Union Contributions to Democrats

Union Name                       $Amount given to Dems$                      % Given to Democrats

Intll Brhd of Elec. Workers  $33,056,216                           98% donated to Democrats

NEA                                                 $32,024,610                          93% donated to Democrats

Laborers Union                           $30,292,050                         96% donated to Democrats

Teamsters Union                        $29,319,982                           97% donated to Democrats

Carpenters & Joiners Union   $29,265,808                          88% donated to Democrats

SEIU                                                  $29,140,232                        100%  donated to Democrats

American Fed. of Teachers     $28,733,991                           99% donated to Democrats

Comms Workers of America  $28,376,306                          97% donated to Democrats

United Auto Workers              $27,134,252                             99% donated to Democrats

Machs & Aerospace Wrkrs     $26,229,477                            99% donated to Democrats

Untd Food & Comm Wrkrs     $25,226,733                            99% donated to Democrats

Grand Total $292,639,657



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