Earl Henry Sholley to Run Against Barney Frank!!!!

Early Henry Sholley to run against the corrupt, eark mark theiving Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac deceiving Barney Frank!



Campaign Info

Address:  PO Box “76”, Norfolk, MA 02056

Blogs: http://sholleyforcongress.us/blogs

E-mail:  info@sholleyforcongress.us

Telephone:  508 528-8420

Committee:  Sholley for Congress

Treasurer:  Ron Gengo, Accountant 

Contributions to Sholley for Congress. Maximum donation of $2,300. per individual per Primary and General Election for a total of $4,600.     

Lisa Camp, Campaign Manager – LCamp@sholleyforcongress.us
Ron Gengo, Treasurer – RGengo@sholleyforcongress.us
Tina Franqueza, Communications Director – TFranqueza@sholleyforcongress.us  




2 responses to “Earl Henry Sholley to Run Against Barney Frank!!!!

  • jeff

    Barney Frank needs to go. He is disrespectful to the people in his district. I will NEVER vote for him again. This time its Sholley for me!

  • R F Laubinger

    I have heard some good things about you Earl but would like to know if you are absolutely Pro Life or Pro Abortion? There’s no middle ground.

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