Obama and the Democrats Actively Supporting the 99% Protesters

And the above mentality along with other pictures/tweets/web site postings is EXACTLY what Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Democrat Party are in support of. While they labeled the Tea Party as “astro turfers” and “terrorists”, they have ALWAYS FAILED to post anything that ever revealed the above labeles. Then throw in racists, because you know the Tea Party is mainly made up of white people……I guess they have not looked into THEIR CROWD of 99% protesters, whom by the way are MAINLY WHITE.

Using the Democrats ideaolgy, their 99% protesters are in fact RACISTS!!!!

Their violent and murderous rhetoric is all over their movement, along with their atrocious antisemitism.  Here are just a few examples of the hundreds out there.

“Lop heads off a few white kids:”

And shall we get into the DEMOCRAT SUPPORTED 99% protesters who CRAP on police cars, crap on the American flag, all of the filth, trash and destruction they have caused?

The filth is truly outstanding for a bunch of DEMOCRATS that are for stealing hundreds of billions from tax payers in the name of GREEN JOBS and KEEPING MOTHER EARTH CLEAN and FREE of TOXINS!

Why are they NOT protesting UNIONS as they take BILLIONS in FORCED UNIONS DUES from middle and low income workers every year. You know, the FORCED UNION DUES in order to obtain or retain your JOB?

To make matters worse with said UNIONS, they take these BILLIONS and give HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS to DEMOCRATS in election cycles in order to keep FORCED UNION DUES STATES, which in turn keeps them FAT and the DEMOCRATS in Congress.

Now, remind the class why you 99% protesters are not protesting in front of UNION HEADQUARTERS or shouting down UNIONS as they try to ride your wave in? And WHY are you not protesting Barack Obama who has received the MOST from Wall Street, more than ANY President before him?

And why are you not protesting Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who all forced banks to lend to those who had no business owning a home and therefore caused the crash of Fannie and Freddie, which were factually the catalyst to this whole mess?

Yes, Corporate America is to blame because they should have stood up to the Democrats and told them NO; that they would sue them all the way to the Supreme Court for blackmaling them into giving said loans that should have NEVER been given out to begin with!


About UnPoliticallyCorrect

You know me well enough by now, which is that I am no fan of either establishment party, though sadly I did once in the past, play the game of the "Lesser of Two Evils", for which was tragic. Both seek absolute power, through their own self righteous perceptions of "morality", bastardizing the true concept of the founding of this country and the framing of the US Constitution. Clowns to the Left and the incessant need to control by bigger government while spending us into oblivion; Jokers to the Right and the incessant need to control by religion while spending us into oblivion. Oddly, both are the main two tenets for the founding of the country and framing of the US Constitution - Limited Government and Freedom From Religious Persecution & Religious Zealotry. View all posts by UnPoliticallyCorrect

4 responses to “Obama and the Democrats Actively Supporting the 99% Protesters

  • Lori

    you are so misguided. Please watch the movie Inside Job so you understand how the recession and worldwide global meltdown happened. Congress allowed this to happen, including Democrats and Republicans, and nearly every president going back to Wilson with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank Cartel. We need to get the Crooks out of politics and ban Corporations from buying politicians with unlimited contributions. We also need to implement term limits. Career Politicians should not exist. People have had enough and are ready to revolt if things don’t change.

    • Jason

      Um, Misguided? try reading a book or two, (NOT Twilight) quit gleaming your “personal beliefs” from Holly-wood and Liberal talk show hosts

  • specfriggintacular

    You assume I have not watched the “movie” Inside Job…..and you know what they say about ASSuming-yes?

    I do not let MOVIES dictate my life or my world views-tis vastly what is wrong with todays society……Kim kardasian and Britney Spears lives are more important than real world events. Couple that with Michael Moores literal Socialist Views- hypocrisy at its finest mind you- and, well hopefully you are intelligent enough to see where I am going with this.

    You appear to be backing the Occupy Wall Street Protesters if in fact you are probably one of them; that being said, why are you and/or your OWS protesters now protesting the WHITE HOUSE to the tune of THOUSANDS? Why are you and/or your OWS protesters not camped out at the WHITE HOUSE + urinating on the WHITE HOUSE + Pooping on the White House + piling trash on the WHITE HOUSE?

    You do reazlie that Barack Obama has received MORE campaign donations than ANY politician before him in the past 50 years?

    Then we go the route of the UNIONS—- Obama received $400 MILLION from UNIONS in 2008 and yet you do no protest the corruption of UNIONS- why is this?

    • Jason

      Abso-fucking-lutely! These OWS protesters don’t even have a clue what the hell they are protesting! They want jobs, but they elect a President that would have them join a Union, and sit on a union bench until they have enough experience to make a paycheck. There are Jobs… I work in the oil-field, have all my life, we NEED people, and not for minimum wage either. Hell… a rig clerk makes 550 a day, and he’s the lowest in the food-chain. Want to protest something… go sit on Michael Moore”s lawn and protest…. See how “into the movement” he is then! Mark my words….this will end violently, and probably be blamed on Bush. What we need to do, is protest the protesters, to prove they are NOT the 99%, but more like the 12%

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