Moody’s will KEEP the US Credit Rating at AAA so Long as OBAMA pays the Bond Holders

That’s RIGHT- Moody’s announced LATE Friday night that they will keep the credit rating for the US at AAA so long as OBAMA pays the bond holders FIRST!

**and we have MORE than enough in REVENUE coming in the month of August to pay the BOND HOLDERS + Military + Social Security + Medicare and other entities!

So much for the FEAR MONGERING OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS….no more stealing our money to pay for your pet projects, YOUR PORK!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Moody’s Investors Service said late Friday that the United States should be able to keep its triple-A credit rating as long as Washington works out a deal that lets it continue to pay bondholders.

The credit rating agency said it thinks that even if the nation’s $14.3 trillion borrowing limit isn’t raised by Tuesday’s deadline, the government would give priority to making interest payments on its debt and thereby avoid a default.

Articles via the Associated Press

Huffington Post article:

Yahoo Article:


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