Deval Patrick ~ Vote him Out in 2010!….Charles D. Baker for Mass. Governor……

More Chicago Political Thuggish Behavior? Well, he was born and raised in Chicago and yet another Harvard graduate with radical idealogies…shocker shocker!

Deval Patrick goes off deep end yet again-Boston Herald 8/20/2009

 and here   and of course here where his approval ratings near ZERO

Charles D Baker will run against Patrick in 2010

Who can forget his comments about 9/11/2001: We know which kind Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick is. As you may have read, he called the September 11 jihad attacks “a failure of human understanding.”  Michelle Malkin’s Site

Hey, Deval, if you thought your recent poll numbers have been abysmal – and they have been – wait until after this latest pool-closing fiasco.

You’ll be . . . drowning.

Do you know what the governor calls a Herald plane hovering over his sparkling pool and cabana on his $1.7 million estate in Richmond on the second-hottest day of the year?

“Every rich man’s nightmare.”


Patricks idiotice 27 cent gas tax hike and mileage counter for cars

Patrick wants to RESTRICT Employers access to criminal history of those they intend to hire—can you say IDIOT!

2006 – 2008 Controversies

During the 2006 Gubernatorial Election Patrick faced criticism for describing Benjamin LaGuer, a man convicted of a brutal eight-hour rape, as “thoughtful, insightful, eloquent, [and] humane”. Patrick, who supported the release of LaGuer, contributed $5,000 towards the DNA testing which backfired by further linking LaGuer to the crime. Patrick characterized ads in the campaign as racist.

Before taking office, Patrick faced criticism for urging legislators to ignore the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s finding that the legislature was constitutionally bound to take a second vote on whether or not to allow a citizen initiated referendum to define marriage as an institution between one man and one woman. The Massachusetts General Court ignored his call and voted not to place the measure on the ballot.

In the early months of Patrick’s administration, a series of decisions the governor later conceded as missteps brought substantial unfavorable press. These included spending almost $11,000 on drapery for the governor’s state house suite, changing the state’s customary car lease from a Ford Crown Victoria to a Cadillac, and hiring a staff assistant (who had previously helped chair his election campaign) for the Commonwealth’s first lady at an annual salary of almost $75,000. Emerging from a weekend of working on the state’s budget and calling for cuts in services to taxpayers, Patrick responded in a February 20, 2007 press conference that “I realize I cannot in good conscience ask the agencies to make those choices without being willing to make them myself”. Patrick subsequently reimbursed the Commonwealth for the cost of the drapery and furniture purchased for the state house, and the additional monthly difference in his car lease.First Lady Diane Patrick‘s staff assistant, Amy Gorin, resigned.

Later in the same month Patrick again came under fire, this time for contacting Citigroup Executive Committee chair, and former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin on behalf of the financially beleaguered mortgage company Ameriquest, a subsidiary of ACC Capital Holdings of which Patrick is a former board member. Both Citigroup and ACC Capital Holdings have substantial holdings in Massachusetts. Patrick attempted to deflect criticism claiming he was calling not as governor but as a private citizen. Later Patrick backed down, stating “I appreciate that I should not have made the call. I regret the mistake.”

In December 2008, Patrick faced criticism from Massachusetts Republicans for the hiring of attorney and real estate consultant Dana Harrell to the newly created position of state Director of Real Estate Services. Harrell is a neighbor of Deval Patrick in Milton, and he and his wife have contributed to the governor’s election campaign and to the Democratic State Committee.[29] The appointment to the $120,000-per-year position came at a time when the state faced a $1.4 billion revenue shortfall which may cause Patrick to layoff 1,000 state workers and cut state aid to towns and cities.

Patrick came to the defense of Presidential candidate Barack Obama during the Democratic primary when it was reported that much of Obama’s stump speech was lifted wholesale from Patrick’s own similar 2006 Massachusetts Gubernatorial run. The charges of plagiarism were largely dismissed around Obama’s “Just Words” speech when Patrick agreed that he had allowed Obama to use the same language.


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