U.S. Commission on Civil Rights does NOT Support the Government Run Health Care Bill


After reading the current health care bill  several times and as it reads today-I have found myself writting several times with respect to the minority preferences that are in the bill. Where tens-of-billions of tax payers dollars will be given to medical entities that show preferential treatment towards minorities with respect to educating, hiring and retaining as oppose to those who educate, hire and retain those that are highly educated and most qualified.

Again, someone remind me why Congress is intentionally placing discriminating laws into a bill that will force tax payers to discriminate against their fellow citizens by means of using their tax  money to give preference to less than 30% of our society? Remember, 70+% of our community is NOT considered minority.

From the Washington Times today:

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says some little-noticed provisions in the House health care bill are racially discriminatory,….

The commission also fears the programs, which are designed to improve health care in underserved areas, will not be effective.

In a draft of a letter the commission approved Friday, the group raises constitutional questions about giving preferential treatment to minority students for scholarships, and about favoring medical schools and organizations that have a record of sending graduates to areas with inadequate health care services.

“These programs are unlikely to reduce health care disparities among racial and ethic groups,” according to the draft letter obtained by The Washington Times. “A growing body of evidence indicates that increasing access to high-quality physicians – whatever their racial or ethnic ancestry – is the best way to mitigate such disparities.”

The draft letter also cites testimony from Dr. Amitabh Chandra of Harvard University who said the idea that expanding the number of minority physicians and providing “cultural competence training” will bridge the health status gap is “grounded in hope more than science,” according to the draft language.

It cites research from Dr. Chandra that found that improving the quality of health care in the 500 largest minority serving areas would improve minority health care more than the elimination of racial disparities within every provider in the U.S.

The commission approved the draft language by a vote of 4-2, with two abstentions. Two Republicans and two independents voted for it, two Democrats voted against it, and two Republicans abstained. The letter needs to be approved again before being sent.

The commission, which has four Republican members appointed by President George W. Bush, as well as two independents and two Democrats appointed by Congress, has come under scrutiny in recent months by liberals who say the group hasn’t done enough for minorities.

Minority Quotas in the Government Run Health Care Bill

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