Planned Parenthood Receives Federal Funds for Abortions

The purpose of this post is NOT to debate the legality of abortion, rather it is the fact that tax payers are paying for selective abortions. In th eUS, over98% of AQLL abortions are SELECTIVE. I personally could care less if you have 500 abortions, what I do have an issue with is knowing that tax dollars are paying for YOUR abortion.

Go ahead and have 500 abortions, just keep YOUR vag!na out of my purse/checkbook!!!! 

Planned Parenthood has been misleading Congress and American taxpayers for many years. I [Abby Johnson] know — I was part of the deception. For eight years I worked at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, and for two of those years I was the clinic’s director.

Deception No. 2: Planned Parenthood wants to reduce the number of abortions in the United States. Nonsense. Its primary focus is abortion and it is big business. In 2009, Planned Parenthood had $1.1 billion, and $63 million left over after expenses (see page 29 of its annual report).

As Reported in the Washington Post, Planned Parenthood is in fact taking in federal dollars for abortions:

Only since 2009 has Congress allowed the District government to use its local funds on abortions, as many states do. But has the elimination of the funding restriction actually resulted in government-financed abortions for low-income women?

Yes, it has, but slowly.

Women who are enrolled in the District’s health plans for low-income residents under the Medicaid and the D.C. HealthCare Alliance programs currently have coverage for abortion services. The change was effective Aug. 1, 2010, for residents covered under plans run by D.C. Chartered Health, Unison and HSCSN.
Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, perhaps the area’s best-known abortion provider, will begin accepting District-funded plans for abortions starting Feb. 14, said CEO Laura Meyers.

 The “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”— The bill only allows public funds for ending pregnancies that result from “forcible” rapes and incest or if the mother’s life is in grave danger.

In defending the legislation, Rep. Chris Smith said that the bill would effectively cut abortions by a quarter in affected areas. “President Obama has said he wants abortion to be rare,” Rep. Smith said in a District press conference last month. “Well, Mr. Obama, here is a bill for you.

Even the Guttmacher Institute, the former research arm of Planned Parenthood, says that taxpayer funding bans are a proven abortion reduction method. According to Guttmacher, studies show that when abortion is not publicly funded, abortions in the covered population are reduced by roughly 25 percent.”


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