Obama and Democrats SUPPORT Illegal Alien Child Rapist and Murderer!

Governor Rick Perry slated to follow through with the Death Penalty against the Illegal Alien that BRUTALLY RAPED and MURDERED a young 16 year old child! 

UPDATE @ 5:15pm July 7, 2011:

The U.S. Supreme Court denied an ILLEGAL ALIENS request for an execution stay in Texas, calling his argument meritless.

 The Poster Boy for Obama and the Democrats DREAM ACT on the right!

Convicted CHILD RAPIST AND MURDERER is set for execution July 7, 2011 at 6pm CST. Obama, now wants the Supreme Court to stay his exectution so that CONGRESS can pass a law that says states MUST follow a UN LAW. Nevermind the FACT that this guy will be GRANDFATHERED as this law takes place AFTER his conviction and all appeals exhausted!

Under the Obama and DEMOCRATS DREAM ACT, any one brought into this country prior to the age of 16 would be granted AMNESTY and given a pathway to citizenship.

Therefore, via their DREAM ACT, this CHILD rapist and murderer would be given the SAME RIGHTS as LEGAL CITIZENS!!!

This illegal alien was given a FAIR TRIAL at the expense of TEXAS TAX PAYERS. He as given 14-15 APPEALS, all upheld. Supreme Court too has upheld his conviction.

Supreme Court also ruled that  ONLY THE US can set laws forcing states to comply by a 6-3 VOTE in 2005 and 2008! They had to make this ruling due to ANOTHER ILLEGAL ALIEN who brutally raped and murdered TWO TEENAGERS in Houston, Texas in 1993. That illegal alien was FINALLY executed August 2008.

2008 Supreme Court Law:

Medellín v. Texas, 552 U.S. 491 (2008) is a United States Supreme Court decision which held that while an international treaty may constitute an international commitment, it is not binding domestic law unless Congress has enacted statutes implementing it or unless the treaty itself is “self-executing”; that decisions of the International Court of Justice are not binding domestic law; and that, absent an act of Congress or Constitutional authority, the President of the United States lacks the power to enforce international treaties or decisions of the International Court of Justice.

As of July 7, 2011, CONGRESS has NOT passed said law; even when Obama, Pelosi and Reid owned all three houses.

A previous case in TEXAS; another illegal alien brutally raped and murdered TWO TEENAGERS in HOUSTON, Texas. He as found guilty, given multiple appeals and all were uphled. He was executed for the rape and murdering of TWO teenagers.


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You know me well enough by now, which is that I am no fan of either establishment party, though sadly I did once in the past, play the game of the "Lesser of Two Evils", for which was tragic. Both seek absolute power, through their own self righteous perceptions of "morality", bastardizing the true concept of the founding of this country and the framing of the US Constitution. Clowns to the Left and the incessant need to control by bigger government while spending us into oblivion; Jokers to the Right and the incessant need to control by religion while spending us into oblivion. Oddly, both are the main two tenets for the founding of the country and framing of the US Constitution - Limited Government and Freedom From Religious Persecution & Religious Zealotry. View all posts by UnPoliticallyCorrect

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