FAA bill-What’s the Hold Up?


UPDATE-August 4, 2011: So, the HOUSE passed the FAA bill OVER TWO WEEKS AGO and Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats tabled it. They did not bother to read, debate or vote on it. Had they, they would have known that those MEAN OL’ TERR ORSIT HOSTAGE TAKING (sarcasm intended) Republicans put a provision in the bill that reads that the Transportation Secretary can essentailly cancel out the defunding of these small airports that cost tax payers MILLIONS every year if the Transportation Secretary feels it would be too burdensome to withhold funds.

Wahlla- READ THE BILLS DEMOCRATS and you would NOT have caused this DISASTER! Pass the bills DEMMOCRATS when you had a fillibuster proof majority for 6 months in 2010 and we would not have to do it for you!

The FAA bill that has caused an uproar lately EXPIRED in 2007. Who was in Congress in 2007?

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats controlled the HOUSE in 2007 and Harry Reid and the Democrats controlled the Senate in 2007.

This bill has been extended 20 times under a Democrat Controlled Congress. Why?

Democrats owned the Senate, House and White House from 2009-2011 with a FILLIBUSTER PROOF majority for 6 months…..


There has been a 75 year rule for unionization of railroad workers and airport workers that says those who do not vote are considered NO votes. Why?

So as to ensure unions were not bullying workers as well as to ensure unions were not refusing to tell workers who did not want to unionize or those who were on vacation or medical leave when meetings and votes were being conducted.

Now the Democrats are paying back their union campaign donors, to the tune of $400 MILLION in 2008, by allowing a simple majority vote. This means that those who are on vacation, those who are on medical leave or those who are not told when meetings are, their votes do not matter.

So we have to ask the Senate Democrats and Obama- is paying back your union buddies worth screwing the middle class out of jobs?

A day ago, LaHood was pressing the Senate to just swallow the bill passed by House Republicans, even though it contains provisions relating to unions that Democrats don’t support, in order to ensure FAA funding is reauthorized as soon as possible.

“Most of the big airlines are unionized. One isn’t. Delta,” said Rockefeller (D), who is the author of the Senate’s FAA reauthorization bill.

Democrats trying to FORCE DELTA to Unionize! Again, the HOUSE passed this bill and the Democrat owned Sente is sitting on it!

Michael Steel, a spokesman for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), responded by calling out Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for changing his tune since Tuesday, when he said he would accept the House-passed FAA bill.

“The only reason 80,000 jobs are at stake is that Senate Democratic Leaders chose to play politics rather than keep their word and pass the House bill,” Steel said. “That’s indefensible, and they should end this crisis immediately.”

Boehner later signaled that he is not about to budge on the issue.

“All it will take to end this crisis is for the Senate to pass the House-approved FAA extension,” Boehner said in a statement. “I respect the fact that Senators have certain objections, but they have had two weeks to respond to the House bill and done nothing, leaving tens of thousands of workers in limbo. The House has done its job, and now it’s time for Senators to do theirs.”

The HOUSE passed this FAA bill without the UNION goodies ,and the Democrats also complained about cuts to overall FAA appropriation; the bill approved by the House would return the agency to 2008 spending levels.

The Senate has tabled it. Like the failure to increase the debt ceiling in late 2010 and the failure to pass budgets in 2009 and 2010, this failure rests 100% with the Democrats!  

A Plethora of bills passed in the HOUSE that the DEMOCRAT OWNED SENATE refuses to vote on!


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