Rep. Diane Watson [D] “…Claims that Those Opposed to Health Care Reform are Attempting to Destroy a President “Who Looks Like Me.”

Attention Race Baiting Uneducated Morons…..The Race Card is OLD and Played Out! No one gives a damn what color anyones friggin skin is when you are screwing with their health care-their FUTURE! I could care less if you were green, purple, invisible or whatever—get your greedy self serving rear end out of the American peoples business and bank accounts!

Rep. Diane Watson [D] is a disgrace and an obvious ignorant human being-she should be kicked out of office for this alone. If more cause is needed, go ahead and throw in her lack of proper education as to what the heck the real definition of racism really means and why people want less government NOT more!

News Flash—–it has nothing to do with Obama’s skin color you imbicile! The last time I checked, he is 1/2 white and 1/2 black, but I suppose that “1/2” escapes her!?

Is it any wonder California is beginning to resemble Cuba–bankrupt, overflowing with the jobless, horrid education system, flocks of folks trying to escape. As they say, you get the government you deserve–and with Watson, Waxman, Boxer, Pelosi and the rest, California not only deserves to be a third world cesspool, it is moving there at a record pace.


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