Michelle Malkin’s “How to dress like an “authentic” grass-roots activist” that Liberals will Approve of…

“Barbara Boxer is on to us, chums. Last evening, California’s junior senator appeared on MSNBC and averred that those of us protesting the Democrats’ health care reform are far too well-dressed to be authentic.”

That cracks me up-are we suppose to look like CRAP in order to be “authentic protesters”? LMAO, I guess so if you look at the typical liberal protester…….(My words not Michelle’s)

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 6, 2009 04:23 PM

My fellow members of The Mob: Barbara Boxer and Robert Gibbs have panned your fashion sense. Accordingly, I have compiled style tips from “authentic” grass-roots activists to assist you with proper wardrobe choices for your next congressional town hall outings (language warning!).

Dreadlocks, black power fists, and militant berets are de rigeur:

Nothing spells genuine grass-roots like blood-red paint:

Feathers keep it real:


When in doubt, go bullhorns and keffiyeh:

Prove your bona fides through flag desecration:

Profanity = sincerity:


More profanity, with Pelosi-approved swastikas:

Less is more:

If you’ve got the body, rock a Che bikini:


The ultimate grass-roots accessory…Impeach Bush socks!


And straight from Our Lady of Real America’s closet, argyle and $540 Lanvin sneakers to give you the street cred you’ve been missing:


More fashion advice: Jon at Exurban League has a fantastic sartorial tip sheet on how to “Dress for Redress.” Check it out!


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You know me well enough by now, which is that I am no fan of either establishment party, though sadly I did once in the past, play the game of the "Lesser of Two Evils", for which was tragic. Both seek absolute power, through their own self righteous perceptions of "morality", bastardizing the true concept of the founding of this country and the framing of the US Constitution. Clowns to the Left and the incessant need to control by bigger government while spending us into oblivion; Jokers to the Right and the incessant need to control by religion while spending us into oblivion. Oddly, both are the main two tenets for the founding of the country and framing of the US Constitution - Limited Government and Freedom From Religious Persecution & Religious Zealotry. View all posts by UnPoliticallyCorrect

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