Full Length Birth Certificate ~v~ Short Length Birth Certificate

Texas Full Length Birth Certificate

Texas Full Length Birth Certificate



Okay….so here is what people are  asking Obama to show and here is what Obama is refusing to show along with refusing to show his college transcripts and his pass port history documents.

I had to enlarge the body of the document otherwise you would not be able to see it.

The Document itself has watermarks throught the entire page.

It has two raised state and city seals at the bottom corners and raised edgae outlining the entire document.

It has a scan code at the bottom with a numner assigned to the scan code.

In the middle you will find the following information:

First Line:

1. Full name of child

2. date of birth

3. Sex

Second Line:

1. Place of birth-county

2. City or Town of birth

3. Time of birth

4. Plurality (single, twin, triplet)

5. If plural: when was child born (1st, 2nd, etc)

Third section is reserved for the doctors name that delivered the baby and the office address of the doctor. IT also has the certifiers signature and date

5th line:

1. Full name (maiden) of mother, her date of birth and where she was born

6th & 7th lines:

1. Mothers address at time of child’s birth

8th line:

1. fathers full name, date of birth and place of birth

9th line:

1. Registrars filing number, date received by local registry and registrara signature


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