Is Medicare Really Free??? Don’t We Pay Into Medicare While We Work??



The estimate the Democrats came up with for the 1st year of Medicare was 9 billion-actual cost 63 billion. If the Democrats miss the new health care reform plan by the same percentage, we are looking at $13 trillion plan not a $1.6 trillion plan.I wanted to begin dabbling in this question-this is still evolving, especially after I read what a lady posted on face book:

Medicare is not free. Part A I paid for when I worked, Part B is paid by me, my Bc/BS supplement is $162. per month and Part D (Drugs) is $27.50 per month + deductible. Total is over $250 per month- x 2 for my husband! That is not free-
Everyone needs to KNOW THIS

You are eligible for it when you turn 65, recieve SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) for 24 consecutive months or have ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease-dyalysis). However, you must apply for, typically about 3-4 months before you turn 65 so that is it effective the month that you turn 65. If you have earned enough work credits, Part A is “free”. Part A covers In-patient hospital care. Part B you pay for. It covers doctors and out patient services. For 2008, the part B premium is $96.40 per month.

If you will be or are still working and have insurance when you turn 65, you do not have to apply for medicare. But it can be used to cover some of your out of pocket expenses that group insurance doesn’t cover. And, if you should have to quit working, you won’t have to worry about having to apply when it might be a difficult time or God forbid, you forget and end up uninsured! Be aware that if you do not apply for part b when you are eligible and you do not have other insurance, you are penalized 10% for every 12 months that you do not apply but were eligible.

Here is the web page that can answer most of your questions:


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One response to “Is Medicare Really Free??? Don’t We Pay Into Medicare While We Work??

  • Denise

    The info on your blog was all correct. Well done! I have seen many bloggers (hopefully not insurance agents) write things that show they have no clue as to how Medicare works or how it is funded. The main thing is that Medicare is a really good insurance plan – and we’re all going to have to pay more for it in the future – thorugh higher payroll taxes and higher Part B premiums. But I think it would be worth it.

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