Sheila Jackson Lee Just said that illegals have rights and that there is no language that would exclude any from health care.

 FYI…..Sheila Jackson Lee is having her town hall right now here in Houston and just said that illegals have rights and that there is no language that would exclude any from health care.The crowd shouts BOO. 



Sheila Jackson Lee cannot explain the REAL POWERS the Constitution gives and does NOT give the Government because she did not bring it with her…….

From the Lone Star Times: In the viedo below-As she did at the first town hall on Wednesday, Rep. Jackson Lee allowed State Sen. Rodney Ellis to address the crowd. And just as on Wednesday, he was roundly booed. And just as he did Wednesday, he mocked the people against the current “reform” bill, telling them they needed psychiatric insurance and baiting them by telling them he’s glad to see them because he hasn’t seen them since he beat them in the last election. This time I had my little Flip video cam, so I caught it. Also, check out Rep. Jackson Lee’s comment at the beginning on the “constitutional scholar”.

Constitutional scholar? LOL, that dufus is Ted Wiesel, owner and co-founder of Leisure Learning University, who was featured in this video from the first Gene Green town hall. Constitutional scholar my arse.

Interesting! Tuesday she allowed an Obama delegate to stand up and LIE about being a DOCTOR and how she MISREPRESENTS, or LIES about this guy above, and you wonder why American Citizens want her out of office!!!!!!!

While we are waiting on the video, let’s talk about WHO paid for “The Funeral Lady’s” trip to LA to recognize Michael Jackson. When asked, this is what we get:

When asked by reporter Joel Eisenbaum, ““Who paid for that trip for you to go to that memorial service?” Lee replied “Well, uh … that umm … those resources are resources that I have and, therefore, they are in a way that does not interfere with anything that has to do with serving the United States Congress” Eisenbaum then commented, “Understood, So, public funds?” Then Lee added, ““Those resources are resources that I have.”

When the local NBC television affiliate, KPRC, “sent an open records request to the representative’s Chief of Staff, asking for receipts and expense reports itemizing all travel expenses associated with Jackson Lee’s trip and documents showing what funds were used to pay for it” The response from Lee’s office came in minutes declaring the Texas Open Records Act “”does not apply … to Congresswoman Jackson Lee’s office.” and that “Congress and its members” are also excluded from queries under the “Freedom of Information Act.”

Jackson Lee and all members of Congress are required to report any expenses where they use tax dollars or campaign contributions, but they don’t have to report the expenses immediately. We will stay on top of this story and let you know what we find out.

If you have a consumer question to “Ask Amy,” send her an e-mail.

Outstanding…..we, as tax payers do not have a right to know whether or not she spent tax payers dollars to leave Congress and go to a funeral extravaganza for Michael Jackson? Really? Hmmmmm….I smell some lawsuits demanding that info, don’t you?




Following Tex Christopher who is inside the town hall meeting today:

Crowd is shouting READ THE BILL,READ THE BILL.Question was just asked what gives the goverment the right to get into the health care business.

Question was just asked how can Sheila vote for a bill that takes from the poor and gives health care to the illegals?Lady just called Sheila a liar!

Acorn is here in numbers.People are booing and screaming at Sheila and one another.It is getting hot fast!!

Lots of bickering in the crowd Sheila is announcing Senator Rodney Ellis crowd gives big boo…

Crowd is booing acorn and Sheila praises there good…

A guy said they want Sheila out and the crowd cheers

Sheila just got told the crowd that she is running this show from a democrats point of view and saying democrats this and democrats that.

Remember Michele Bachman’s post 2 weeks ago?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Health Care Bill to Cover Illegal Immigrants
Posted by: Michele Bachmann at 8:59 AM
One of the hot points of contention throughout the health care debate has been whether coverage will extend to illegal immigrants.Roll Call reports that last Friday, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) met with Speaker Pelosi to “reiterate that illegal immigrants should be covered under health care reform legislation” that comes out of the House.

“Asked if CHC leaders will ask Pelosi to specifically spell something out in the bill to address illegal immigrants, [one] Member said no. Rather, the Member said the CHC simply wants to make sure the bill — as drafted — doesn’t prohibit illegal immigrants from accessing care. ‘Sometimes if you don’t say something, something happens,’ said the Hispanic lawmaker.”

Interesting. Especially when you put it in the context of the House Ways and Means Committee’s party-line vote to reject a commonsense amendment that would have ensured that illegal immigrants are not covered. The amendment, offered by Nevada Republican Dean Heller, would have simply required that the same citizenship verification mechanisms used to screen welfare recipients be used to screen health benefits recipients.

The relationship between illegal immigrants and our nation’s health care system is one that cannot be overlooked. In 2006, the Census Bureau reported that there were 46.6 million people without health insurance of which about 9.5 million were not United States citizens. The expense of illegal immigrants’ health care in California, for instance, has become so unbearable that many municipalities had to eliminate this benefit to save tens of millions of dollars. Texas estimates that illegal immigrants cost hospitals there $1.3 billion in 2006 alone.

It’s clear that a bill that is silent on eligibility means a bill that includes illegal immigrants.


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