Malkin ~v~ Behar on the View–Malkin does NOT Back Down!!!

Best part: Every single member of the audience got a copy of the book!

(pg.111: If you need a simple, shinning example of the utter disingenuousness of Barack Obama’s commitment to gevernmetn transparency, I have two words for you: Ron Simms. This lifelong political hack is to transparency what sunlight is ti Dracula, what salt is to a slug, what kryptonite is to Superman, what The View is to intelligent debate.

That is: lethal.)

think we have to call it a minor disappointment simply because no one cried. The boss clearly went in there with a game plan, though: Knowing that she’d be interrupted at every opportunity, she set out to dominate the conversation, and knowing that Joy would be hostile, she made no pretense that they were just having a friendly chat. The tone is set from the get-go, with MM quizzing her about whether she read the book and Behar looking at Whoopi and smirking ostentatiously. Best part: The groans from the audience when Michelle referred to Hasselbeck as “the friendlier side of the aisle.” How dare she impugn Joy’s scrupulous impartiality.

Most of the questions had to do with whether Bush’s administration wasn’t at least equally corrupt, thereby proving that the bar for Hopenchange is being reset a little bit lower every day. As the boss says, “You know you’ve won the argument when the ladies of the View are reduced to arguing how corrupt they are, and not whether.”

Michelle Malkin


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