Sheila Jackson Lee Town Hall NOT Posted, but Office Organizes Buses to Bring in Hand-Picked Voters

Sheila Jackson Lee town hall not posted, but office organizes buses to bring in hand-picked voters

Vote OUT Sheila Jackson Lee in 2010!

Vote OUT Sheila Jackson Lee in 2010!


****Update: A reliable source as lent me the two town halls Jackson Lee will be holding:

Here are the 2 townhalls Sheila Jackson Lee is holding, I am sure you will need to bring ID so I suggest you bring your water bill…..As we all know a water bill is good enough to vote with it should be good enough to see the Queen with. So if any of you would like to share your opinions with her I encourage you to. But as always be a respectful and of course well dressed mob….

10:00 – 12:00 am
Peavy Neighborhood Center
3814 Market Street
Houston TX 77020

WED, Aug 12
7:30 – 9:30 pm
Tidwell Community Center
9720 Spaulding Street
Houston TX 77016

Sheila Jackson Lee will not post her townhall meetings, but will spend tax payers money to cherry pick voters and bus them to her undercover townhall meetings so that NO ONE WILL DISAGREE or question her. HOw convenient!

Sheila Jackson Lee then stands up in front of cameras with two female firefighter who were allegedly victims of nasty and/or deragtory remarks-she wants our city to be racially equal and each other treated fairly and with respect. Really?

Equally? Is this why she voted on the current health care bill that use tax payers money to give billions of dollars to medical facilities who show preferential treatment to minorities with respect to education, hiring and retaining?

Equality for all huh? Looks like Jackson Lee and Obama are keeping that racial divide even more DIVIDE!!!!!!

Not to mention the fact that she is too good to stay in Congress and work for the people of  Houston, Texas who reluctantly pay her salary, she has to jump on a plane to California to introduce a bill she wants passed to honor…….wait for it…….Michael Jackson? What?

Our economy is in the crapper, millions have lost jobs, the government is trying to control everything and she is doing this? I suppose the tax payers paid for her flight and hotel over there too, huh?

 Unfrigginbelievable! Wait, we should not be quick to forget how she came underfire for having her staff look up people in the obituaries so that she could go “talk” at their funerals. Remember how many families were pissed??? I think Houstonian’s dubed her the “Funeral Lady”.

Sheila Jackson-Lee, a Democratic Congresswoman from Texas, took the stage and announced a 1,500-word resolution honoring the King of Pop as a ‘global humanitarian.’ With the ongoing battles over the controversial climate change bill, the economy, and healthcare reform, one House Democrat told Politico, “There’s no appetite for this, we have too many other things to deal with right now.”

Politico’s Glenn Thrush reports members of the Congressional Black Caucus were initially lukewarm on the idea of Jackson-Lee’s resolution, but will likely back it to show their opposition to the comments made by Rep. Peter King, the New York Republican who called Jackson a ‘pervert’ and ‘lowlife.’

Just an FYI……unless Jackson Lee throw it in as an amendment to the Health Care bill at 3am the day of voting, right now Congress is having nothign to do with this. THANK GAWD!

Michelle Malkin’s Take on This Here:


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