, the liberties and the meaning of the people it governs.” Maxwell Anderson

      • Rick O

        Ummm, Delay? Lott? Libby? Exactly what were their crimes again? Libby’s was proven false, it was a misleading trap of perjury which is a common ruse used by attorneys when the crux of their case is melting. If I put you on the stand and ask you 100 questions, then recall you in one week and ask you the same 100, you will fail. Most GOOD judges see the game and tell the atty to can the stupid shit.
        Delay was exonerated. As for Lott, what did he do? He made a stupid comment that caused him to resign, but last I checked free speech wasn’t a crime. Want to talk judicial malpractice? Look at the railroad job the late Ted Stevens endured. Those atty’s should have gone to prison. A simple rebuke was not good enough. They fabricated charges against that man. That is a disgrace.
        The main crux here is liberals are hypocrites. They rail about “the rich” not paying their taxes, but shelter their money in different states, moor their yachts in different states, and invest in overseas land and corporations to hide assets, then they point fingers.

      • Luckybreaux

        Yes, it’s not partisan, it’s JUST HEAVILY WEIGHTED ON THE LEFT!

      • E Strauss

        You cannot deny the double standard that exists in today’s “mainstream” media and you certainly cannot deny that the Democrats are the party of big government & higher taxes right? So now do you see the hipocrisy of Mizz Whatsupmyrump when she cries that rich people should pay more taxes yet her own parents are going to prison for tax evasion? Classic do as I say not as I do which is commonplace amongst the left…

      • specfriggintacular

        E Strauss – in fairness, they have been proven not to be her parents, HOWEVER they are Democrat allies in her home state of Florida to which she has done many events with.

        It is nothing but shear HYPOCRISY for Democrats to yell for others to may more taxes while their own party is infested with TAX EVADERS!!!!

      • Joe

        @Gracchus……..it is a partisan issue with the media. They can’t seem to find anything in history about the existence of Obama, but it seems democracy is about to end if we don’t see Mitt Romneys taxes………..Just sayin…

  • barkway (@barkway)

    Wonder if either of her parents, in their county capacities, had anything to do with the 500,000 sq foot “immigration detention center” (aka PRISON) that was foisted upon the southwest ranches community recently (and that wassermann schultz supports, and got campaign money from involved parties)? The town atty told the town officials in an email since published to “keep prison plans secret” presumably because residents would be upset, would try to stop it, and/or try to sell their homes (lost tax revenue to the town & southwest ranches is a wealthy, small town). They knew about the prison plans for 10 yrs but kept it secret…allegedly at behest of “DC interested parties” (like who? Maybe wassermann schultz?! How much did they contribute to your campaign, Debbie to sell out the people of southwest ranches? Why not build the prison in neighboring Weston where YOU live?)

    • Gracchus

      Yeah because the Bush administration and Haliburton and other GOP backers had nothing to do with detention centers being built. Wasserman Schultz alone built them.

      • specfriggintacular

        Gracchus – I suppose you can invoke the Obama “Blame Bush Card”, although it has not worked out too well for him lately.

        If the detention center was a county or state entity, then Bush would have had nothing to do with it, yes?

    • E Strauss

      that way she could be close to her parents…. 🙂

  • Joe Goldner

    I am the only true conservative running for congress in district 20 Florida! I need your support in defeating the socialist Debbie Wasserman Schultz! Join Team Goldner! Volunteer! Donate! http://www.joegoldnerforcongress2012.com

  • C.W. Juhl

    JESUS H CHRIST!!! Those are NOT her parents. She is not related to either person. Its BS stories like this that KILL the conservative credibility and deginerate the conservative agenda to a parody on stupidity. Does anyone even wonder why Newsweek calls Obama’s critics DUMB??? Get your facts straight. Please!!


    • specfriggintacular

      You mean like Bashing Romney for paying the MAX 15% on investment income?

      Like that – you mean like THOROUGHLY vetting Palin and her daughters teen pregnancy but we STILL DO NOT have access to Obama’s college transcripts, passport or why he has a SS# from Connecticut?

      Like that????

      • Gracchus

        Let me get this straight.

        Liberals and Dems roughed up Palin, but you have played nice with Obama?

        The Right criticizes everything he does, even when he does things Bush did. Republicans wrongly called his recess appointments unconsitutional when the Constitution expressly says the President can make those appointments. He has made 32 last time I checked in 3 years, Bush made 170 some recess appointments in 8 years. Yet you criticize Obama.

        The level of political discourse has degenerated. For years it degenerated because most of you confuse Limbaugh and Beck with news. You believe everything Fox says.

        You demonize liberals the way the Nazis demonized Jews. Liberals are blamed for every social and political ill.

        What happened to personal responsibility? No one is responsible for anything, because all bad events and conduct were caused by liberals.

        This is the simplistic Manichean worldview of those too dumb and uneducated to grasp anything other than a childish construction of Christianity.

        The world is so simple. Liberals and democrats are evil devils, conservatives of the Tea and Republican party are angels who can do no wrong.

        This kind of simplistic partisanship is destroying this country,

      • specfriggintacular

        Gracchus – let me get this straight, you stoop to a 12 year-old’s level and say because SO-and-So did it then it some how exonerates another for his/her same behavior? Am I understanding you correctly???

        Recess appointments? You mean one of the appointment to which the SENATE EFFECTIVELY REJECTED? But let’s overlook this and maybe you can explain the FACT that the Congressional rule invoked was the very rule HARRY REID-DEMOCRAT enacted in 2007 when the Democrats took over Congress so Bush could not make any recess appointments.

        Ring any bells sweet pea?

        Right – again, do as I say not as I do party of Democrats!!! NICE!

        Level of political discourse has degenerated? I wonder why?! Wait, it must be Bush’s fault – do note the sarcasm.

        We demonize the Liberals like the Nazi’s demonized Jews? Why are pictures of Bush with a Hitler mustache, swastikas, his pic next to Hitlers, yadda yadda yadda coming to mind here? And the last I checked, remind the class just exactly who has been equating Republicans with TERRORISTS?

        Grow up and face reality sweetie, your Messiah Obama is a DIVISIVE President who has done nothing but INCREASE the racial divide while in sighting class warfare and increasing the pathetic nanny state that has worked so many wonders for the likes of GREECE + ITALY + SPAIN + FRANCE ….right?

        You ask what happened to personal responsibility? I dunno, how about you ask the Food Stamp President – the Historic Unemployment President – the Nanny State President ….telling a society that the government will take care of all your woes, that is the answer to your “what happened to personal responsibility” question!

        Now, when you get off of your Obama pitty party, boo hoo everyone is picking on Obama, maybe you can pull up your big girl panties and GET OVER IT!

        FYI – Nice of you to ASSume that because one aligns them self with the GOP, that this must some how mean they are Right Wing Christians……..now, who is the person with an education issue? What is it they say about ASSumptions princess??

        Obama is an EPIC FAILURE and the reason why NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED to hire a person who is NOT QUALIFIED for the JOB!

        Obama = EPIC FAILURE!!!

      • specfriggintacular

        “It’s about food. It’s about your home. It’s about your life.” Neil Cavuto told his audience not too long ago, and yet “The government is worried about all of the above. All I’m saying is you should be worried they’re worried. Here’s why: They’re telling you that you can’t take care of yourself. You can’t be trusted with what you put in your mouth or what you sign on the mortgage dotted line. So they’ll tell you what to put in your mouth and they’ll save you from what you signed on that dotted line. Does anyone see a trend here? Personal responsibility has now become government responsibility.”

        “And here we encounter the seeds of government disaster and collapse — the kind that wrecked ancient Rome and every other civilization that allowed a sociopolitical monster called the welfare state to exist” (Barry Goldwater).


    • specfriggintacular

      PS – good job on the bogus link….how Super Intelligent you lefties are, huh? You cannot even post a valid link.,…NICE!

      FYI …..wikipedia on a black out today, so you cannot view their sites right now anyway….again, how super intelligent the left proves themselves to be, AGAIN!!!!

      • Gracchus

        Surveys are pretty clear, over long periods of time. Progressive and liberals are better educated and smarter than conservatives on average.

        I am smarter and better educated than you. I am a lefty.

        I will be happy to challenge you to a series of online games to prove it. We can do a whole series of IQ tests, informational competititions, cognitive tests, etc.

        But the real point is this. Ideology is interest and sociological-psychological background driven. Not intelligence.

        There are bright conservatives – Kirkpatrick, Moynihan, Kissinger, Nixon, Forbes, Newt, Paul. And there are dumb conservatives – Quayle, Dumbya, Palin, Perry, Bachman,

        Ideology and party aren’t perfectly correlated with smarts. To argue that is itself so stupid that the person arguing it is discredited.

        PS – Smarts also don’t make good leadership, Carter and Obama were smart, bad Presidents. Reagan was dumb, good leader. Nixon smart, but a disaster.

    • Bill Timmins

      Hey,Juhly boy! Just wondering,,what flavor is the “kool-aid” that you are drinking???

    • specfriggintacular

      Hey my little left wing loon government plantation leach ……. even if they turn out NOT to be her parents, they are still corrupt DEMOCRATS sent to federal prison for TAX EVASION and government corruption!

      Either way, your government plantation loses again!!!!

      • Gracchus

        Racist, and the moderator should remove.

      • specfriggintacular

        There it is, the ULTIMATE FAILURE when one cannot debate – pull out the Democrats last trick – the Race Card!

        FYI – in case you were not told, the RACE CARD has effectively been DECLINED!!!

        Kinda like the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf – you yell it so many times when there is no incident, that when there actually is an issue of racism, NO ONE CARES!!!

      • specfriggintacular

        and Gracchus – let me ask you a question…… when a political faction REFUSES school choice, forces the poor to attend poorly performing schools with highly IGNORANT teachers; when the same political faction continue to insist that the poor cannot get anywhere in life without government handouts…….what do you call this?

        Is it not the government plantation?

        I do not give a rats rear what RACE the President is, it does not CHANGE that a vast majority of those enslaved to the NANNY STATE – aka government plantation, not only do those people hardly ever leave it but their children are effectively enslaved to the very plantation you turn your head and pretend does not exist.

        For a person who insinuates he/she is intelligent, you are either a moron or blind – either way, shame on you!

        Again – keeping the poor dependent on the government = Government Plantation!

        FYI – the Race Card, Blame Bush Card, any other BS card you want to pull; NONE WORK HERE……. so, move on sweetie!

      • specfriggintacular

        You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot lift the wage-earner by pulling down the wage-payer. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot establish security on borrowed money. You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves (William Boetcker).

    • m


  • Jim Bob

    you’re a fucking idiot

    • specfriggintacular

      Nice Mouth Jim Bob – do you kiss Debbie Wassermann-Schultz with that mouth? Ask her how the Government Plantation is today —- harvesting more votes with more government welfare????

      • Gracchus

        Republicans often bitch that moderate Muslims don’t step up and criticize extremist Muslims, yet open racism like this is tolerated among Republicans.

        I oppose Obama but you can oppose him without racist slurs. It is out of line to call a black administration “a plantation.” That is intentional use of a racist metaphor and the moderater should remove it.

        And you welfare comment also is racist. It is code, meaning most blacks are lazy and on welfare.

        Beside being racist, it is stupid. Obama will get the vast majoity of black votes, welfare or not. He doesn’t need to huy them.

        And all politicians harvest votes. Bush’s tax refunds and his bailouts were vote and contribution buys.

        Racism is sickness, you can attack Obama on substance with racial slurs.

      • specfriggintacular

        FYI Gracchus ……Mark my words, it is but a matter of time until those, who are taxed like crazy sue the crap out of the government for DISCRIMINATION!!!

        Again – it is no longer a matter of if, rather just a matter of when!!

        Before you ask, NO I do not believe one segment of society should be forced to pay 55% in taxes while another segment pays 0, or like the love affair you lefties have with ILLEGAL ALIENS who not only pay NONE, but they get REFUND CHECKS because they have kids……….$4 BILLION in refund to illegal aliens……

        Good Job TOOL!

      • birdmother marcy

        How do I follow you on wordpress? Like your spunkyness.,

      • specfriggintacular

        Marcy, go up to the top left hand corner and you should be able to click and follow this blog.

  • Gracchus

    Let me get this straight. You look away and excuse corporate and individual rich tax evasion and scofflaws but if a Dem fails to pay taxes you freak. Real consistent.

    It is simple. Alot of politicians of both parties either avoid taxes or manipulate the tax code to avoid taxes “legally.” So do their parents and relatives.

    Rich douche bags avoid taxes. Both parties.

    • specfriggintacular

      Who is looking away and excusing Corporate Tax evasion? It is YOUR BOY Obama who allowed GE to not only effectively pay NO INCOME TAXES, but get a $3 BILLION refund check……. nice try on blaming the right though sweetie………..

      And the next time you want to educate the RIGHT on how not to be dumb, do note that the word is A LOT not alot………. SMH*

    • specfriggintacular

      “Legal plunder can be committed in an infinite number of ways; hence, there are an infinite number of plans for organizing it: tariffs, protection, bonuses, subsidies, incentives, the progressive income tax, free education, the right to employment, the right to profit, the right to wages, the right to relief, the right to the tools of production, interest free credit, etc., etc. And it the aggregate of all these plans, in respect to what they have in common, legal plunder, that goes under the name of socialism.

      But how is this legal plunder to be identified? Quite simply; see if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime” Frederic Bastiat.

      “They have gun control in Cuba. They have universal health care in Cuba. So why do they want to come here?” Paul Harvey


    • Luckybreaux


      Your ignorance is confirmation that liberalism is a mental disorder, and that confirmation is evident by the ubiquitous name-calling that is the signature of ill-informed liberals:

      It is the right of every American to AVOID paying taxes to the fullest extent lawfully permissible. Many do this by remaining unemployed, like the OWS creeps.

      EVASION is a federal offense, and it is completely different than AVOIDANCE. Learn your legal terms and you won’t live so confused…

      For such a smart guy (your claim, not mine), you have a lot to learn about this country.

      And yes, rich and poor alike avoid paying more in taxes, just like you! Because I’m sure when you’re sitting across from your tax person, you work hard to get as big of a refund as you can. Don’t you?

      So does that make you a douche bag too?

  • Christopher Jackson

    This is a one political party, two faction system in the US. don’t kid yourselves

  • Gracchus

    No Chris. According to the swifties on this page, only Democrats ever break the law. There isn’t a Republican in a single prison cell or jail cell. No Republican politician ever broke to law.

    Ideological haze makes them believe that only one party is corrupt.

    They are as brainwashed as the people in North Korea. Madness.

    • specfriggintacular

      You know, for someone who proclaims the left to be intelligent and the right dumb, you are not too bright princess!

      Where on earth in this entire entry does it say only Democrats break laws? Where? I await your intelligent reply ever so patiently! ☺

      When you can actually READ, come back and lecture the class….until them, this is 100% about the HYPOCRISY of the Democrats and their incessant need to demand others pay MORE in taxes while they do not pay theirs.

      It is that simple – well, unless you are clearly an uneducated left wing loon!!!

      1. Charlie Rangle
      2. Tom Daschel
      3. Hilda Solis
      4. Nancy killefer
      5. Ron Kirk
      6. Eric Holder
      7. John Kerry
      8. Kathleen Sebilus
      9. Claire McCaskill
      10. Timmy Geithner

      All Democrats either currently serving Obama or could not serve Obama because of their TAX ISSUES…….I love love love the Treasury Secretary who blamed Turbo Tax on his tax evasion……LMAO – there are no words!

  • me

    seems like there is a lot of fighting over who pays/should pay what… dem rep cons lib… anyway you slice it TOO MUCH falls on too little. forget super intelligent, I just want common sense and decency in a president. It has been said that no government can give somthing to someone they did not take from someone else. I learned as a child that taking anything from someone that isn’t yours is wrong. This is the most generous country in the world and it’s people have proven it without fail. We need to go back to the beginnings of our country, to the system that it was founded on, and stop all the nonsense spending of the government. Regardless of political party the spending is out of control and simple math applied will tell you it is destined to fail. We cannot allow the games to continue or the machine to have the last word. It is “WE THE PEOPLE” that are to have the last word, again without political affiliation holding any more weight over any other. I have the experience of dealing with the welfare system up close and I can tell you that the true nature of the program has failed and should not be reproduced in any fashion in our society. There are people who will scam any system intended to help people in trouble and this is not limited to any social/financial class, religion, race, or education level. I believe most people in this country have no problem paying for the services that their community uses; as long as it is reasonably affordable.

    p.s. I am semi-educated but have seen a lot and find no earlier post racist or without some truth but the infighting should really stop. This is AMERICA everyone has the right to their oppinion; if you think it is wrong then ask them to prove their point. If they can’t or wont then they will probably be ignored by most reasonable people. I have had the pleasure of learning when I was wrong by simply asking someone to do this. I would much rather my statements be true instead of popular.

  • Jim Mapes

    This is howling good news. Maybe they can get hre smarmy ass in one of those indictments.

    • specfriggintacular

      Dave Kell – no issue posting corrections if you received incorrect information.

      The point of this entry was to point out, yet again the HYPOCRISY of the Democrats for demanding
      of others to pay MORE in taxes when they EVADE paying their own.

  • Tom65

    Uh, might want to at least change your headline:


    So your basic rant is reduced to “somewhere, some Democrat was caught evading taxes”. Wow, alert the media.

    • specfriggintacular

      Ummmm Tom65 – my basic rant is to reduce “somewhere, some Democrat was caught evading taxes”?

      Typical of the left, kinda like “somewhere in 2011, Democrats were arrested, charged and CONVICTED of VOTER FRAUD left and right”
      but according to Democrats this does not happen often!!

      Again, the HYPOCRISY and Double Standards from the LEFT reeks! Democrats need to pay their OWN TAXES before they demand of others to pay MORE!

    • specfriggintacular

      Tom65 – why on earth should I be required to point out that Tax Evasion is a right/left issue?

      Are those on the right DEMANDING of those who pay the lions share of taxes, are they demanding those very same people to pay more while EVADING paying their own?

      Again, that was the entire point of this entry – the HYPOCRISY of the left DEMANDING people to pay more in Taxes while DEMOCRATS EVADE paying their own.

      Mitt Romney pays the max 15% on his investment income and the left, including OBAMA are going nuts because he pays 15%, which is what he is LEGALLY obligated to pay – they are using Romney as proof that the wealthy NEED TO PAY MORE – correct?

      Yes, Democrats left and right are busted for EVADING paying their own taxes.

      It is about the HYPOCRISY!

      • Tom65

        Your entire construct is faulty. First off, the Dems aren’t advocating the imprisonment of the wealthy for tax evasion, they’re advocating a reformation of the tax code so that we don’t have a system where the wealthy pay 15% while everyone else is at 25%. As one of your commentors has pointed out, there’s a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion – the former is legal, the latter is not.

        Secondly, even assuming that these people are DWS’ parents, which they’re not (Wikipedia? Really?), what exactly would that have to do with efforts to reform the tax code? Your strawman argument that rich Dems avoid taxes and therefore have nothing to say about it is either incredibly stupid or intellectually dishonest.

      • specfriggintacular

        on a side note Tom65 – I am advocating for the imprisonment for those who do not pay their taxes!

        Charlie Rangle should have gone to prison
        Tom Dashcle should have gone to prison
        Timmy Geithner should have gone to prison

        Why? Because average people like you and I would have gone to prison had we not paid our taxes!

        And can you do us a favor, tell Al Sharpton to pay the $2.6 MILLION he owes in back taxes?


    • specfriggintacular

      Tom65 –

      AGAIN, this entry was about the HYPOCRISY of the DEMOCRATS demanding those who pay taxes to pay MORE while they, the DEMOCRATS evade paying their own.

      Not to be rude, but what part of this do you not understand? It is the HYPOCRISY!!!!

      Tax EVASION is when you do NOT pay your taxes, like Tom Daschle did not pay his; like Charlie Rangle did not pay his and like these two democrats, who were CONVICTED of evading paying theirs.

      I know the difference between avoidance and evasion – like Luckybreauz stated; avoidance it going down to H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt and taking all the deductions you can get – this is avoiding paying the MAX AMOUNT!

      As for your % comment: it is the LAW that those who have INVESTMENT income pay 15%. If Mitt Romney had a an earned income coming in, then he would pay more on that income. I believe, and do not quote me on this but his speaking engagement fees are more than likely considered EARNED INCOME and therefore are probably subject to a higher % than 15%.

      If MITT ROMNEY is legally obligated to pay 15% on his INVESTMENT INCOME, because this is the law and he is paying what he is suppose to pay, what the flip is the major malfunction?

      If Romney pays, say $1.5 million in taxes on his investment income because this is what the law requires him to pay after they allow for the LEGAL DEDUCTION of his charitable contribution of $1.9 MILLION, what is the problem???

      Democrats should have changed the tax laws when they were ramming through
      Obamacare and all the spending they rammed through if they needed more money to pay for their spending spree.

      I have already corrected the above entry reflecting that these people are not her parents; the point, AGAIN ( and you lefties call the right dumb) is the HYPOCRISY of demanding those who do pay taxes to pay more while the DEMOCRATS EVADE paying their own taxes!!!

      Mark my words: it is no longer a matter of if, rather it is a matter of WHEN those who pay the lions share of taxes set out to sue the government for DISCRIMINATION!!!!

      Does not seem EQUAL those 53% pay Income taxes while 47% do not!


      • Tom65

        No, your point is that if any Democrat anywhere (since your DWS stalking horse was rather quickly shot down) is convicted of tax evasion, that it somehow invalidates any discussion of tax code reform.

        As noted socialist Warren Buffet pointed out, there’s something fundamentally flawed about a tax code that requires his secretary to pay a higher tax percentage than he does.

      • specfriggintacular

        For the love of Christ Tom65 – do you read, or are you having a hard time COMPREHENDING the PURPOSE of my entry?

        The purpose of this entry was to point out the HYPOCRISY of those demanding Americans pay MORE taxes while said DEMOCRATS EVADE paying their own taxes!!!!

        That was 100% my point – the HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        It is that simple!

        As for the idiocy of Warren Buffet and Obama – you people must truly believe Tax Paying Americans are that dumb to not know that the tax Buffet pays is on investment income and the tax his secretary pays is on EARNED INCOME! Buffet pays the required % that is required of him…..plain and simple!!!!

        If Warren Buffet pays 15% on his earned income and he pays $5 million in taxes for 2011, while his secretary pays 20% on $70,000 income, which means she effectively will pay $14,000 IF she has ZERO deductions, while she pays a higher %, the government is clearly bringing in MORE MONEY from Buffet!!!

        NO ONE is arguing that the Tax Code MUST be reformed – I think every single LEGAL AMERICAN who pays taxes AGREES!!!!!!

        FLAT TAX – everyone pays a specific % regardless of income……….EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

        and if you are here illegally, I do not care how many flippin’ kids you have, you should NEVER EVER receive a refund check……… NEVER!!!

  • Luckybreaux

    People need to get it that TAX AVOIDANCE is everyone’s right! Do as much of it as you can!

    Avoid paying more by taking deductions etc, or like the OWS crowd, just don’t work!

    TAX EVASION is a federal offense.

    AVOID and EVADE are two totally different legal terms. Everyone who tries to get a bigger refund, or lower self-employed payments, is lawfully avoiding taxes. H&R Block etc make their business about avoiding taxes to your benefit.

    The ignorance about this issue is shocking.

    • specfriggintacular

      Exactly Luckybreaux!!! I could not have said it better!

      Again, my point was to bring light – AGAIN – to the BLATANT HYPOCRISY of those on the left
      DEMANDING of those who already pay the lions share to pay more while they, DEMOCRATS are busted
      left and right for EVADING paying theirs.

      Hypocrisy and Double Standards!!!

  • specfriggintacular

    Apparently I was unable to explain, clearly enough in my entry that the entire point of this entry, regardless as to whether the two Democrats convicted of Federal Tax Evasion crimes are DWS’s parents or Democrat allies; the point was to point out the HYPOCRISY of those on the left demanding more taxes from those whom already pay the lions share while said DEMOCRATS evade paying their own.

    Why on earth should I be required to point out that Tax Evasion is a right/left issue?

    Are those on the right DEMANDING of those who pay the lions share of taxes, are they demanding those very same people to pay more while EVADING paying their own?

    Again, that was the entire point of this entry – the HYPOCRISY of the left DEMANDING people to pay more in Taxes while DEMOCRATS EVADE paying their own.

    Mitt Romney pays the max 15% on his investment income and the left, including OBAMA are going nuts because he pays 15%, which is what he is LEGALLY obligated to pay – they are using Romney as proof that the wealthy NEED TO PAY MORE – correct?

    Yes, Democrats left and right are busted for EVADING paying their own taxes.

    It is about the HYPOCRISY!

  • Q

    You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income. Some one please tell Obummer about this. Since the first President of the US, our country has accumulated a deficit of $16 Trillion, Obummer alone has increased our deficit by more than $16 Trillion in his first and hopefully only term in office. I doubt the tax evasion is politically gender bias, but rather people trying to get by.

    • specfriggintacular

      Q, be careful on the numbers you use, the left will attack you like piranha’s!

      Do note that when the Democrats took over Congress in 2007, the National Debt was $9.04 TRILLION, which means under Democrat Control, they have effectively added $6 TRILLION and Obama is demanding another $1.2 TRILLION + whatever Obamacare will cost society!

      Tax Evasion is illegal, Tax Avoidance is not. I believe Luckybreaux said it best above – everyone should do their best to try to pay the lease amount in taxes by taking all the deductions they can- there is nothing wrong with this. It is when you break laws and EVADE paying your taxes all together.

      It is the shear HYPOCRISY of those on the left yelling for a certain segment of society t o pay more, in order to cover THEIR SPENDING SPREES while they, the DEMOCRATS EVADE paying their own taxes.

  • devereaux

    Here is one of the many problems with the left….they are so mired in their worship of what they want the world to be like….everybody but them is equal and they and others like them are the elite with special benefits….they lose sight of what the world is really like.

    So, it is natural for them to not pay their legally required taxes…after all, they are the elite and the rules do not apply to them. It is the same with every aspect of their life…unfortunately they do not understand that when the world becomes their utopia they will NOT be the “elites”….how quickly will the likes of Obama turn on them and push them down among the masses?

    It is already happening.

    And then there is the idiocy and inconsistency of their thinking. I have written much about this on my blog…and about the hypocrisy of the left.

    If anyone doubts what I say is true…read some of my posts and tell me I am wrong. Many have tried but none have succeeded. If you are a lefty…come and give me your best shot. lol



  • Your (semi-) Daily Dose of Reality v.1.19.12 « Falcon’s Eyrie

    […] * – speaking of Debbie Wowherbrainisfullof Shit… […]

  • Piquerish

    Schadenfreude – Hahahahahaha!

    • specfriggintacular

      Interested as to the context you are using Schadenfreude!

      Joy in knowing the Democrats are busted for tax evasion and will now head off to federal prison?


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