Three Black Men Rape, Slaughter, Set on Fire and Murder White Couple Yet No Outrage like the Duke Case?

Where is the outrage for the carjacking, rape and slaughter of this young white couple by three black men? I am pretty sure we all remember the Duke case when a poor black girl accused the lacrosse players of raping her. You know, the one where they found three semen samples inside of her, but then later DNA test results revieled that ALL THREE DID NOT belong to ANY Of the Duke Boys?!?!?! I think we are still waiting on that apology from the race baiting likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Now, we have a young white couple who were car jacked, raped, sliced, burned and eventually murdered by three black guys but minimal TV coverage? Interesting, why do you suppose that is? 

Newsom was raped, fatally shot and his body set on fire in a matter of hours. Christian was repeatedly raped, beaten and wrapped in plastic bags. About a day after the carjacking she was dumped in a garbage can where she suffocated, authorities testified.

By Dan Norder, crime historian

Letalvis Cobbins reacts to the guilty verdicts
Letalvis Cobbins reacting to the verdicts (AP Photo)

On Wednesday, Letalvis Cobbins was spared death by lethal injection by the same jury that had the day before pronounced him guilty of 33 counts including first degree murder. Cobbins was given life without parole for his part in the carjacking, rape and slaying of Channon Christian in January of 2007.

Because Cobbins was not convicted of a capital offense related to the death of Christian’s boyfriend, Christopher Newsom, only the Christian family was allowed to make statements in support of the death penalty during the sentencing phase of the trial. Cobbins’ sisters and cousins had testified toward a more lenient punishment.

Victims Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian
Newsom and Christian (AP Photo)

Afterwards Judge Richard Baumgartner sealed the jury list so that the names of its members would not be released to the public. The jury had been chosen in Nashville and brought to Knoxville because of local pre-trial publicity.Here   and Here and    Here

For unknown reasons, the next defendant up for trial, Lemaricus Davidson – Cobbin’s brother and the man prosecutors say was the ringleader – has requested a jury selected from Knox County. This is the where both of the killings as well as the just concluded, well-publicized trial took place.

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