Wisconsin Democrats up for Recall Today

UPDATE: As I noted ealier, Democrat Wirch was more than likely safe; with 100% in his district reporting, Wirch beat Steitz 25,541 -v- 18,838.

With 79% reporting in Democrat Holperin’s district, he is currently beating Republican Kim Simac 23,756 -v- 20,150. Apparently it is still to close for JSOnline to call it. I am not sure what counties are left, therefore I do not care to speculate.

I find it quite amusing how the Liberal Media, and let’s face it there is no sense in labeling them the Main Stream Media anymore, because other than less of a handful, they are all far left leaning; anyway, I find it quite amusing how the Liberal Media was all over the Republican Wisconsin State Senator recalls last week but are extremely hush hush on the DEMOCRATS Wisconsin Senators up for recall today- August 16, 2011.

Oh well, nothing new here! Let’s see how this goes-stay tuned!

Tuesday’s elections are in the 12th Senate District of northern Wisconsin, where Sen. Jim Holperin (D-Conover) faces a challenge from Republican Kim Simac of Eagle River; and in the 22nd District of southeastern Wisconsin, where Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Pleasant Prairie) faces Republican Jonathan Steitz, also of Pleasant Prairie.

How Districts Vote in the April 2011 State Supreme Court Race

Which means, if we go by how the votes were tallied in April- Democrat Wirch is probably safe, however Democrat Holperin might not make it out so well!

and, below is how the state voted in the 2010 Elections

JSOnline-Journal Sentinel

Wilwaukee, Wisconsin


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