Forcing American’s Into or to Pay for Universal Health Care-Is it Even Legal?

I think this protester of Obamacare has to be the one of the most well though out and worded, without being accused of YELLING and acting UNAMERICAN I have seen so far. He has valid points, but the most valid is as follows: “You are going to LET Me keep my health insurance? Well Thank YOU! It’s not your right to determine whether or not I get to keep my health insurance, it is mine!”

And their lies the Trillion dollar question: Does the government have the LEGAL authority to force Americans to purchase health care and/or to force Americans to pay for health care for others?

I have written substantially about the 2.5% tax imposed on individuals should they not have “Acceptable” Health Care coverage, but does the sinplistic nature of adding the 2.5% penalty on your gross annual salary validate the governments “right” to force you to purchase what THEY deem as “Acceptable” Health Care coverage?



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