Tenure for Teachers, or ANY Public Employee Should Not be Permitted to Exist

Originally Posted March 21, 2011 – UPDATED November 21, 2011


The above posters are from teachers protesting in Wisconsin in opposition to Governor Scott Walker’s bill. Some how the pictured teachers and the teachers unions believe that behaving in the above manner, shutting down schools and depriving children of an education some how help “promote” their agenda to some who convince Wisconsites that union thuggary and the bastardization of their taxes in order to further Democrat agendas is in the tax payers best interests.

Couple the foul posters with teacher literally pulling children from their classrooms and bringing them to the protest with foul signs while telling them it is okay to acquire FAKE doctors notes for missing school-work helps to further prove their point? ………right, and they wonder why we are ranked so low in education  across the globe!!!

Why should any person who is gainfully employed be permitted to keep their job indefinitly after only 3-5 years of employment?

Where is the accountability? Why are there ZERO performance standards?

The legal PLUNDEIRNG of tax payers money that is then used to continue paying/employing poorly performing teachers or any public worker until they are ready to retire should be ILLEGAL!

 …the real problem with our education system in this country is the teachers’ unions. 

They do everything possible to prevent schools not only from firing lousy teachers, but also from rewarding talented teachers.  Merit pay?  The unions hate it.  Private schools? Hate them too! 

Even though everyone knows they deliver a better education than our public schools, unions fight to keep as many kids as possible locked in failing private schools.  In Wisconsin, we’ve had whole schools shutting down so that lazy teachers can waste their time protesting on the taxpayers’ dime.  Want to improve education in this country?  Then you’ve got to take on the teachers’ unions.

The state of Missouri appears to be leading the way with the correct answer as to how to deal with the government run education system, teachers unions and poorly performing teachers:

In Missouri, the bill could have vast implications, stripping teachers of tenure and slashing pay for thousands who end up with rankings in the lower third of a school’s teachers.

The sponsor, House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee Chairman Scott Dieckhaus, said the competition would improve teaching.

“It’s time we move away from paying people based on how long they’ve been teaching and what piece of paper they have hanging on the wall,” said Dieckhaus, a Republican from Washington and a former high school social studies teacher.

Critics of the tenure system say it locks in bad teachers because firing them takes too long and costs too much for school districts.

The Missouri School Boards Association supports Dieckhaus’ bill because it replaces lifetime tenure for teachers with multiyear contracts, said the group’s lobbyist, Mike Reid.

“Part of that was addressing the effectiveness of teachers and leaders,” Christie said. “I think the pressure is on because even with all the efforts that are going into low-performing schools … people are increasingly recognizing that it really is about the quality of the instruction in all of those classrooms.”

Even without a new state law in Missouri, superintendents from several school districts in the St. Louis area, including St. Louis, Riverview Gardens and Normandy, have said test scores must be part of the teacher evaluation system to ensure students are learning.

“Right now, superintendents are accountable. Principals are accountable. They can be moved at a whim,” St. Louis Superintendent Kelvin Adams said in an interview. “Where the instruction takes place is at the classroom level. How do we know if teachers are performing well? We go make observations, but we don’t have summative data.”


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