Wisconsin Public Pension Debt and The Rest of America’s $3 Trillion Pension Deficit


According to a report by the American Enterprise Institute, public pensions are underfunded by more than $3 trillion.

PENSION BENEFITS Unfunded Liability by $30 Billion or More:

California PERF:  $234 BILLION

California Teachers: $165 Bilion

Texas Teachers: $118 Billion

Florida Retirement Sysytem: $99 Billion

NY State and Local ERS: $97 Billion

Illinois Teacher: $96 Billion

Ohio Teacher: $94 Billion

Pennsylvani School Employees: $76 Billion

NY State Teachers: $68 Billion

Ohio PERS: $64 Billion

Wisconsin Retirement System $63 Billion

New Jersey Teachers: $61 Billion

Michigan Public Schools: $60 Billion

New York Teachers: $55 Billion

Virgina Retirement System: $54 Billion

New York City ERS: $48 Billion

Massachusetts Teachers: $48 Billion

Georgia Tecahers: $45 Billion

Oregon PERS: $42 Billion

Pennsylvania ERS: 38 Billion

Missouri PERS: $38 Billion

NOrth Carolina Teachers: $37 Billion

Missouri Teachers: $36 Billion

Illinois SERS: $36 Billion

New Jersey Police and Fire Fighters: $36 Billion

Illinois University: $35 Billion

Arizona SRS: $35 Billion

LA County ERS: $33 Billion

South Carolina Retirement System: $33 Billion

Mississippi PERS: $32 Billion

Maryland Teachers: $30 Billion


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