Shelia Jackson Lee and Roxana Meyer Lying about Being a Doctor During Townhall?

Axelturfing? “Doctor” at Sheila-Jackson Lee “Townhall” Not From Her District and Also Not a Doctor? And Was a Texas Obama Delegate?

As always it’s still in the digging phase, but as of yet, no “Dr. Roxanna Mayer” found on any database, but one Obama delegate named Roxanna Mayer found at the school where Sheila Talk to the Hand’s husband works.

Also, a commenter tips me the reporter has responded to questioning:


This was the name and information that she gave at the public meeting. And there have since been questions about it, another person that I found on “linked in” that is a social worker intern at a drug council. However, no concrete proof of her misrepresenting herself. But we will be watching for her at future meetings to check her out. Best regards, Cindy Horswell

Well… see, now they kinda can’t bury it. If this woman lied about being a “doctor”… that invites the question why she did so, eh?

Hmmm… A commenter at the Chron’s account claims she’s real:


Dr. Mayer treated my quintuplets after they contracted swine flu last year. She’s a saint! My kids loved her, and I highly recommend her. FYI, Davesnothere, she recently re-married and her TX med license is under her former name.

I’m feeling in a walk-back kind of mood on this.

Hmmm… Okay, that “quintuplets” thing was odd, and RickR. informs me the first US cases of swine flu came this year, not last.

UPDATE: The reporter who wrote the Houston Chronicle story apparently knew that Mayer was an Obama delegate, but didn’t include that detail in her story. Commenter mike in houston says that he wrote reporter Cindy Horswell and received the following response:

This is the name and occupation that she gave when she spoke at the public meeting. She also told me that she was an Obama state delegate and been notified of the meeting by email and did not live in Lee’s district. I have since been trying to see if she misrepresented herself. There is someone by the same name who lists herself as a graduate student and sociologist intern at a Houston council on drugs and alcohol…but that person no longer works there. And do not know if this is the sme person. She may also be a visiting doctor from another state…..Am interested in any information that anyone might have. Best regards, Cindy Horswell

Sorry, Ms. Horswell, she’s not a visiting doctor from another state. And you should have told us she was an Obama delegate.

UPDATE x2: Just to be clear, Mayer specifically represented herself as a “pediatric primary care physician” to the Houston Chronicle, which didn’t bother to check it out, and gave her comments extra weight as a supposed “physician”:


Roxana Mayer -- Pediatric Primary Care Physician
Roxana Mayer at Jackson Lee’s town hall meeting


Here she is on her MySpace page:


Roxana Mayer from MySpace


I’d say that’s the same person.

UPDATE x3: My previous post on this is here, in case you missed it.

UPDATE x4: Further confirmation (as if it were needed!) from the Lone Star Times:

Our own David Jennings secured a phone interview, in which Mayer admitted to impersonating a physician, saying — get this — she thought it would help her credibility. (It didn’t.)

UPDATE x6: Courtesy of the Lone Star Times post mentioned above, here is video of Ms. Mayer’s appearance, in which she claims to be a “general practitioner” who has been practicing for “four years”:

Weird; her hero Barack Obama also thinks that lying enhances his credibility . . .

Suspicious, Patterico began digging, finding the following in short order: 

  • “The AMA Doctor Finder doesn’t list any physician named Roxana Mayer.”
  • “Nor does the Texas Medical Association.”
  • “Linked In lists a Roxana Mayer — who, according to LinkedIn, is slated to graduate from the University of Houston with a Masters in Social Work in 2010.”
  • “However, the University of Houston lists a student by the name of Roxana Mercedes Mayer.”

So Patterico went to the source, e-mailing the LinkedIn Ms. Mayer. Hilarity ensued. By the time the exchange ended, “poor” Ms. Mayer was in full moonbat mode:


1) Are you the person who attended Jackson Lee’s town hall meeting?
2) Are you a doctor?
3) If not, why did you claim to be one?
4) Were you a Texas delegate for Obama?
5) Why did you go to the town hall meeting?
6) Who encouraged you to go?
7) Did Sheila Jackson Lee’s husband have anything to do with your going?


I suspect you don’t need me to answer the first four…but I’ll say for what it’s worth, I went to get a question answered for myself and two other people close to me who are doctors. Too bad she didn’t answer it. I also went to lend support to the reform effort. It’s easier to be against something especially since anger is such a great motivator.

Also, I have never met the Congresslady or her husband–it’s a big school. I do think this is all very funny because I just assume that if my going had been part of a conspiracy, it would have been more seemlessly executed.

While I’m sure I lack your creativity and passion, I have possessed some spontaneity from time to time.


If I understand what’s going on here, you’re not a doctor, but you play one at town hall meetings. Is that about it?


Do you mean play a doctor like you play a journalist? Then the answer is no. But who knows, that was only my first town hall meeting–even though I was a delegate. If I go to another one, which I seriously doubt because my husband is already extremely annoyed, then maybe I’ll play a plumber.


After Patterico did the dirty work, the Chronicle’s Cynthia Horswell added the following four paragraphs to the story this morning, while giving Patterico no credit:

In an e-mail to the Chronicle on Thursday morning, Mayer confirmed she is not a licensed physician.

“I have been advised to refrain from making any further statements,” she said.

In the initial story about the event, the Chronicle reported that she was a doctor based on her claim at the meeting.

Today, Jackson Lee denied knowing Mayer and said she was not planted as a friendly voice in the crowd.


Horswell’s story, time-stamped at of 10:46 a.m. CT as of the time of this post (saved here at my host for future reference) has the same URL to which Patterico linked, meaning that Horswell’s current renditon has effectively flushed all previous versions down the Chron’s memory hole.

Horswell still hasn’t told readers that Mayer was an Obama delegate. Patterico commenter “mike in houston” reports direct e-mail evidence from Horswell that the Chron reporter has known this from the very beginning of this sordid episode and has chosen not to disclose. Mayer’s status as a delegate, along with additional “coincidences” reported at, would tend to severely if not fatally dent the credibility of Jackson Lee’s claim not to know her — even beyond the hug picture with Mayer and Lee the Chron has already published.

The caption to that picture is currently on at least its third rendition, currently reading “Sheila Jackson Lee hugs Roxana Mayer at her town hall meeting at Peavy Neighborhood Center. Mayer identified herself as a physician who does not live in Jackson Lee’s district. However, her name does not appear in the database maintained by the Texas Medical Board, which licenses all doctors in Texas.”

Two previous renditions captured by Patterico read as follows:

  • “Sheila Jackson Lee hugs Dr. Roxana Mayer, a pediatric primary care physician, at her town hall meeting at Peavy Neighborhood Center.”
  • “Sheila Jackson Lee hugs Roxana Mayer at her town hall meeting at Peavy Neighborhood Center.”

Understatement of the week by Patterico: “Not the greatest vetting by the Chronicle.” Not the most honest either. And sadly, also not atypical.


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