Hey Barack- Where is YOUR WRITTEN Proposal to Cut the US Debt?

Hey Barack – Where is YOUR WRITTEN Proposal to Cut the US Debt?

In THREE YEARS Barack, you have managed to ADD $4.7 TRILLION to our National Debt and YOU keep increasing it with each passing day.


The Republicans, via the Paul Ryan plan have a written proposal to cut $6 TRILLION in ten years; a bill that PASSED the Republican HOUSE and died in YOUR DEMOCRAT OWNED SENATE!

The only thing we have heard from you, other than blaming everyone else for YOUR out-of-control spending, your inability to control your own party that controls the SENATE and how INEPT you are on the US economy; the only thing we know that you want to do is to force those in America who actually pay taxes  to pay $1.5 TRILLION more in taxes while cutting $1 TRILLION in defense.

Where is your WRITTEN PROPOSAL to cut spending? What are you going to cut in spending and how much – in DETAIL ON PAPER???

Tic Toc Captain Complainer and Blamer-in-Chief???????????

PS……the Republicans in the Super Committee CONCEEDED to an Increase in Tax REVENUE – not rates- that would close loop holes and tax breaks for the wealthy to the tune of $350 BILLION….yet YOU and the DEMOCRATS refused this because it was not over $1 TRILLION………so, remind the class where the DEMOCRAT written proposal is to cut ENTITLEMENTS?


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