Dear Adrian Peterson: Your Race Card has been DECLINED!

Dear Adrian Peterson,

We regret to inform you that the recent use of your race card has been DECLINED.

The reason for the decline was due to fraud, abuse and IGNORANCE by the user/owner of such card!

I mean really, were you educated in a government run liberal school? How on earth can one person be this ignorant to what slavery really means and bastardize it to fit the selfishness of a millionaire who does not even have to work 12 months out-of-the year like the vast majority of society.

Education for Sir Adrian Peterson:

Slavery (also called thralldom) is a form of forced labour in which people are considered to be the property of others. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand wages. …

Now, Captain Intelligent (AKA Adrian Peterson) stands to make appromately $10 million this year…… that is $10,000,000. Hardly slave wages, right?

No one is forcing him to live on a farm; no one is forcing him to reside in a shack; no one is forcing him to work for little to no pay; no one is depriving him of his life or liberty; no one is beating him on a daily basis; so, remind me how Adrian Peterson is  a modern  day slave?

As ESPN noted:  I’m guessing Peterson intended to use the analogy to describe what he might consider an unequal distribution of the NFL’s $9 billion in revenues. Still, I hope he realizes how inappropriate it is to put the situation of NFL players anywhere in the stratosphere of slavery.

Maybe he should look over to Africa, you know that little place where blacks derive the name “African American” and see who/what is practicing REAL LIFE SLAVERY. News Flash: the same country that sold the black people into slavery in the first place hundreds-of-years ago.

Far beit for anyone to teach Adrian Peterson and the race card holders true history and the real definition of what slavery means.

I am still laughing at the sheer ignorance of this highly paid $10 million troll!

PS….without you there is no football? LOL….please, there are thousands waiting in line to get their shot at the NFL for HALF of what you are whinning about, heck for a 1/4 of what you are ungreatful for!!! Go ahead and walk out, take your $10 million and cry into your $500 pillow case……please let some real football players play the game!


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You know me well enough by now, which is that I am no fan of either establishment party, though sadly I did once in the past, play the game of the "Lesser of Two Evils", for which was tragic. Both seek absolute power, through their own self righteous perceptions of "morality", bastardizing the true concept of the founding of this country and the framing of the US Constitution. Clowns to the Left and the incessant need to control by bigger government while spending us into oblivion; Jokers to the Right and the incessant need to control by religion while spending us into oblivion. Oddly, both are the main two tenets for the founding of the country and framing of the US Constitution - Limited Government and Freedom From Religious Persecution & Religious Zealotry. View all posts by UnPoliticallyCorrect

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