Obama & Pelosi Continue to Cut Off Water to Farmers in Order to Save a Minnow?

Actor Paul Rodriguez Turns GOP After Farmers Hurt to Save Endangered Fish 

May 2009 Video 


July  2009 Video-Nancy Pelosi stull a NO show & water still shut off to save a minow-farmers going bust, unemployemtn @ 40% in this community!


Waiting on August Video

August 11, 2009-Nancy Pelosi still a NO show, Water still shut off to farmers to save a minow, unemployment above 40% and millions of acres dying or dead!


It is now August 11, 2009 and the state and federal government have refused to help farmers from a government made drought, a drought that has ensued for the “sake of saving minow”. Seriously? Thousands are out of work, millions-of-acres of land are dying or dead and California, Waxman, Waters, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and Obama are worried about savig a minow?

July 2009 Article: In recent months, actor and comedian Paul Rodriguez has made known his defection from the Democratic party because of the party’s lack of interest in helping drought-stricken farmers like himself in California who have had water denied to them by court order under the Endangered Species Act to save an endangered fish, the delta smelt. As he addressed the 2009 Annual California Republican Assembly Convention in May, Rodriguez complained that the fundraising support he has given to environmental groups in the past has come back to hurt him and his family: “I always saw myself as an environmentalist. … I’ve funded many of these things, I guess, because I’ve performed for them. Every time they call, you go there not really knowing what you’re backing, not knowing that those dollars are going to turn around and, and hurt me, hurt those I love the most.”

Rodriguez also appeared on FNC’s Hannity show on June 19, and complained that the Obama administration has ignored his pleas for help: “I think that when the Endangered Species Act was put on, they didn’t take humans into consideration. … We tried to get the attention of the administration. Mr. Salazar was gracious enough to fly over our valley but didn’t land. I don’t know what. There’s plenty of places to land, you know, because there’s no farming going on. It’s pathetic.” Video of the interview can be found here.

He soon called on President Obama to reconsider helping them: “They don’t understand that, without the food that we grow in the valley, yourAfter conveying his history as a Democrat, he relayed that his support for President Obama is fading, and called on Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to visit the California farmland:

This has not only changed my political point of view, it has changed everyone around me. We have always been lifelong devoted Democrats. I supported Mr. Obama. You know, I’m part of the “I love you, Mr. Obama” group. But I — that patina is starting to fade. I want — I want my lover to call me. There’s 80,000 of us over here hoping to get some precipitation here. We need to continue to farm, and we need that water open badly. I appeal to Mr. Ken Salazar, the interior secretary, to please land this time, talk to us, come see us, look at the faces that you’re affecting.

 Steve Poinzer Info Here

Paul Rodrigues Interview Here

Hannity’s May Interview


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One response to “Obama & Pelosi Continue to Cut Off Water to Farmers in Order to Save a Minnow?

  • Paul Price

    just take the california national guard and turn the water on. deal with the consiquences later. and find a way to pass legilation that says the feds cannot superseed in yhe welfare of your state and a protected speciase does not superceed the welfare of the state.
    get some balls
    i guarantee if you were to do this you would have the public support.

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