Congressional Leaders Too Good to Use the Same Health Care They are Forcing on All American’s


Democrats REFUSED to Accept an Amendment that Stated Congressional Members MUST ALSO use the Same Government Run Health Care Plan they are Devising for the American Public.


Call Me Ma'am--I earned it...LOL, yeah right!!

 Barack Obama Refuses to Force Congress to Use the Same Health Care Plan they are FORCING on the Rest of America!     d bag Dodd       sjl        Barney Frank and his Awesome Dealings with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Refusing to Use the same Health Care he is Forcing on American's    Charles B Rangle

 So, let us look at just a few of the DEMOCRATS who REFUSE to use the




Barbara Boxer: One of the most racist democrats in the senate (her latest shenannigan’s say it all) and look at how well California is doing- Enough Said??

Barack Obama: ACORN, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Norman Hsu funnelling hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to Obama’s campaign etc..etc…etc… Let us not forget how he STILL refuses to answer if he would put his family on this health care —HE WON’T!

Chris Dodd: His sweetheart deals with Countrywide and the bonus scandals with AIG

Sheila Jackson Lee: Forcing her staff to comb through the obituaries to see where she can get the most publicity for speaking. Trust me, she pissed off more people than not. Well, all one has to do is look at MJ’s memorial to see what a tool she is.

Barney Frank: While on the Banking Committee he had a lover as an exec with Fannie Mae. He refused to place oversight on Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

Charles B. Rangle: Tax evasion that he has STILL NOT Paid!


~~ Why this is IMPORTANT~~

It appears that our current educational system is failing to properly educate children on history, goverment and economics. It appears that some believe all that needs to take place for a bill to become a law is for someone to write it and people to vote on it. WOW-our country is soooo screwed. See, this is what we get! 

So, I found this website that will help you understand how a bill is brought to life and how it grows, or does not grow into a bill.

After you read how a bill is brought to life or “killed”, then you will understand the below information:

The reason for this is with respect to the current health care reform bill-or Government Run Health Care: The Republicans are seeking health care reform, not health care takeover. There is a HUGE difference. With this, they have offered 721 amendments to the Government Run Health Care bill, of those only 161 were accepted although 129 were technical in nature-meaning nothin that was substantial as say MAKING SURE ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT COVERED.

When the House and Ways Committee was charged with marking-up the Health Care Bill in 1993, it took no less than 17 meetings, hearings, over six weeks. Today, the committee voted to finish their markup in one day in a 23-18 vote with three Democrats joining all Republicans, including “Cap and Trade Eight” turncoat (possibly gunning for the Senate) Washington Rep. Dave Reichart who happens to be a top member of the bipartisan Congress Health Care Caucus.

The Republican amendments that were defeated include:

Democrats voted against an amendment offered by Rep. Wally Herger (R-CA) to prohibit the use of Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) to make coverage determinations on the basis of cost. Democrats actually removed what little language they had protecting Americans from the rationing of care.

Democrats voted against an amendment offered by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) to repeal the government-run plan if wait times exceed certain thresholds. In order to save money, the government-run insurance plan created in the Democrat bill could ration health care by making Americans wait to see their doctors.

Democrats voted against an amendment offered by Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) to better screen applicants for subsidized health care to ensure they are actually citizens or otherwise entitled to it.

Democrats voted against an amendment offered by Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) to ban the Health and Human Services Secretary from forcing providers to participate in the government-run plan.

Continue Reading the Amendments that were either not read or killed:


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