Arizona Students being TAUGHT by UNION TEACHERS to HATE America


April 27, 2011 a Tucson Unified School District board meeting was scheduled to discuss making the La Raza Studies, or the Race Studies, an elective in public schools rather than banning the program all together. The “ethnic studies” program was banned earlier this year because of the material being taught in the program.

Instructors of the Raza Studies, also known as Mexican-American Studies, teach students that Arizona belongs to Mexico, to throw over the U.S. government to take back that land and trains students to do exactly what you will see in the following video.

At 1:31, you will see Pima Country legal defender Isabela Garcia encouraging students to chain themselves to the chairs in the board room after they took it over. Her salary is paid with taxpayer dollars and she is also a leader of the radical open borders group Derechos Humanos.

What deserved such an outburst?

According to KSAZ-TV, the students are upset that the board is considering no longer allowing a Mexican-American history class — a class that teaches history from a Mexican-American perspective — to substitute for the required U.S. history class.

As KSAZ explains, the class is being reconsidered because it may violate the following state “ethnic studies” class guidelines:

The news outlet reports:

A state law passed in December basically discouraged the classes, saying they segregate students. And this group of students wanted no part of it.

They took over the room, chanted “fight back,” and basically ran the governing board out of the meeting.

Security tried to come in and tried to take the students away, but many of them apparently chained themselves together.

This isn’t over though. The governing board is going to re-schedule its meeting to decide the fate of the classes.


Below are excerpts from the controversial curriculum, which (among other things) calls for abolishing Thanksgiving for a National Day of Atonement and includes the headline “Death to the Invader!”

But first, we‘ve also uncovered the superintendent’s findings, which he presented after he reviewed the curriculum. According to him, the Mexican-American Studies Program was found to include all of the below elements that are banned by state law:

Here are the words taken directly from the superintendent’s findings:

So what is so egregious about this program? We’ll let the documents (which were distributed as handouts) speak for themselves (courtesy of Tucsonans United for Sound Districts):

You can see more excerpts, including those from the class “Social Justice, Resistance, and Latino Literature,” here.

Included in the superintendent’s findings was a startling testimonial from a former Hispanic teacher in the district:

Considering the excerpts, it’s not hard to understand how that happened.


Progressives using children .. business as usual

and let’s not forget Obama and this ……


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One response to “Arizona Students being TAUGHT by UNION TEACHERS to HATE America


    Teachers like these people need to be arrested for TREASON
    can anyone tell why it has not happened yet, they need to go to jail

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