Wisconsin UNION Teacher Charged with Death Threats Against WI Republican Legislators

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Ironically [sarcasm of course] we did not hear much from the media, of course ABC Wisconsin did report about the UNION TEACHER that was arrested for the death threats and b0mb threats against the Wisconsin Republican Legislators.

Katherine Windels, 26, was charged with two counts of creating a bomb scare, along with two misdemeanor counts of computer-based threats to injure or harm. The charges carry a combined maximum penalty of 7.5 years in prison.

Harry Reid? chirp chirp

Nancy Pelosi? chirp chirp

Barack Obama? chirp chirp

It should also be noted that the same District Attorney that filed a complain against Gov Walker’s bill is the same one who had not arrested this woman on Domestic Terrorism threats. He apparently determined that her multiple death threats and BOMB threates which would clearly have catastrophic casualties, yes this district attorney did not believe she was an IMMINENT THREAT! WTF?

Ironic huh? sarcasm off! 

The complaint was filed hours after the Department of Justice expressed concern that Ozanne had not yet filed charges against the suspect.

Asked why Windels was not arrested, Ozanne said, “At some point law enforcement did not see the person as an imminent threat, immediately. It’s not that the case was not serious or taken seriously by law enforcement or by this office.”

It should also be noted that the UNIONS and their thuggish behavior is part of what led to hese death threats. UNIONS have bene threatening local businesses that they will publicly boycot their businesses if they do not put “I support my local union” posters in their front windows/doors.


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